Israel Prime Minister Claims Biden Stopped Zelensky And Putin Peace Talks


One would think all the news above would appear all over our media.  The US foreign policy is hog tied to Israel, after all!  So a former Israeli Prime Minister is now complaining that Biden egged Zelensky into going to war with Russia just as Israel was brokering a peace deal?  More reasons to impeach Biden!  Naturally, this won’t make news in the US media and Jewish Bilderberg agents in NY are not reporting this news, deliberately.  This is just so insane!


For some strange reason, these international creeps in the Bilderberg gang forgot that Russia is the #1 export power in many areas especially oil, gas and food the three things seeing massive inflation ever since the gang decided to start WWIII.  Russia also has probably some of the most nuclear missiles and bombs, too.


DUH.  Direct war with Russia means annihilation. DUH.  This has been true for much of the last 80 years.  DUH.  My entire life. DUH.



All this does is make the cost of aluminum higher in the US adding greatly to inflation which is raging out of control.  Russia doesn’t need to bomb us, Biden is bombing us!


300% inflation in aluminum is going to happen now!  Why can’t someone arrest Biden?  What will it take?


Meanwhile, we are having a very major earthquake event in Turkey and the entire Middle East.  Here is an ancient fortress built 2,400 years ago which had some of the ancient walls collapse during yesterday’s quake:

Rusa I (ruled: 735–714 BC) was a King of Urartu. He succeeded his father, king Sarduri II. His name is sometimes transliterated as Rusas or Rusha. He was known to Assyrians as Ursa (which scholars have speculated is likely a more accurate pronunciation of the name)[1] and possibly Urzana. His birth name may have been Uedipri.[2][3]

Rusa I built the fortress of Rusahinili (Rusa-hinili, city of Rusa), modern Toprakkale, located near the modern city of Van in eastern Turkey.


Meanwhile, many thousands of people died due to many buildings made of cement that have little to no rebars and proper infrastructures like we see in say, Japan, these are collapsing all over the place and heavy cement kills when it falls.


In California, wooden houses barely notice earthquakes.  I once lived in a lovely Victorian mansion there that was all wood and was in earthquakes there and nothing happened except everything fell off the shelves.


But cement and brick buildings fall!  And most of what is built there is…exactly that!  If a wood house does fall, it is easy to remove to save people.  Cement crushes everyone to death except for a few air holes and digging people out is extremely hard.



Here is a screen shot showing how some buildings totally collapsed while identical buildings in this complex are unharmed:



The capricious way earthquakes operate never ceases to puzzle geologists.


Many thousands have died.  There were three major quakes above 6.0 to nearly 8.0.  Many more weaker aftershocks, too which are ongoing.   Many places now have skyscrapers and these are ripe for collapse in earthquakes.  In California they have strong building codes now but many older buildings made the same way with little or no rebars and we saw in Florida recently that rebars can’t stop a collapse if the foundation is crummy!


And all of California has foundation problems due to earthquakes!  Many buildings erected on hillsides that slide downwards when too much rain or too much shaking destroys foundations!  For the entire West Coast is built not on rock but on glacial dust accumulated during the last 2 million years of on and off Ice Ages!



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10 responses to “Israel Prime Minister Claims Biden Stopped Zelensky And Putin Peace Talks

  1. There is always a threat of flues.

    It is endless. But major events stubbornly come in a 50 year cycle.

  2. Nina

    The buildings in Turkey collapsed like a house of cards, trapping and killing thousands. Building earthquake secure buildings is crucial in regions prone to earthquakes. It is also very cold in this part of Turkey at the moment, which makes the situation worse.

    Chinese satellite captures images of Turkey earthquake epicenter, revealing extent of geological disaster

  3. qbutnoa

    “There is always a threat of flues. It is endless. But major events stubbornly come in a 50 year cycle.”
    True, but covid was unnatural (man made), so maybe this bird flu is the actual 50 year event ?

  4. Nina

    Iran urges global pressure on U.S. to remove sanctions on quake-stricken Syria

    TEHRAN, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) — The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman called on different countries to pressure the United States into lifting the sanctions on Syria and the siege of the country to enable the delivery of international aid to the quake-hit Syrian regions.

  5. Jim R

    Or maybe they are at it again, with a different virus family.
    Anyhow it isn’t a “50 year cycle” like Jupiter orbiting the Sun, it is random.

  6. qbutnoa

    Africa, Mali, Sergei Lavrov (Russian FM) + Russian people + President Putin awarded ‘National Order of Mali’ (top honour) for outstanding service.

  7. Pete

    Balloon designed to launch
    Hypersonic missiles.
    EMP attack weapons Yikes!

  8. I have a very long memory. I remember how they all said the Hong Kong Flu type event would happen every year and it didn’t. Not even slightly.

    Flues will happen but not as viral and deadly and these will still kill people but not by the millions. By the way, the statistics for all this is not correct since China has reported nearly no deaths and few infections even as millions of Chinese die. YUCK.


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