During Congressional Twitter Hearings Terrorists (Probably Former Employees) Take Down Twitter Worldwide



Day before yesterday, Twitter was down in NY for nearly 12 hours.  This made no news but it was news here at Culture of Life News and this coincided with the head of Twitter security beginning hearings in the new GOP House in DC.  The very next day the attack on Twitter that began in NY ended for us upstate users but it then took off like a rocket everywhere else.  In the map above the ‘hot spots’ with the most problems are the same as day before yesterday: NY City, Kansas City and LA, California.  These were ‘in the red’ yesterday while the entire nation was in half-lockdown.



This was pure sabotage and I would assume that top Twitter security staff who was fired is responsible for this.  I believe the FBI will be investigating this naked attempt at destroying Twitter in order to stop Elon Musk from making Twitter an honest operation that serves customers instead of a communist propaganda machine.


Yoel Roth was testifying exactly when Twitter was nearly shut down worldwide:



This was no mere coincidence.  This was a terrorist attack carried out, I am betting, by far leftist communist radicals who are furious that there is one sector of the internet not controlled by these control freaks.  I have to warn Elon Musk: these monsters will try to assassinate you!  They tried doing this to ME and since California would not allow me to defend myself, I left and furthermore, changed my name by getting married.


When I was Mrs. Levy and resurfaced once again taking on the far left, they tried to intimidate me by sending a detective from Queens to my front door to menace me with a veiled death threat but I had Captain Hill of my police force nearby who took swift action and then Rudi Giuliani put all of these Democrat gangsters in prison which is why they absolutely hate him and…used their powers to try to frame him and destroy him years later!


This latest take down of Twitter is a warning to Elon Musk and I hope he has good body guards now.  He is safe nowhere because he is internationally famous unlike myself.  He can’t do a disappearing act and then knock these clowns down from a new angle!  He is their Top Target now.


Another very brave person is Kari Lake in Arizona, my former stomping grounds.  She refuses to stop talking about, going to court about and demanding answers about the rampant, obvious cheating in the 2022 election:



The entire DNC war machine specializes in how to cheat when counting or creating votes.  This is national, not local.  The DNC openly does this and we have proof of this and after the 2020 election we were told, the election was the most perfect, ever when it was by far the most corrupt, ever.  Poll watchers were locked out ‘due to covid’ so they could not supervise things and prevent rampant cheating.  In the 2022 election this was harder to hide but it continued nonetheless.  Openly and blatantly!



This infuriated the communist leftists.  They were outraged anyone would do this naughty thing, referring directly to the Constitution!  It is amazing that a society that was deeply involved in open slavery and no women allowed a voice was nonetheless able to concoct a political system that was able to change (usually after some terrible levels of violence) and still keep its goal of real control in the hands of the People.  This, the Democrats, want to destroy!



The Chinese balloon story continues to balloon.  Seeing that Biden is weak and is in their pocket, Xi and his military continue to make threats and demands while Biden in his State of the Union attacked his boss, Xi. Xi is quite angry about this and so we have more zero diplomacy and zero accountability and rising disasters internationally.


Now for a small story about a big topic: Libs of TikTok got a photo of a doctor’s office door which has the goofy business of ‘what pronouns to use’ demanding everyone call this schizoid doctor ‘they/them’.  I believe anyone who thinks they are multiple people should be in psychiatric care not in public, destroying lives due to being utterly disconnected from reality.



Worse, this is a children’s doctor.  These creeps went to Congress yesterday to announce that small children need to be listened to when they are sexually confused and then have massive drugs and then surgeries to render them all sterile and in miserable, dangerous conditions which will shorten their lives and they will never be able to have children!  And doing this to small children who aren’t even teenagers is criminal!


Even teenagers change their minds about virtually anything in a heartbeat!  Worse, they influence each other greatly and presently, the way to get attention and be ‘hot’ is to suddenly say you are the wrong sex!  It is highly popular now.  Less than a fraction of 1% of all teens wanted to change their sex back when I was young and it was already taking off, today, it is nearly 20% of kids think this is a smart trick to play on adults!


Too stupid to see the end result, many are now being permanently mangled by insane doctors who lust for the easy money doing this to children under the age of 18.  Heck, childish adults age 18 to 24 are the targets of these deranged doctors!


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45 responses to “During Congressional Twitter Hearings Terrorists (Probably Former Employees) Take Down Twitter Worldwide

  1. TinaB


    ELAINE: I see that senility or insanity isn’t just Biden’s problem, his crazy supporters prove this.


    President Biden is senile? If that’s senile … bring it on!

    He’s brilliant! He just handed the Repugs their asses on a platter…. without uttering a single insult or a single fear-mongering word! Right on JOE! Haha! I love it!

    That’s how it’s done ems… take notes! Did your heroes “shit in their own nest”? Yelling and heckling like a bunch of banshees!

    Your man-baby, serial rapist, depraved, uncouth cult leader couldn’t even take a SEAT at his table!

