Twitter Is Malfunctioning Due To Elon Freaking Out Over Crazy Actress Hysteria

The  above video by Timcast shows him falling for an actress story about herself and how she got Elon Musk to run to her rescue and ban Twitter users who were digging up her dirty past.  She succeeded in tricking a number of people to protect her until hard proof she supports sex with underage children.  She is part of the Satanic ritual Hollywood people who do horrible things, I know this from first hand experience.  It is very deep and been around as long as the Hollywood entertainment systems was first created.  Regularly, these monsters trick people into doing bad things and they wreck everything they touch.



Elon Musk has now deleted himself basically from Twitter.  No more videos of his rocket program which I regularly watch.  All his tweets I have linked to are now gone.  He is very foolish doing this.  He should have continued his postings and simply not have comments.  But instead, he put himself and his friends behind a brick wall and now are all gone which makes them look very bad indeed.



Musk may be waking up to his danger!  He is very naive.  I have been online for many decades.  It is a war zone, always was, always will be.  I changed my name three times over the decades and each time, would be all over the place, no problem and then when the Bilderberg gang learns who I am, they rush around trying to stop me!  This is so predictable.



Elon Musk is in the crosshairs of the Bilderberg gang. They want him dead now.  Right now, he is simply being ‘tripped up’ just like Trump and Trump quickly figured this out but Elon has been very slow in figuring this out.  Now, he has to figure out how to LEAD and not goof around, this isn’t a game, it is literally life and death.


Meanwhile, all over the internet, anyone reporting real news and not following orders is being rapidly eliminated so we can have WWIII:



Here is a typical Newsmax tweet about the news:



Meanwhile, Andy Ngo who reports real news, tells us about ANTIFA attacking their own allies more and more:



Also today from my state of New York, desperate Democrats who let in illegal aliens via never protecting our country are freaking out because these invaders are demanding to stay at top Manhattan hotels:



I say, put these invaders in DNC leader homes and put the DNC leaders in a ship and then sink it.  This will fix many things quickly.


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4 responses to “Twitter Is Malfunctioning Due To Elon Freaking Out Over Crazy Actress Hysteria

  1. shawntoh

    On the beach…

    ..then… Encore, encore, Jeff Beck!

    J. Beck died of spinal menegitus[sic] or some horrible infectious condition… That’s why the excess J.Beck!
    2. Spinal Menegitius didn’t kill Johnny Rotten, for some strange reason. But he was young when he contracted it! What didn’t kill Rotten made him stronger than the rock star hippie trip!

    “Lady” goes out to Tinab, NOT EMS!


  2. shawntoh

    At last the Hendrix estate of JImi is letting up on the copyright policing. Due to younger generation some not giving a whit about JH. No, they want Taylor Swift, Lizzo!, Cardi B, Beyonce, etc. etc. al.

    “Machine Gun”, song doesn’t sound “dated” at alll… That’s too bad.!!!!

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