Below Zero February And Southern Arizona Snow Means Global Warming


The Bilderberg gang is getting all bent out of shape, desperately pushing their ‘global warming’ agenda that will cut off most humans from heating/feeding themselves during a cold cycle.  This push to eliminate modern life is being done due to beliefs there isn’t enough resources for all the super rich to live vast, expensive life styles if the peasants are also using resources, too.  Best to freeze/starve the pesky peasants!  So just two days ago, the gang met at Davos to announce their future plans to destroy us and they thought we would cheer them on, as if we don’t notice we are already freezing/food very expensive right now.


This week I will see weather -10 below zero F.  We can see from the map below that this evening, southern Arizona, not the mountains in northern Arizona, the desert Southwest on the border of Mexico and including Mexico will see…snow.  This is not global warming.  I often point out that all of North America and a huge hunk of Eurasia are not small land masses, these are major land masses.



Behold this satellite map below:



Like during all Ice Ages, the parts of Siberia on the Pacific Ocean as well as most of Alaska is warmer and has less ice than nearly all of  Canada and the rest of Siberia just like the Ice Ages. The Ice Ages during the last 3 million years didn’t affect South America or Africa very much at all except for one big thing: the Sahara Desert flourishes during Ice Ages!



So I hope everyone survives this severe cold wave.  Drug addicts living on the streets in NYC will probably fill up the subway cars as per usual.  But it won’t be warm enough.  I remember the super cold 1970’s.  This is when NY was going bankrupt and threw out all the mentally ill people from the hospitals and into the streets.


I saved one of these poor souls back then, totally furious she was cast into the streets and was even unable to talk to people, her brain damage was so great!


This, in a ‘liberal’ city run by Democrats! Of course.  Now on to a liberal newspaper run by communist Democrats:



This article is noticeable due to the NY Times advertising this as ‘a conservative talks to us liberals’ when it really is a NYT leftist talking to a NYT communist and both agreeing Trump is evil and Republicans who want change are Nazis and liberals are wonderful people:


 Gail: I wondered whether I should even bring the matter up yet again. But we can’t just give up and shrug in silence.


Bret: You know I’m in favor of repealing the Second Amendment, not for the sake of banning guns but for making it much harder for just anyone to own them. Otherwise, in a country with more firearms than people, I doubt that ordinary gun control can make a real difference. Your thoughts?


I am not showing the entire ‘interview’.  Both work for the NYT and the NYT hates conservatives so of course, they think Bret is a conservative because he might let us all own a few firearms instead of totally disarming everyone so invaders into the US can easily take over.


Gail: Do love the fact that I converse with a conservative who wants to repeal the Second Amendment. Sign me up.


He is NOT a ‘conservative’, Gail.  And worse, you know this.  Why do liberals who are really communists have to lie all the time?  A funny question…they have to lie all the time!


Gail: That’s the issue of the moment, right? Congress has to do something about raising the debt ceiling or the economy will collapse somewhere down the line. Or at least that’s the theory.

Republicans want to tie the raising of said ceiling to major league cuts in spending. No matter how much Kevin McCarthy swears that won’t involve cuts to Social Security or Medicare, it’s almost to impossible to imagine they aren’t on the table. What’s your recommendation?


The connection between wild government spending and inflation baffles the communists.


Bret: Well, the Republicans’ current strategy has all the intelligence of Foghorn Leghorn, the Looney Tunes rooster: They’re trying to play a game of chicken with the Biden administration when, deep down, they know they’re the ones who are going to chicken out. It would be economically destructive and politically suicidal to let the federal government default on its debt. So we will probably go through this terrifying charade until a handful of swing-district Republicans break ranks and vote with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling.


This paragraph proves this Bret clown is not a conservative at all, not even slightly.  The fact is, the NYT dares not have Gail debate this with a real conservative.  So inside her little bubble she is happy to see that ‘conservatives’ love her and hate the entire GOP voter base.  Also, both of these clowns are going to freeze to death this week while whining about it being too hot.


Roast them all in hell, I say.


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11 responses to “Below Zero February And Southern Arizona Snow Means Global Warming

  1. Nina

    EMS: ‘I saved one of these poor souls back then, totally furious she was cast into the streets and was even unable to talk to people, her brain damage was so great!’

    Yes! These people needs help, and if they refuse to get treatment for their drug addiction they should be forced to. Having thousand of homeless people roaming the streets of almost every major city is bad.

    Besides being a health hazard, and leading to lots of crime, it is also an economic burden to society.

    One in five Britons eat food past use-by date as cost-of-living crisis deepens–One-in-five-Britons-eat-out-of-date-food

  2. Nina

    This guy travels around the US, showcasing different parts of the country with a special focus on the more deprived communities. It is very fascinating to watch. He also has many insightful thoughts about the problems facing the US.

  3. shawntoh

    ALL youse “HATERS” can go d*e… NYC = New York Communists paper…

    TinaB, Zeke… go drink some “lean” and smoke some… Ya might as well enjoy while we all watch all go up in flames! No thanks to anyone especially DNC operatives!

  4. shawntoh

    @#2 I WALKED THROUGH NEIGHBORHOODS LIKE THIS… I have lived and survived it all and so has Elaine, so F*** O**, sorry, just found out a former session drummer died last NOVEMBER, while we still in lock down, m***** f*****! I’m enraged!

    @#2… Memorize these commandments… The 10 c*** commandments…

    use this as the soundtrack NINA darling, it’ll work for ya… schitch! Man, I’m hurtin’ so go die!

  5. qbutnoa

    2022, the worlds biggest sovereign wealth fund ends a 3 year run of soaraway profits with a thumping loss, the war in Ukraine is blamed.

  6. snoosebomb

    man made ! arrest the ‘man’

  7. qbutnoa

    Milan, Alfredo Cospito (insurrectionary anarchist) is in jail for terrorism + on hunger strike + close to death, protests against his incarceration have included violent attacks against Italian diplomats in Germany/Spain/Greece & in South America. Italy is a hotbed of violent politics.

  8. Pete


    Our tax dollars at work:

  9. Pete


  10. Instead of producing even more Ivermectin, our government continues to hide this medicine from us all. This is pure evil.

  11. ibid


    Poignant video about ‘Slums in Amerika …… ‘

    Thanks for sharing.

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