  2. TinaB


    ELAINE: Your command of English ‘sucks’ too.


    mtg roaring? Ya she roars alright – because her command of the English sucks! Peach tree dish? And she’s too stupid to know she’s stoopid!

    Contrast this News program to FOX Entertainment with their puppets screeching about a bunch of nonsense! Trans people affect very few lives and YOU want to line them up for a shooting squad! – Social Security affects Millions OF YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC!! WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE ABOUT THAT?

    Children are not HARMED by KNOWLEDGE and ACCEPTANCE – quite the opposite! Is “teaching” NOT what you are “trying” to do here? Or just indoctrinate with lies, slander, bluster and manufactured outrage?

    They NEED to be TAUGHT! Empathy is TAUGHT! Clearly you are ignorant of these FACTS!

    Grooming…. wtf is wrong with you?

  3. TinaB

    So refreshing to hear the POTUS act dignified and positive! Contrast that with your man-baby, psuedo mud-wrestler!

    Him sweating and screeching with that rat’s nest on his head and fake orange skin, about the country going down the toilet while his hand is permanently affixed to the handle! And he’s tacky and uncouth and so are ALL the members of his family!

  4. TinaB

    And him flipping his TINY hands around and twisting at the waist (analogous to a seal) and puckering his thin lipped TINY mouth on his chinless face, blinding us with his FAKE white teeth!

    Please SOMEBODY – MAKE HIM GO AWAY ALREADY! The sane people (majority) in your country and the rest of the world are sick of him and self-serving antics!

  5. TinaB

    And @timmie I would take being a part of what you call a “failed culture” for my entire life than spend one minute in your sick mind and in the culture of “failed humans” you reside with your gold star membership! I’m guessing you’re religious too – would that explain your “hate”?

    @Nina thank you for your efforts to be understanding and empathetic! It takes courage and you have that in spades! We may not agree on everything but people like you inspire me to be better! Thank you! Love you!

  6. Nina

    Thank you TinaB! I feel the same way 😊

    Sometimes i wonder why i am still here, reading this hate filled blog. When i began to read this blog several years ago, Elaine was staunchly opposed to imperialism and other injustices in the world. She also made funny illustrations which were very entertaining. How things have changed..

  7. Timothy Carroll


    ELAINE: Why are YOU here?


    Sometimes i wonder why i am still here, reading this hate filled blog.-Nina (child, in espanol, though I would add estupida after Nina)

    Okay, I’ll take a crack at it. You and TinaBee-atch are here for comic relief. Everyone makes fun of your insane, lib fantasies. That being said, isn’t it time for both you bitches to get your Fauci boosters? I hear they’re super good for ya, delicious and nutritious. Enjoy one today, then read this for your enjoyment:


    You dumb, diseased, lesbo whores!

    Then you can both celebrate and each open up a big ole can of STFU!

  8. Timothy Carroll

    Cliff Notes to the above article for our lame brained Communist bitch whores: Fauci Lied, Folks Died!

    Time for another booster, bitchez!

  9. Timothy Carroll

    @11, Just goes to show, you can take the nagger out of the jungle but ya can’t take the jungle out of the nagger. They don’t belong in any Western country. They need to go back and take their koolaid colored lesbo fans (Nina &Tina) with them to build their own diversity paradise.

  10. I love you Elaine, you are better than ever! I despise Nina and Tina

  11. snoosebomb

    ninitina , nintinibid , tinnibid ?

    quote from Malone substack re 5th gen warfare , please find it and read it , though it will be no surprise to the critical thinkers here ,

    ”In the words of former CIA director William Casey, “We’ll know that our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

  12. qbutnoa

    France/Algeria, despite recent diplomatic efforts to facilitate a natural gas deal, relations are not good. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-64580073

  13. Pete

    China is firing green lasers down
    on Hawaii. Testing what?

  14. lou

    15—>How can you tell whether a female is a midwit or not?
    It’s a fair question — if you look at the IQ curves of men vs women, above an IQ of 135 or so, men outnumber women about 7:1, and this lopsided ratio increases with higher IQ — Larry Summers, at the time president of Harvard, got into trouble for saying this was a big reason there are so few women on the engineering and hard science faculties at elite universities (link), where you will normally find only the most intelligent high-achievers — women also appear to be temperamentally unsuited to such analytical work: it just does not appeal to them.

    Similarly, men generally outnumber women at lower IQ values associated with well above average intelligence, albeit the ratio is smaller — so stated simply, as measured by IQ, there are simply more smart men than smart women.
    To be fair, there are also more dumb men than dumb women — on an IQ curve, women bunch in the middle, whereas there are more distinct tails for men, at both the high and low end of the IQ curve.
    So I think the vast majority of women who get liberal arts degrees can not unfairly be labeled midwits.

  15. lou

    Read some statistics on all cause mortality. Heart attacks, strokes and blood clots are taking out about 20x as many young people as they did before the vaccine. Follow the data

  16. lou

    Excess mortality in Germany now at +40%.

