10 Chinese Spy Balloons During Both Biden And Trump Years, Pentagon Silent Entire Time

Now the Pentagon and CIA claim 10 Chinese spy balloons were detected when Trump was President.  This is an open admission that these creeps kept this vital information from our elected President deliberately and in a treasonous way since these same creeps wanted this week to accuse Trump of not taking these balloons seriously back when they hid this from him!  What a twisted world we all live in these days!  Also in the news is Bill Gates and why he thinks it is OK for him to fly all over kingdom come in private jets while wailing about how this is causing the world to burn up and die.  Arrest Bill Gates for burning up the world!




An insane global warming ‘scientist’ is freaking out about CO2 levels and so he goes to a huge VOLCANO to see how much CO2 is there and finds out there is lots of CO2 there:  https://static01.nyt.com/images/2023/02/07/multimedia/00cli-maunaloa-01-mptv/00cli-maunaloa-01-mptv-superJumbo.jpg?quality=75&auto=webp



This NY Times story has the headline ‘Battling lava and SNOW STORMS to keep a climate project alive’ is hilarious as well as insane and childish.  Why is there snow in Hawaii?  I would think snow would vanish since these same fake ‘scientists’ claim snow is disappearing all over the earth.  Yet it continues in Hawaii as well as in my own little mountain.  Snow everywhere!  And below 0F weather in February, too.  We are supposedly roasting to death, fast, except on my mountain and a mountain on the equator in Hawaii.


The horrific stories of the massive series of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria also tells us the people there are also freezing to death and it is snowing in both Middle Eastern countries.  How can this happen?  We are roasting to death!  Supposedly, winter is now warmer than say, in the Little Ice Age!  Well, duh.


Only I fear we are in another ‘Little Ice Age’ like the one over 30 years ago, too.  According to the NYT, measuring CO2 has been going on the longest at this volcano.  They don’t measure it at places where there are no massive cities or volcanos.  Massive cities downtown and volcanos are the preferred locations for this ‘science.’  Talk about insane. These people are utterly insane.


Now for some silly news thanks to Trump’s kid:



It is OK to storm state and national legislature buildings if you are leftist/communist lunatics.  Everyone else will be shot or arrested if they dare do the same.  Biden and his gang are terrified someone might show up and protest them yesterday so they built huge fences around Congress but not our US borders:



Final word today is from Congresswoman MTG:



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6 responses to “10 Chinese Spy Balloons During Both Biden And Trump Years, Pentagon Silent Entire Time

  1. Nina

    Biden’s State of the Union address highlights US economic crisis, fentanyl crisis, debt limit, medicare, social security, and police violence

    It was good to see that Biden paid a lot of attention to important domestic issues plaguing the US. Some of the republicans were rather obnoxious, being both rude and disrespectful.

  2. Nina

    Racist policies lead to inequality in resource distribution across US: study

    The researchers found that these inequalities contributed to racial minorities’ health problems, such as sleep problems, asthma, etc.

  3. Timothy Carroll

    @#2, It’s always somebody (YT’s) else’s fault, isn’t it? Millions of negroes and brown people cannot get their shit together even after 60 years of affirmative action.

    Negresses are fat because…..slavery. Blacks are overtly violent because……raycissums tm. Blacks are stupid because……cultural misapproriation….oh, and your favorite word “inequalities”.

    Poor dears! Luckily, there’s always stupid f*cks like you who will continue to drain the public coffers bailing out a failed people and “culture”.

    Frankly, you and your descendants deserve your coming enslavement.

    Worship at the altar of the negro all you want. Just don’t bitch at me because I refuse to do it.

  4. lou


    White people fearing to ride a bicycle b/c a black person will run them over. [see dana point killing of md 2023]
    White people fearing to walk in a Christmas parade b/c a black person will run them over.
    White people fearing to take their children to a mall b/c a black will throw them off an upper floor.

    The US population has increased by nine million since Biden took the reins. We know where most of the increase has come from.
    The number of jobs created has been four million, which he has bragged about over and over.
    The gist is that there are five million more folks out there with no jobs, dependent on the government and many are homeless. Our country is choking on the number of non-productive people it tries to support. Our ballooning, pun intended, non-productive sector as a load on our finances is why the BRICS+ folks are kicking the hell out of us, economically.
    Good job, Biden. Think about this during his lying session in the SOTU tonight.
    BTW, those five million folks do not even contribute to the unemployment rate which is total BS. The idea that long term unemployment does not count, which makes things look better, was created by Reagan to make the 13% unemployment in the 1981 Volker recession look better.

    TV TIME..
    ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg Says White People Need to be Beat by Cops for Police Reform to Transpire
    This house Negress recently traumatized (((her masters))) by simply saying “Holocaust” Jews were White.
    She failed to understand Jews & Jews only decide when Jews are White & when they’re not.
    She’s learned her lesson — shut up about the Jews & stick to bashing Whitey.

  5. lou

    Do fools like Nina know 400,000 USA Blacks have been killed in last 50? years?

    by other Blacks.

    one was a child killed for eating cake. the buck was angry. ya ate the last piece of cake.

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