Brutal Cold: Bilderberg Gang Orders Fireplaces Be Terminated Because It Is Too Hot


Freeze to death, you peons, cries the Real Rulers. They all met a few days ago in Davos, Switzerland, to announce we are in a global warming crisis and need to have billions of people freeze and starve to death to save the earth!  This is a declaration of warfare against humanity in all countries.  No more fireplaces for peons.  The British Royals who are Bilderberg big shots and founded the organization are allowed to burn firewood but not mere peasants!


Here is a photo taken of the former Queen this year as she merrily stands next to her OPEN wood burning fireplace with huge flames as it pollutes the air and overheats our earth!



As the Brits are put in prison or fined for burning firewood in winter when the power systems struggle to operate, the British Royals merrily burn tons of firewood in their huge palaces.  This is, of course, pure insanity and I hope mobs of enraged Brits freezing to death in global warming days, storm these palaces!  This is absurd.



We just went through a record cold day and night here in the Northeast.  Outside of Fox News, this barely made any news in mainstream fake news because we are supposed to be roasting to death due to imaginary global warming that isn’t global, it is mostly in Africa.



Temperatures plunged far below zero in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont as residents hunkered down and shelters hurried to make extra space. Mount Washington set a record for coldest wind chill ever recorded at minus 108 degrees.


The NYT didn’t even think this story required a picture!  Showing people freezing to death here is a non-story in the fantasy world of the left.  I keep saying, their plan is to FREEZE and starve us to death and they don’t give a rat’s ass if we all die of the extreme cold.


At least one death was attributed to the weather system. In western Massachusetts on Friday, a tree fell and crushed a vehicle in Southwick, west of Springfield, and killed an infant passenger. The 23-year-old driver, the victim’s aunt, suffered serious injuries, according to a statement from the office of the district attorney in Hampden County.


Yes, it was very windy as well as brutally cold.  The NYT dealt with this by having very brief stories about all this terrible cold event.  Now on to California where Newsom signed bill allowing prostitutes to solicit customers right next to schools:



That crazy state spirals downwards rapidly.  The complete collapse in morals and systems is astonishing to see in real time.  I once lived there but fled Berkeley due to the insane leftist students there became much too violent and said they were going to kill me.


Now, all systems there are collapsing due to communists.  No communist country allows sex for money, for example.  But running up to the full control they let this happen and then claim everyone will support the communists in stopping social destruction!  So simple!



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3 responses to “Brutal Cold: Bilderberg Gang Orders Fireplaces Be Terminated Because It Is Too Hot

  1. TinaB

    I thought you were screeching “everyone who doesn’t get vaccinated IS going to die”!!!! “and they will MURDERing other innocent people who were vaccinated by refusing the vaccination! What happened to that?

    You screeched about how YOU KNOW so much more than others including virologists and ALL scientists AND ONLY you know, dontcha know!

    I mean it sounded like you were screaming at the top young lungs how STOOPID anyone who didn’t get vaccinated was!

    I guess we’re just going to have to screenshot your posts to REMIND you!

  2. TinaB

    OH NO! More nasty “sex” talk? BUT still mum when her idol, cult leader POS has bareback sex with a Porn Star while his WIFE is home with their infant!

    I’m wondering how Melania feels now (and Barron) – was all that money WORTH that level of humiliation?

    Oh how the mighty fall from grace!

  3. snoosebomb

    co2 is saturated in the lower troposphere , that is to say at about 80ppm co2 will absorb most of the available IR radiation , adding more co2 only raises temp a little as you move out along the log curve. That wqs known back in the 1910’s [?] , Angstrom pointed it out , so it was never a concern until the 70′ s . what happened then ? somebody pointed out that co2 was unsaturated at high altitude , hence the alarm about ‘warm blankets ‘. but the top of the troposphere is defined by temperature , the tropopause is still -60 , rising air ,clouds top out due to cold . yes you can say that the air there might warm but the temp profile and heat exchange remains the same , perhaps in a slightly larger volume , by definition.

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