Rep. MTG: Silicon Valley Bank Was Really Big Fat Hedge Fund


I notice that all the hysterical stories of the California leftist bank going bankrupt never mention that the ‘bank’ was actually a scheme that produces oceans of debts to corporations.  Corporations in California are all going bankrupt due to hating 50% of potential customers.  Hollywood, in particular, is going bankrupt rapidly due to being at war with most of their customers!  I personally am boycotting many corporations due to them hating me, for example.  Millions of Americans get millions of commercials daily showing white men are stupid and black people are intact, middle class families who are very smart and buy or do whatever these Hollywood commercials are peddling.


This idiotic scheme to sell stuff to me via messages that tell me I am stupid and ignorant is backfiring, of course.  The dumbbells running everything in California refused to change direction and be more realistic so they are now crashing and burning due to being overextended in credit when a war they wanted in Ukraine is causing world wide inflation due to NATO nations boycotting Russia.  As I endlessly say, Russia is one of the top ten nations if not the top which I think it is, selling food and fuel to the rest of the world!


Boycott Russia and the price of everything connected to food or fuel and you get huge collapse in the value of all currencies as the cost of stuff we need to survive shoot upwards.  We don’t need most things to survive but we do need food and fuel to survive!  Europe’s biggest banks in Switzerland are going bankrupt now:


Credit Suisse announced on Thursday it would borrow up to 50 billion Swiss francs ($53.7 billion) from the country’s central bank, Swiss National Bank, to reassure investors the embattled bank has enough money to stay afloat.


The announcement comes a day after shares in Switzerland’s second-biggest bank saw a decline of nearly 25%, hitting all-time lows for two consecutive days. The drop occurred after Credit Suisse’s biggest investor, Saudi National Bank (SNB), said it wouldn’t be able to provide further financial assistance.


Ah, who, pray tell, did a visit to Saudi Arabia recently?



Russia and Saudi Arabia are in many ways, allies.  Iran wants to be friends with Russia, too.  Saudi Arabia hates Iran and vice versa.  A smart Trump was able to juggle both when in power.  Biden is stupid and does everything to drive these three great oil nations into allying with each other!


Back to banking news:


All of Hollywood used that bank.  No surprise to me.


Now on to the war against US children: sexual deviants who are mainly men now pretending to be women so they can access small children who they intend to rape like I was raped when I was only 5 years old, a Christian writer who makes books about children with zero deviant sex themes is attacked by LIBRARIANS who are leftist screw balls:



These dangerous, barbaric librarians are leftists.  They actively push child dirty sex books in libraries all across the country.  This is because they are taught in colleges that this is a great idea!  It is liberating 5 year olds from their mothers and fathers and grooming them for sexploitation!  This is disgusting as well as illegal in most sane places.


Elon Musk posted this Babylon Bee joke about far leftist schools:



It gets utterly disgusting how teachers are pushing race garbage and global warming junk:



This fat goofy female tells the media that eating bugs is good and will save the earth.  This fat cow obviously never eats bugs at home, of course.  She could do this!  Companies raising bugs to feed to birds can supply her with lots of worms!  She can eat worms until the worms eat her when she dies of starvation!


Speaking of teachers being insane communists, here is a funny tweet by Ben Shapiro:



Socialists steal stuff.  When they run countries as communists, the elites get fat from eating goodies while the majority of the people starve to death.  This should be obvious to everyone by now, they have a 100 year record of destroying and starving millions and millions of people.



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22 responses to “Rep. MTG: Silicon Valley Bank Was Really Big Fat Hedge Fund

  1. Pete

    The CEO of Credit Suisse is
    gender fluid or non-binary

  2. qbutnoa

    Holland, new rural political party BBB (founded 2019) wins shock election victory.

  3. snoosebomb

    qbut , that’s great news , i been wondering what the non farmers think there ,,

  4. Nina

    Dangerous roads ahead: Preliminary estimates shows that deaths from traffic accidents in the United States likely exceeded 46,000 in 2022, up from 43,000 in 2021.

    “For all of 2021, traffic deaths were at a 16-year high, at around 43,000. In response, the federal government did basically nothing besides promise some future programs and funding, and we likely will get another record-breaking year in 2022 for car crash fatalities,” the report said, citing a recent estimate.

