Multiple Ballons Invaded US During Trump Years, Trump Never Told Invasion Airspace


As per always, if I want real news about something, I go to Russian news.  They have a great record for reporting real news!  Well, today we learn that Chinese spy balloons flew over the US several times when TRUMP was President!  Then the mainstream fake news jumps up and down and screams that Trump is a traitor and hid this from us when the reverse is the case: Trump was never told about all this, the CIA and Pentagon kept it very, very secret!  From the Commander in Chief which is TREASON.  Arrest them all, I say!


The CIA was openly at war against Trump and did all they could to attack him and accuse him of being a Russian agent:


The unnamed officials’ claims backed up statements from the administration of President Joe Biden that Chinese surveillance balloons had traveled across the continental US at least three times under Trump. Responding to those claims, the former president insisted that “this never happened. It would have never happened” and accused the White House of spreading “disinformation” to distract from its own “incompetent” behavior.


Trump honestly believed it didn’t happen but I bet today he is furious that no one in the CIA told him nor did the head of the Pentagon, etc.


However, a senior administration official countered that “US intelligence, not the Biden administration,” believed “PRC government surveillance balloons transited the continental US briefly at least three times during the prior administration and once that we know of at the beginning of this administration, but never for this duration of time.”


These clowns making these claims are claiming they are CIA agents but we have zero proof of that.  That is, they could be totally making this up since there are NO NAMES attached.


All attacks on Trump are anonymous and have zero verification!  This is ongoing and utterly deranged and totally evil and obviously illegal, too.  Arrest all these mysterious people now!

The previous balloon crossings “went undetected,” the source told Fox on Sunday, describing it as “part of a larger pattern.”


So, the balloons under Trump were UNDETECTED??? So how do we know about these mysterious balloons no one saw except anonymous CIA agents????  Arrest all CIA agents and interrogate all of them until the real ones who ‘saw’ these balloon and didn’t alert the President then put them in prison for TREASON.


Good lord, I am so very pissed off now.  Unlike Trump, Biden knew about this balloon since it crossed over Alaska and Canada.  It made the news only when alert citizens in Montana noticed it and began demanding answers about what on earth that huge balloon high in the sky was doing there.


Only then did it become a news story!


“Instances of this kind of balloon activity have been observed previously over the past several years,” the Pentagon spokesman, Brig. Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, said in a statement published on Thursday. One senior official said many of those were in the Pacific, some near Hawaii, where the Indo-Pacific Command is based, along with much of the naval capability and surveillance gear of the Pacific Fleet.


So, did Brig Gen Ryder tell Trump about this when he was in the White House?


General Ryder’s admission raises the question of whether the United States failed to set a red line years ago about the balloon surveillance, essentially encouraging China to grow bolder and bolder. “The fact that they have come into airspace before is not comforting,” said Amy B. Zegart, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the author of “Spies, Lies and Algorithms,” a study of new technologies in ubiquitous surveillance. “We should have had a strategy earlier,” she said, and “we should have signaled our limits much earlier.”


These traitors in the Pentagon were at war against Trump:


But the gulf between Trump and the generals was not really about money or practicalities, just as their endless policy battles were not only about clashing views on whether to withdraw from Afghanistan or how to combat the nuclear threat posed by North Korea and Iran. The divide was also a matter of values, of how they viewed the United States itself. That was never clearer than when Trump told his new chief of staff, John Kelly—like Mattis, a retired Marine Corps general—about his vision for Independence Day. “Look, I don’t want any wounded guys in the parade,” Trump said. “This doesn’t look good for me.” He explained with distaste that at the Bastille Day parade there had been several formations of injured veterans, including wheelchair-bound soldiers who had lost limbs in battle.


I can’t imagine Trump saying any of that.  I can imagine a bunch of conspirators deciding to defame him with ZERO PROOF claiming he secretly told them to do this ‘hide the wounded soldiers’ thing especially since the DEMOCRATS are the ones doing exactly this!


Kelly could not believe what he was hearing. “Those are the heroes,” he told Trump. “In our society, there’s only one group of people who are more heroic than they are—and they are buried over in Arlington.” Kelly did not mention that his own son Robert, a lieutenant killed in action in Afghanistan, was among the dead interred there.


Hearing this certainly is ‘unbelievable’ because it is a baldfaced lie.



A simple Google search shows Trump visiting wounded US soldiers in hospitals:



I will note one smarky article mentions Trump wearing a face mask while visiting wounded soldiers in 2020 and sneers that he usually doesn’t wear the mask.  I will note that at that time, a lot of people didn’t wear masks except in NYC and Northern NJ and a few other places.  This is when the disease was just starting to spread!


Also, when I went to the hospital in the intensive care wards back in 2019, before covid, I and everyone wore masks.


