Bilderberg Gang Screams Stop Global Warming Or Else While Consuming Oceans Of Fossil Fuels


It is utterly infuriating as we freeze here and have terrible blizzards dumping tons of cement like ‘snow’ on us while our Rulers demand we cease using fossil fuels to ‘stop global warming’.  I want all these idiots locked up on the South Pole so they can have the weather we have here, year round.  They want to be very cold?  Move to Antarctica!  Soon the global warming nutty King of England will have his energy intensive crowning as thousands of fellow Bilderberg gang members celebrate this evil, stupid man who is planning to kill most of his own peasants via starving/freezing them all to death soon!



So all these evil clowns will meet in Egypt which has seen snow, even, in recent months, to talk about how to starve/freeze us all to death!  Note how these idiots absolutely refuse to use modern communication methods to do their scam!  If they were remotely serious they would be shutting down all of China!  They would be shutting down EVERYONE who uses vast amounts of fossil fuels to run their many palaces and jets and yachts, too.


But no, they merrily breeze along, laughing while being catered to by an army of servants!  They casually sail private yachts the size of the Titanic!  They drive expensive armor plated cars that use fossil fuels and get 2 miles to the gallon.  Good lord, ship all these clowns to the North or South Poles and force them to live there until they freeze to death.


Here is a news story from 2021 where the stupidest King in history used lots and lots of fossil fuels to light up his massive private home in green lights to celebrate global warming crap:



The British upper class has always tormented their peasants.  One major historical moment was when all the Lords and Ladies decided to eliminate all their peasant’s farms so they could turn it all into vast green grass fields with only sheep grazing.  No more peasant villages to make things dirty and ugly!



“Sheep have eaten up our meadows and our downs “Our corn, our wood, whole villages and towns” is an old saying from back then.


All the pretty pictures of gigantic estates sitting in the middle of empty countryside is 100% due to destroying a million peasant homes and gardens and fields.



The ice isn’t disappearing.  I look out my window and it is already spring now and all I see is miles and miles of thick ice.  It is no longer stuck to the trees, breaking them, but it is still covering 100% of the ground except where humans scrape it aside.  It took us hours and hours of hard work to clear our own road here on the mountain!


Now on to the other folly of our Real Rulers, the Bilderberg gang: the war against Putin!



Meanwhile, some people who are not total pigs, in our Congress are still talking about the California big banks that are going bankrupt.  This is happening because these banks were used as money machines for leftist scams:






Meanwhile in all DNC hell hole cities everything is going to hell rapidly after Democrats spend tons of money pushing public transportation which is being avoided by taxpayers due to these systems being taken over by drug addicts:



I wonder how long it will take for leftists to learn lessons of life?

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