    The Exceptionally American Problem of Rising Roadway Deaths: NYT
    Why other rich nations have surpassed the U.S. in protecting pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

  5. qbutnoa

    “that’s great news”
    Yes snoosebomb, but, the Dutch government insists the green policies will continue regardless (despite what the little people say).

  6. Jim R

    Perhaps the BBB will supply the material for a Dutch language version of Yes Minister about 20 years from now. Or perhaps a French Revolution 2.0 ..

  7. lou

    Oh, black woman killed them.

  8. lou

    off topic

    From Vigilant Citizen site

    A French TV show invited Gérard Fauré aka “the ex-dealer of Paris” to discuss the bizarre actions of a French comedian. He ended up shocking the panel by claiming that major celebs consume adrenochrome to remain young….

    He said Celine Dion’s mysterious degenerative illness was due to her abusive consumption of adrenochrome. He added that Yves St-Laurent and other people in the fashion industry were pedo criminals. [Dion has a sick pedo clothing line].

    Faure was challenged by another guest about where the children come from; he stated that over 58,000 children are kidnapped in France every year and that only two-thirds are found. He then asked: Where is the remaining third?

    When Fauré mentioned the name of France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the interview was cut short. One can only wonder what he was about to say.

  9. lou

    The former CEO of Silicon Valley Bank who sat at the helm of the financial intuition when it collapsed was spotted sauntering in Hawaii Wednesday — as his former colleagues scramble to pick up the pieces.

    Greg Becker and wife Marilyn Bautista fled to their $3.1 million Maui townhouse just days after Becker, who was CEO of SVB since 2011, left the firm, photos taken by the Daily Mail show.

    Despite his change in employment status, Becker seemed unconcerned with cash as the couple enjoyed a chauffeur-driven limo ride to San Francisco Airport Monday and first-class tickets to their island paradise, the outlet reported

  10. qbutnoa

    European Union livestock emission (Ammonia/Methane) limits = political flashpoint.

  11. All of Europe is in the grip of the Bilderberg Gang. The gang’s headquarters is in Switzerland so of course, that country is also now collapsing, too.

  12. Zeek

    Everything is “collapsing rapidly now”.

    Shouldn’t it be pretty much done by now?

    Heheeeheheheee. 😉

  13. Jim R

    The Romans spent 400 years . .
    it might take longer than you think.

  14. Jim R

    The Romans took 400 years . . .
    it might take longer than you think.

  15. Zeek

    She wrote “rapidly now” – not me. Tell her.

    That’s not anyones def. of “rapidly”.


  16. The Roman Empire started to collapse only 200 years after the emperors took over. The collapse was completed and total by 400 years. Sheesh. Rome lay in ruins. 90% of its population, gone or dead. Mostly dead.

  17. Zeke

    Guess so ….. after 400 years. The original participants are all gone. Barring a zombie apocalypse.

  18. Kerry

    @Jim R

    Roman empire lasted longer than they tell us it did. All dates and timelines they give us are a lie. Which means all of our history needs a rewrite.


    These people can get Adrenochroma from anyone. They only need to torture someone long enough to get the adrenals flowing. One of the easiest harvest sites is the thyroid. They drain it using a very long needle. They like for the victims to be conscious and to see said needle. It adds to the trauma.

    Study states that the Thyroid can control the release and expression of natural oxytocin.

    But the pure stuff comes from children and the pituitary gland. No one would live through that procedure.

    For a long time I didn’t believe such stories, now I do.

  19. lou

    20–that ugly model Chrissy Teigen.. married to John Legend deleted 60,000 tweets, including some sick
    pedo stuff.

    Crokin also accused Teigen of being a part of Pizzagate, an alleged secret society of pedophiles, because she uses a pizza emoji in her Snapchat name.

  20. Jim R

    I think most historians stick a fork in Rome in the year 475 or so. Some German guy took over as emperor, and nobody cared by then. Of course the Latin language is still influential. There are language nerds who write poetry that could be understood by ancient Romans as well as modern Italians.

    And if you are thinking about the eastern branch of Rome, most people refer to it as the Byzantine empire. It continued on for another 800 or a thousand years. Its decline was also long and slow and messy, over several centuries. I have heard that if you study law in Russia, you are learning the Byzantine legal system (not metaphorically but literally).

    And the empire we are living in could stumble along for another century or so, but it has clearly been collapsing since WWII.

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