Many China Spy Balloons Everywhere Now


A citizen in Hawaii has uncovered the many instances a top secret Chinese surveillance balloon has floated over other countries.  This invasion of air space by the Chinese has been aimed mostly at countries that China considers ‘dangerous’ for China.  All these Chinese balloons have odd structures attached that looks a lot like spyware.  The CIA is probably totally aware of all this or maybe not, it is very dysfunctional these days, unable to protect us only to spy on us, too.  Arrest Biden!


This traitor who collected vast bribes from China via his son is doing nothing about this, saying nothing about this, pretending nothing is happening.  He isn’t merely clueless, he is a Chinese spy!  I have been demanding his arrest for two years now.  Nothing happens.


This time, though, Congress is run by Republicans and the RINOs there have little power for they are extremely unpopular with voters now and are walking on eggshells.  So I hope they don’t stab everyone in the back but I bet they will due to being Bilderberg gangsters who secretly meet overseas and at home to plot against us.



Wow, the NY Times is carrying this story but not as the top story like here.  The NY Times is also carrying a story about super cold here, it is -19F here on my very cold, cold mountain.  Tomorrow, the NY Times will tell me it is too hot again.



Now on to more irritating news: Congresswoman MTG has been harassed and vilified and attacked and persecuted by communists inside the Democratic Party.  A man threatening to KILL her is a New York far leftist and he plead guilty and is AT HOME waiting to go to jail:


NY Man Leaves Threatening Voicemails For Marjorie Taylor Greene, Daring Her To Charge Him – Is Now Facing Jail


This leftist terrorist has been under house arrest while waiting for his sentence.  He is protected by Chuck The Cuck Schumer and Biden.  He made obvious terrorist threats against a Congresswoman and is allowed to stay free at home while the Jan 6 victims sit in very vile conditions in DNC run hell hole prisons!  MTG compares this lenient actions to the January 6 political prisoners:


A popular comment to this story:


This what makes her so good… such a fighter. She uses physical threats to HER as an opportunity to bring attention to the whole J6 Scam and the suffering of those Political Prisoners.


Yes, she always does this, she is their champion.  I hope she can join Trump in freeing these poor souls. Note how death threats, the guy is at home, anyone who simply went into the Congress building is in prison with NO TRIALS.  Good lord, this is a dictatorship.



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7 responses to “Many China Spy Balloons Everywhere Now

  1. Jim R

    trillion dollar “defense” department, they can’t shoot down a balloon, nor can they patrol the border.

    Everybody knows, the war is over.
    Everybody knows, the good guys lost.

  2. TinaB



    Tina continues her insanity here. Yes, our government spies on us and everyone and so does China. Duh. But doing nothing about this is also stupid and Biden is stupid and Tina is stupid. Can’t figure out obvious solutions to problems they both cause.

    ya those evil chinese communists have one big giant balloon – it’s called tik-tok!

    And the FBI have two big surveillance tools – called twitter and smartphones!

    Are you not aware of this? Maybe your cognition is slowing down some with you being in a state of constant outrage by your manufactured monsters.

    I just went to MTG’s twitter… read the first 30 comments – not one in support or favor of her and in fact QUITE the opposite.. I mean how could anyone be? She’s DUMB and she has a big mouth! That makes her very unappealing, at least to me.

  3. ibid

    This is for the “Lawn Chair Larry”s out there;
    ;more hot air than substance.
    If said balloon had been shot down, you’d be screaming ‘bloody murder’ like the justified stopping of terrorist Ashlghe Babbit when she tried to break in a closed door and window at the Capitol.
    Ya luv yer terrorists.

  4. ibid

    It’s simple; to not get shot; don’t attempt ‘break-in’s’.

    What happened to ‘Law and Order ‘

  5. Timothy Carroll

    “….not one in support or favor of her and in fact QUITE the opposite.. I mean how could anyone be? She’s DUMB and she has a big mouth! That makes her very unappealing, at least to me.”

    Gee, sounds a lot like someone else we know around here! At any rate, there sure as hell is no shortage of loud mouth, stupid broads! It’s the one thing we still make and export in MerKA!

  6. That particular riot at the back doors of Congress was engineered by CIA/FBI agents who egged on everyone and who supervised the removal of the barriers.

    Arrest all of them we have their names and photos and videos showing this. Ashley was egged on by these criminal secret agents.

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