The Lioness Roars: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green Goes Full Throttle Ahead!



Biden’s State of the Onion Speech was right out of a comic website.  He spluttered and splattered all over the place and openly attacked the Republicans in the House in a most disgraceful way.  The best part of his speech was when he was openly booed by all the Republicans and Rep. MTG stood up and gave him a very loud thumb’s down!  Made my day!  Life in Congress will be fun to report with her sitting in the driver’s seat more and more.



Biden utterly lost control of himself.  He literally blew his stack as we see in the above photo (which is a joke but not by very far from the truth).  This senile old coot should be put in a nursing home.


Here is Rep. MTG whose grass grows greener on her side of the highway every day as she storms through Congress now that she is able to sit on committees and grill the FBI and CIA and Pentagon and the White House:



Today, her first day, she went after former Twitter executives who tried to rig our elections like Google and Facebook, etc. by banning or silencing political opponents who are against communists.  These proto-communist Commissars now have to answer questions about this suppression of political opposition.  Next: universities who allow communist professors and students to riot and intimidate other students or visitors giving speeches after being invited to come to these schools…they, too, will be on the hot seat over and over again, now!


While grilling Twitter former executives she hit on one of them, Yoel Roth:



This monster refused to stop child porn but stopped Rep. MTG from communicating with her voters.   Here are her questions:


Elon killed off 44,000 homosexual child sex accounts.  Here is MTG with her Chinese communist balloon:


Then there is Congressman Matt Gaetz talking about Ukraine and the collapse of our own borders which sees armies invading openly here while Biden worries about Ukraine nonstop:



Finally, Trump’s short, sane State of the Union Speech:





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8 responses to “The Lioness Roars: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green Goes Full Throttle Ahead!

  1. Mistah Charley

    i saw a survey today saying that trump would beat biden in a rematch by 4 points – he would beat kamala harris by 8 points

    we don’t know at this point who the presidential nominees will be for either party – as for me i remember the song god bless america – land that i love – stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above

  2. qbutnoa

    Sweden, Stockholm, right wing anti NATO & Quran burning rally, change in situation.

  3. ibid

    Marjorie Taylor Loon
    is a psychopath (imo of course).

  4. qbutnoa

    Dinner is stagnating, former PM Boris Johnson (who has earned £5 million Pounds since leaving office last year) is very keen to support Zelenskyy and his passionate + very, very interesting pleas for deep fryers & freedom flies.

  5. Petruchio

    This is all a setup. The people who actually run the Government put Biden and Harris. These people know full well the USA is in a decline and that the US Decline is about to accelerate in its collapse. The Powers that Be will blame it all on Sleepy Joe Biden. Not anything the Democrats did. These guys want to stay in Power so they have to scapegoat somebody. This explains why nobody wanted to be Biden’s VP. They had to settle on an ex-Escort, Kamala Harris. And of course, the Presstitute Media will go along with whatever line of Propaganda they are told to promote.

  6. ibid

    The “State of the Union Address” is a Constitutional requirement – as I understand it.

    It’s not a frivolous thing. It’s something the Chief Executive is Constitutionally bound to perform.
    To deliver the SOTU Address to the Legislature.

    For low class low life Marjorie Taylor Loon to heckle and interrupt an official Constitutional requirement is disgraceful. They’d be plenty of other opportunities for her to act the part of the buffoon.

    She has no respect for government, for the Constitution, for America. For any of us. She brought shame upon her lineage.

    For anyone to applaud her antics is treasonous. “Lock her up!”

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