Black Students Beat Two Little White Children On School Bus Nothing Done To Save Them


A video filmed by a child on a school bus shows two older black boys savagely beating up a very young white girl who simply covers her face as they hit her face and her even younger brother tries to stop them and fails.  The driver of the bus and the assistant did nothing even though all the children were screaming and carrying on in total chaos.  The mother of the two victims is now suing the school system.  The US continues to collapse but this began in the 1960’s, I remember buses back then and these were rides from hell until I got a rancher bus driver who carried a gun then it was quite peaceful (and he was my friend).


Our schools aren’t ‘integrated’ and haven’t been since 1977 when they were forced to give up on the scheme of bussing white children to black inner city schools. Now, a few token white children are in black schools and these poor souls are tormented openly by black children who are told day and night, they are oppressed by white people.


Fixing this mess is nearly impossible except for one way: vote for school discipline!  Easy!  But politically impossible.  Black students openly attack teachers, each other, the police, the entire world.  This is called ‘running out of control’ and the result is always the same: crashing and burning.


Barak Obama went to an all white school when he was a young lad.  He always lived in white neighborhoods.  He was never the victim of crimes due to his comfortable life as the only black guy in a white situation.  He then gets into power talking about how evil white people are to black people and forcing more dire situations on us all so we now have continuous riots and mayhem which is systematically destroying…all black cities, schools and families.


Now on to DC where the hunt for Biden continues and the obvious crimes of this obvious criminal is being reported suddenly by media that ignored all this for decades:



Semi-literate drugged up and drunk Hunter Biden supposedly wrote a very detailed memo to The Boss explaining how both can evade scrutiny by the FBI.  Obviously, this was drawn up by an expensive lawyer.  It wasn’t read by The Boss because he is senile and insane.  It was read by another lawyer in the White House.  Arrest all these people especially the Biden duo.



Ted Cruz was surprised that a Republican was picked as a judge by the Biden gang.  I am surprised, too.  Perhaps the people propping up the Bidens are giving up because they realize they are next on the line up to be removed, too.


Hunter Biden’s business partner was tasked with transferring sensitive papers from Joe Biden’s vice presidential office to the University of Delaware – papers that were sensitive enough to require the involvement of White House lawyers, can reveal.


The revelation is the latest piece of evidence tying Hunter to the president’s potential mishandling of classified documents.


Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca partner who handled Joe’s taxes and personal affairs, was in charge of moving an archive of 1,850 boxes of files from the vice president’s DC office that were being donated to the University of Delaware in 2010.


The ridiculous army of people who knew about Biden and his illegal handling and holding of records never ceases to amaze me.  All these people cheered when the FBI illegally raided Trump’s private home to remove records which Trump had listed and said was legally his and everyone in the government knew he did things correctly and not secretly.


And through all this, dead silence until this month. Suddenly, everyone including that slimy traitor, VP Pence, suddenly reveal they all had the same stuff only in their cases, this was kept secret and they knew they had these classified documents illegally and did and said nothing.


Good lord, this whole thing is a massive farce and infuriating since 99.9 of what is called ‘secret documents’ should never, ever be secret PERIOD.


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11 responses to “Black Students Beat Two Little White Children On School Bus Nothing Done To Save Them

  1. Pete


    Russia deploys new robot tanks Yikes

  2. Ken

    I was raised in an all black neighborhood in the worst slums in Detroit. I personally experienced the sort of anti-white discrimination and violence that was inflicted on those two white children. So has every white person who is forced by circumstances to live in a majority-black environment.

    When I went off to college I met white, suburban liberals for the first time. I could hardly believe my ears. They were all reading from the same script. “If only white people had more personal contact with blacks, there would be no more discrimination.” My personal observation (having lived in both worlds) was the exact opposite. The more contact a white person (or any ethnic group) has with blacks, the less they like them.

    Sure enough. Over time, the white liberals (who had never had sustained contact with blacks before dealing with them in the university setting) began to change their tune. And the blacks who were in the university were the cream of the crop of the black population.

  3. Timothy Carroll

    Those little black bastards grow up to be big black bastards:

    I’m done wondering when or even if the white man will ever find his long lost set of balls and deliver some street justice to these feral niggers.

  4. Paul F Severson

    And we are now one step closer to Vigilantism. Too many Blacks are so blinded by their Hatred of Whitey they can’t figure out their violent behavior is driving a very deep divide between themselves and all other Races, not just White People. Permanent damage is being done by Blacks to themselves. To get to the bottom line here Blacks will lose a Race War. They are outnumbered for one thing and they are easy to ID from a great distance away. If it ever gets to a “shoot on sight” type warfare this will be devastating to the Black population. I certainly do NOT advocate violence; I’m just saying violence is the direction this is going. And Hollywood is to blame for much of the brainwashing of Blacks. The folks who insist on pairing a White woman with a Black guy in EVERY commercial and in EVERY TV show and in EVERY movie should be horsewhipped out of the USA.

  5. shawntoh

    “Modern civilization is based on violence, slavery and fine words….”
    G.I. Gurdjieff, circa 20th Century… Between 1910 to 1920…


  6. lou

    Modern civilization is based on violence, slavery and fine words…that does not sound like civilization.

  7. ibid

    “Forced Busing” is the original sin.

    Choice of busing for a magnet school or other reason at the students or parents choice is ok.

    “Forced busing” of students forced by local or other government entity to achieve some goal like racial disparity or mixing is heinous.

    It drove local students whose parents could afford it out of public schools and into private or parochial schools.

    It concentrated bad poorly behaving students in failing areas.
    The schools where authorities wanted to send innocent children as pawns were violent ‘single parent’ hells holes.
    Instead of walking to local schools students were forced onto dangerous and costly bus rides to satisfy authoritarian administrators.
    A form of SJW Social Justice Warriors.

    The culprits could be airlifted out of their ghetto schools but they’ll just bring their knives and zip guns and disrespect and bad attitudes with them.

    Ya can take the creep out of the ghetto but ya can’t take the ghetto out of the creep.
    The administrators getting paid huge salaries send their offspring to private schools.

    We are still paying the price for this hubristic horror.

  8. Blacks feel like they are the majority because in most DNC hell hole cities they are the majority.

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