China Balloon Goes Boom, Drops Into Atlantic Ocean


The Chinese spy balloon has been shot down, it was very high in the atmosphere, you couldn’t shoot it down easily.  Anyways, as I write, it is slowly falling into the Atlantic Ocean offshore of the town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  China still won’t explain why these large balloons in the stratosphere are being launched over countries with no notification or identification sent to places where this huge thing is floating.  This is so insane and stupid of the Chinese dictator Xi.


Now on to a stupid joke professor being mocked by students and posted on Libs of TikTok:



The goofy things adults are doing in schools set up to ‘educate’ children is endless and all of these lunatics should be removed.  Below is Rand Paul who I love to watch, talking about ‘government waste’:



The universities view taxpayers as chumps who will fund all the goofy things these perpetual children cook up.  Cut their funds to zero!


Now on to the insane crew at the New York Times whining about how the entire EU ‘allies’ cease funding the wars our rulers want.  I have pointed out in the past, ONLY TRUMP forced our fake allies to pay the proper amounts for NATO.  When the Bilderberg gang destroyed Trump, immediately our fake allies resumed making us pay everything and die for them while they goof off at our expense.



Washington, they note, has led the response to the war, marshaled allies, organized military aid to Ukraine and contributed by far the largest amount of military equipment and intelligence to Ukraine. It has decided at each step what kind of weapons Kyiv will receive and what it will not.


American leadership “has almost been too successful for its own good, leaving Europeans with no incentive to develop leadership on their own,” said Liana Fix, a German analyst with the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.


“The perception is that there is no real leader in the European Union and the U.S. is doing helicopter parenting with Brussels,” she said. “This is a problem that can come back to haunt the U.S.”


Trump fixed this and the NYT hates Trump and screamed nonstop while he forced our fake allies to do the proper thing under treaties.  Now, the NYT pretends this is a mysterious matter no one expected!


Arrest all the Bilderberg gangsters and the NYT is a founding member of that gang!  Arrest them all.  Back to the balloon from China:



They waited until the balloon was over water so it would not be annihilated by falling hundreds of miles downwards.



Everyone made fun of the balloon.



This one is cute:




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8 responses to “China Balloon Goes Boom, Drops Into Atlantic Ocean

  1. TinaB


    ELAINE; As per always, Tina of Tiny Brains has to sexually attack people here. She/he/it is a monster, of course. Cannot see in the mirror due to being a vampire, too. Tina: your need to be obscene and obnoxious is being left up here by me to prove ‘liberals’ are nasty, cruel, stupid and dishonest. Thanks in advance.


    MTG is also a blatant liar. But I do get why you would like her , ems…. birds of a feather? You do have much in common.

    I know you know she’s not smart and you don’t like dumb people, you’ve made that clear. So what do you like about her? Her “male” traits, her toughness, her propensity for violence and inciting it?

    Are you sexually attracted to her? Maybe you’re bi-sexual but closeted? Am I close? I say go for it ems, you’re 72 and the end is near! Let ‘er rip before you exit! Have some fun… experiment!

  2. TinaB

    hey ems.. serious question for you. What kind of man has unprotected sex (no condom) with another woman while is wife is at home with their infant child, and not just ANY woman – a PORN STAR!

    And you know he would STILL be denying it IF there wasn’t transactional proof? Is denial the same as lying? His “supporters” are rapidly jumping ship!

    Would that not speak volumes about his character in general? The countdown to the divorce begins….

    And that creepy son of his – what’s up with that voice, the air quotes and the hand waving – he seems a bit revved up… hhmmm what could be the cause?

    I await your answers…

  3. TinaB

    and can just say one thing about the “spying”. Every single person in “amerika” that can is trying desperately to get their 15 minutes of fame leading to great fortune dontcha know. They trip over themselves and stomp on each other to expose as much as they possibly can for free or some free trinkets!

    They don’t want “privacy”, they want a megaphone and a film crew 24/7. Where have you been? Have you watched any tik tok videos? Not much discretion going on over there! Lol!

    “Spying…..” – that’s hilarious!

    You should watch Generation Like – a Frontline documentary from years ago – try to keep up!

  4. nclaughlin

    At least Tina B House’s screeds are getting shorter.

  5. ibid

    It’s amazing the people that are Trump cultist – considering that the highlight of his career was firing Gary Busey on Trump ‘s “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show.

  6. This has something to do that when Trump ran things we had wars going down not up, economy going up and not down and he acted fast on the covid crisis.

    Liberals hate this. They want wars, open spying by enemies, open borders and illegal aliens voting illegally and a crashing economy. Good lord, talk about INSANE.

  7. ibid

    You do worship Trump. You confirm that with each post.

    But to the sane among us he’s just an entertainment minded talk show host. Bloated ego narcissist only interested in himself and promoting his own brand.

    Did you buy his NFT token trading cards?

    Just wondering if you’ll omega alter this post.
    It’s called fraud and forgery.

  8. Good lord, you don’t read me carefully. I do support people like TED CRUZ and when he ran for primary I suggested voting for HIM. I was surprised by Trump doing what I wanted him to do after a bad start when he was tricked into going to war against Syria based on utter lies.

    He learned fast, though, so my support of him grew over time.

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