China Claims Illicit Balloon Over US Is ‘Civilian Airship’ BS


As always these days, Russian news is crystal clear while US news is murky at best.  I always go to Russian news these days for international news.  Many years ago, my father was an advisor to Eisenhower and Kennedy during the height of the Cold War about all things stratospheric/rocket/spy cameras business.  The very first US spy camera attached to a satellite was a German WWII camera my father was given by Herr Dr. Schott at the end of that war.  I knew Dr. Schott and saw him while living in Germany in 1968.  Kennedy flew my dad to the White House during the very beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  He said he didn’t trust the CIA and needed to talk directly with my father!



The NY Times at least is reporting this news about China.  This is pretty much a threat to start WWIII over this gigantic balloon that was flown with zero notification, over the US.  I showed yesterday that China is doing this everywhere on earth this winter!  This is insanity.


We all have spy satellites in space but this was much closer to earth and in the path of international and national flights of jets, etc.  What the hell were these gigantic balloons doing over everyone else’s air space?  And it took nearly a WEEK for China to admit they are doing this globally?  Good grief!



We kids knew more about the real news that day back in the Cuban Missile Crisis because my father’s trip was top secret and he was flown in a military fighter two seater jet that day.  The Air Force General in Tucson told him to keep the helmet he wore and so we, the kids, were delighted to have a real bonafide military jet helmet to play with!


We are in a crisis today, this started back in 1963.  Biden’s mishandling of this crisis is typical of today because we are run by traitors.  Kennedy was not a traitor at all.  LBJ wasn’t one, either, he was just plain stupid.


Nixon was crazy and he hated me and he very definitely hated my father and gave my father great grief until the communist Chinese demanded he send my father over to do diplomacy so…he sent my father there!  Try figuring that out!


And the only person in our government Mao and his crazy wife feared was…my father!  For he was the only human on planet earth who told Mad Madame Mao ‘no, you can’t do that.’  Period.  And the Chinese recognized this which is why they threw a feast for him when she committed suicide.


A year ago, we saw this headline news:



I called for Biden and his gang of Congressional traitors to be arrested.  Hell’s bells, I have been calling for this for a long, long, long time.  The majority of Americans now want this.  But due to rigged elections enabling illegal aliens to vote, key states like NY and California are run by communists who hate the US and love communist China and want censorship and no political opposition and are willing to destroy our nation to stay in power.


Just last month, the Chinese deliberately flew within feet of our own military jets in Taiwan air space:



Now this invasion of US air space happened even as Xi parades his military all around the world.  Deep silence from Xi this week.  Not a peep from this criminal communist leader who is trying to hide the covid deaths of many MILLIONS of Chinese this last month.


Go look online at records of covid deaths.  China still lists their deaths at less than 50,000.  It is probably closer to 50 million!  We don’t know and will never know.  And Xi wants no one to know this particularly the Chinese people who are doing this dying so secretly.  He is increasingly unpopular there due to all this so he has to rouse people with WWIII.


Comments to that video of the two jets is revealing:


Don’t you hate it when news tells half a story , the Chinese pilot did a world wide understanding “ look under my wing and that’s my intention go away “ , all military pilots know it all to well




This sort of thing happens quite often believe it or not guys.. Its basically flexing muscles. Testing each others responses in that area. Just one miscalculated manoeuvre and it’s game over for life as we know it today!


And the Wuhan Flu continues to kill in China:




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14 responses to “China Claims Illicit Balloon Over US Is ‘Civilian Airship’ BS

  1. TinaB

    I’M the one who posts sexual tripe? Have you READ your own posts? I mean that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! You’re OBSESSED with everyone’s sexual predilections except your own which in my mind translates to REGRESSED.

    How is it nasty to point out what YOUR cult leader has admitted to? And what HE/IT did isn’t nasty? Well you’d be wrong, it’s on another of nasty, ok?

    You seem to be okay with what he did? Do you encourage your husband and other husbands you know to follow suit?

    And what’s wrong with bi-sexuals – are they evil too?

  2. TinaB

    *repressed… spelling error

  3. TinaB

    AND you did say you “love” mtg, didn’t you? Love is a strong feeling – is it not?

  4. ibid

    Trump’s lies are collapsing rapidly now,

  5. Jim R

    The funny thing about the coof — nobody has accurate statistics. Starting with all the “died of covid” cases in people murdered with respirators, died in traffic accidents, whatever. If a hospital declared a covid diagnosis, it got a money reward, and a bigger money reward for “died of covid”.

    And then there were those bogus PCR tests, which diagnosed covid in Magufuli’s jeep, among other things. Are they still running them for 40 cycles? Kary Mullis said that it was not appropriate as a diagnostic tool. 95% false positives.

    Regardless of whether China had 50 thousand or 50 million cases, it won’t make much difference to China.

    But do keep an eye on fertility rates in countries where children were jabbed. And compare with Africa, where almost nothing was done — real viruses over there just elbowed the wimpy covid germ aside, and there were very few cases.

  6. Jim R

    And by the way, China is not really the source of this pathogen, even though it probably escaped from their lab.

    The “Eco Health Alliance” organization is based in the USA, and the lab in Wuhan was financed, and frequently visited by, US technicians and scientists, at least until 2020. The GoF research they were doing was illegal in the USA so it was outsourced to China. Sort of like the steel from the twin towers. . .

  7. shawntoh


    ELAINE: THANK YOU for the huge magnet ‘MAGA’ big time! We all loved it!


    #1 &#2&#3 …Tinab, if you ever want appetizers, it’s on me, let’s go out and discuss “Women’s Reality” by Ann Wilson Schaf. You are so cute when you are going after EMS. You live in NYC, right?

    Either that or I will build an A.I. hippie version of EMS for you to attack in the night, like a chew toy!


    Like Sy Borg!

  8. qbutnoa

    h/t Alex Christoforou, what a tangled web is weaved.

  9. TinaB

    I think WordPress is censoring links! I’m trying to post a link to
    Alabama 3 live at the Astoria – “Ma@o Ts#e Tun%g says”

  10. TinaB

    trying again

  11. Covid is real. It killed people. It is a dangerous disease exactly like the Hong Kong Flu of 1969. I nearly died of that disease!

    This time, the germs spared the younger generations, thank goodness. I was never for vaccinating young people due to this. But got the shots for myself due to being in the ‘kill zone.’

    Pretending there was no epidemic is futile. It may make people happy to think this way. Younger people think this was a fraud and not that they were lucky as hell it didn’t savage them like the terrifying Hong Kong Flu.

    The earliest form of this disease was very fatal, it killed ENTIRE FAMILIES when it hit NYC and northern NJ. My daughter saw several neighbors die that month, February to March 2020.

    Pretending it wasn’t dangerous back then is childish. It was very very scary back then. Thank god, like all these virus events it evolved to be less and less dangerous.

  12. lou

    It is a dangerous disease exactly like the Hong Kong Flu of 1969…No corona -covid is not exactly the same, sorry not sorry.

  13. Of course it is not the ‘same’ but it started in China like the other events and it mutated when coming to the US just like today and it was much more DEADLY when it reached the US and young, strong people who got the germs NEARLY DIED or did DIE.


  14. And another note to Shawn: thank you, again, for the MAGA magnet! It was fantastic! We all loved it.

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