Here is the Atlantic Monthly Lie Magazine claiming that Trump secretly hates wounded soldiers:


 Trump’s understanding of heroism has not evolved since he became president. According to sources with knowledge of the president’s views, he seems to genuinely not understand why Americans treat former prisoners of war with respect. Nor does he understand why pilots who are shot down in combat are honored by the military. On at least two occasions since becoming president, according to three sources with direct knowledge of his views, Trump referred to former President George H. W. Bush as a “loser” for being shot down by the Japanese as a Navy pilot in World War II. (Bush escaped capture, but eight other men shot down during the same mission were caught, tortured, and executed by Japanese soldiers.)


Zero real information.  Always anonymous.  This is proof that traitors are spewing this junk.  Biden is no war hero!  He disses military all the time.  His top General in the Pentagon is more intent on eliminating patriotic soldiers and pandering to sexually confused men than fighting any wars.


The war these clowns are fighting are against US CITIZENS.  They are enabling the invasion of the USA by illegal aliens and violent criminals!  Arrest all these clowns in the Pentagon doing this to us all!


These monsters hate Trump because he protected the USA.  Period.


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21 responses to “Multiple Ballons Invaded US During Trump Years, Trump Never Told Invasion Airspace

  1. Jim R

    I’m leaning toward the thought that it was a stray weather balloon. China can already see us with its spy satellites. And those balloons are easy to shoot down, but it’s hardly worth doing.

    What we have is a bunch of political psychobillies arguing over irrelevant stuff, while the economy burns, and they try to justify nuclear war in the background. And while the WEF amoeba attempts to digest Europe, the USA, and everything else, dissolving all borders.

    It doesn’t matter whether there were any stray weather balloons when Trump was in the Whitehouse. He wasn’t trying to start WW3, he was trying to stop it. The only controversy was from the Obamaroid loonies, who went certifiably insane in 2016.

  2. lou

    who sponsored awards? Pfizer.

  3. Nina

    Canada’s largest city is struggling to provide its large homeless population with adequate shelter during the cold winter months.

    Calls grow to declare Toronto homelessness a public health crisis after extreme cold

    The Ontario Human Rights Commission on Friday expressed concern about the “significant lack of cold weather services in Toronto, and across the province, for people experiencing homelessness.”

    It should not be like this in a rich, developed country like Canada.

  4. Mistah Charley

    talking about mask wearing in hospitals – kaiser permanente mid-atlantic is my hmo – medicare advantage plan at this time for me – and they require masking in their facilities even now in 2023 – i am glad they do that since i have a chronic condition which impairs my immune system

    satanic imagery at the grammies represents the degradation of popular culture we have today – i didn’t watch that – i read in the paper today that bonnie raitt got a grammy for a song she wrote – i was glad to see that – i have been a fan of hers for years although i have never been to a live show

    there’s a parable of jesus that’s been in my mind lately – it’s about the weeds growing among the wheat – jesus says let them keep growing for now but when the harvest comes they will be separated and the grain will be kept in the barn and the weeds will be burnt

    those that have ears let them hear

  5. I think all of the upper class has gone utterly insane. They go to secret black magic events and obviously are doing witchcraft junk.

    Everyone thinks this is fun including the Catholic Church.

  6. Jim R

    And it’s ridiculous. It won’t improve their lives, quite the opposite, it will make them miserable … they are like lemmings, all jumping off the cliff. the urban myth of lemmings, I don’t know if the real ones do that or not.

  7. TinaB

    OMG Brian! … be still my heart!

    He gets better with each video! My god it’s a thing of beauty! He’s got a way with words – you might say!

  8. snoosebomb

    @ 8, you think ? watch this re ‘ 15 min cities ‘ or climate lockdowns , but @ 15:37 it really gets creepy . THE PLAN is to turn humans into caged farm animals , cept they will be happy and own nothing . this video disturbed my sleep

  9. snoosebomb

    oops wrong vid , but that one is good too , sort of

  10. TinaB

    Just discovered this guy last week – he’s an ex-jehovah’s witness. VERY smart and lol FUNNY! Not suitable for the religious/believers….

  11. ibid

    @ 10

    Thanks for informative, insightful video.

  12. ibid

    @ 13

    dumb video.
    idiot podcaster doesn’t even know to not use a huge ‘micro’phone that obscures his mouth.

  13. ibid

    Draft dodging self promoting ‘heel spurs’ creep

  14. lou

    15–what did you expect from our climatologist?

  15. TinaB

    ibid I encourage you to watch more than one video BEFORE making a conclusion. He’s taking DOWN those DANGEROUS religious FANATICS!

    Hats off to him! Salute! AMEN – IF YOU WILL!!!

  16. Chicken feed is too expensive now.

  17. ibid

    Ya don’t need a Walter Winchel sized microphone that obscures part of face when doing a podcast.
    Even a dozen years ago Madonna was dancing around with button sized microphones.

    The fact that he is unaware and clueless on that matter is a turnoff to me.
    I can’t listen or watch. Speaking for myself of course.

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