  17. lou

    Nina, I just saw a Sephora ad on utube..the elegant thin black w her pricey perfume.

    What I see on the street is female black landwhales.
    200-400 pounders.
    they dont get jobs in sephora ads.

    Nuclear families even.

  18. Pete

    Stefanik at work

  19. shawntoh


    I’m banned from Twitter for telling some MoFo to… “Go Die!”. Huh.
    So it is merde! “Sh*tter” is what I call it!

    @ Tinab…

    Listen to me well. You are a upright NYC hyena at best and remember…

    As UGK sez…

    “Man, I’m larger than life…
    These M—– F—— ask me…
    ‘Is it the bark or the bite?’
    “It’s both…! Chillin’ those streets…
    “You too scared to park on at night…!”

    You gonna be the biggest ‘mark’ at ‘the fight’ and…
    What made you think youse was so handy?

    Thanks to the late great Texan DJ Screw for the clean version without the swearing by the serious TEXAS rappers, UGK…

    The below is in memory of rapper, Pimp C.

    SO dig this, Tinab. Stay these streets you too scared to park on at night! Howse about Harlem for you, Midnight Cruiser? Maybe parts of the Bronx with AOC.

    Take the last exit to Brooklyn, Tinab. Notorious Big and Tupac are waiting there to sell youse some cr*ck, you worthless junkie! And pedal your little a**, you w****!

    Peace. Out.

    P.S. Refer to DJ Screw because he censors the “dirty” versions real nice and thanks to his estate and other rappers for this and PEACE… Mofos!

    Tinab, what’s doxing? Remember “Travis Bickle”? He’s loves yo!

  20. Everyone loves to cuss.

    It happens everywhere. For a long while, cussing in public was frowned upon. Then liberals decided blacks have a privilege to use: cussing.

    This caused ‘popular music’ to become cuss sessions nonstop. This, in turn, increased cussing in public so now everyone does this.

    Stopping this is impossible since a big hunk of the population is encourages to communicate via cussing.

    Isn’t this all very pathetic now?

  21. shawntoh

    No… In fact, it CREATED a new market! Yes, EMS! DJ Screw was a dude waaaay cool who CENSORED all the filthy lyrics in Tupac, [Notorious] Big, Snop [Dogg]…

    Thus, it is FAMILY FRIENDLY! Elaine likes FF! No B.S. Right, EMS?



  22. shawntoh

    Here’s FF rap… You can play at a picnic and the black will look at you funny! Why? Not just ’cause youse funny-looking but all the SWEARING in the song/compositions ARE gone, gone, gone!

    No, Elaine. This is NOT like Warhol/Lou Reed. Andy would have said to keep the filthy lyrics in and DJ Screw REMOVED them to make them… Family friendly.


  23. shawntoh

    Tinab… Dance to this in your Mahatten pent-up haus!

    Good this is NOT FF it is NSFW!
    Beware! You have been WARNED!
    Get fired if you play this in the workplace!
    Tupak commin’ at you, n*gga…

  24. shawntoh

    Welcome to the Rap Hour with DJ Shawntoh…

    Dig this youse honkies and crackers…

    If there’s a hell below…
    We gonna go…

    Rock on, Mayfield! Curtis!


  25. shawntoh

    This goes out to Tinab

    If I ruled the world I’d install NAS in power…
    Dictorship of the Nas!
    Imagine that!

  26. shawntoh

    THis next one goes out to…


  27. shawntoh

    Here Tinab…

    Another love bomb for Tinab…


  28. shawntoh


    This next one goes out to…




    She needz the LUV bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. shawntoh

    This next one goes out to… to…

    I want to be inclusive here and not neglect or ignore anything or anyone…

    This goes out to TinaB!



  30. shawntoh


    I’m getting LOTS of COMPLAINTS… Stop it! Right now…

    This goes out to… TO…

    ELAINE! [finally]


  31. shawntoh

    Look at this…

    Tinab… do you care? Or you’re KAREN, KAREN…


  32. shawntoh




  33. shawntoh

    I said, Tinba or TINAB…


    WORD UP!


    WORD UP!



    U can’t rap like me either you w****!



  34. shawntoh



    I didn’t it mean it…

    You still LOVE me don’t you…


    YO, ignorant sl*t!

    PEace NOT



    now “ghetto” over or GET OVER IT!

  35. shawntoh


    I take back all those mean things I said about TIN-ear-BEE…



  36. shawntoh

    You’ve been a grate audience…

    ‘Bye for now…

  37. shawntoh

    After everything I’ve done for you and you treat me like this…

    You’re just a means to an end!

    You tools of d***


    ALL of ya!


    I love Disney, TinaB…

    Dox that… B*TCH!


  38. shawntoh

    Hey EMS…

    Did you meat the backdoor man? Now Jim stay away from Elaine–she’s taken, taken… Or was it at a hippie Or-gee? RIght?

    “I don’t have any heroes. They [hippie rockstars] are all useless!”
    — John[ny] “Rotten” Lydon

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