Insane NY Democrats Want To Put Trump In Prison On Stupid Black Mail Charges No One Else Is Put In Prison


Yes, the communists in the Democrat Party intend to ARREST the real President like in any third world country when elections happen, they do this all the time.  So the Democrats intend to do this here, too.  The entire Bilderberg gang wants Trump removed permanently so he can’t undo their Global Warming scam.  These monsters commit many crimes without blinking an eye but when a porn star hits on Trump for money bribes lest she tell everyone she is a porn star, well, that was stupid of Trump but compared to the crimes the Democrats allow including rape, looting and burning of all DNC cities and other junk, well…molesting little girls by Biden is OK, after all!  Yup.  Perfectly OK.  Not to mention COLLECTING COMMUNIST CHINA BRIBES.  A big no-no and utterly illegal!


Nancy and her buddies are all ‘above the law’ as they collect bribes all over the earth, do insider trading in the stock markets while passing laws or handing out money to protect the businesses they have stocks and bonds, etc.  They service themselves while the public is destroyed by poor economic policies pursued by Democrats who only want to line their own pockets and also hand out taxpayer goodies to their voter base in dying cities!


Right now, Democrats are pushing the idea that we have to hand out billions of dollars in goodies for DNC black voters due to there being slavery once upon a time.  Good grief, we already have paid many billions of dollars to blacks in the form of welfare money, etc. in all DNC cities which are holding pens for idle blacks seeking public money from Democrats.



Yes, the Democrats decided to cross this bridge and blow it up, too.  NYC is behind this latest scam, arresting Trump.  This, in a dying city run by insane Democrats, we see these stupid Democrats applying laws that are seldom used at all if ever.  Only if the money to pay a porn star to be quiet is stolen money, then it is a problem.  But Trump used his OWN MONEY not public funds ergo, he didn’t steal money from a bank or anything!


It isn’t something to prosecute.  Period.  And in a city that is dying due to NO LAWS being enforced which has descended into utter chaos, going after Trump about this is obviously a political game not law and order for there is no law and order anywhere in NYC now.



Congress can see this easily as can US citizens who are honest.  The entire political system run by the DNC Political Machine is rotten to the core.  It is highly destructive and riddled with corruption.  Right now, we just learned that the Chinese communists did bribe the entire Biden family!  This is ridiculous.  This is TREASON which is much worse than giving money to hookers!  Talking about hookers:



Correct, he was never punished for this.  He should be in prison.  Biden, too, for molesting little girls.  Sheesh.  Now on to elections in the EU with workers and farmers rising up against leftist End of Times Global Warming fanatics who want to kill everyone else via starvation/freezing to death:



The leftist politicians are now going to be kicked out of all the governments.  They allowed aliens to invade, they decided that cows are evil and have to be eliminated, they hate modern agriculture and want it replaces with mass starvation.  They are insane, dangerous and all ‘socialist/communist’ countries end up starving the voters to death, too while having only one party ‘elections’.


Elon Musk’s private rocket business continues doing amazing things while mainstream fake news ignores all this:



Mainstream fake news simply ignores these technological advances and actions by Elon Musk:



One would imagine there would be friendly frequent news about these rockets but no, what is happening is what happened to me: mainstream media pretends this isn’t happening!  It is ‘invisible’ to most people thanks to being hidden from view.



Elon Musk is amazing.  He is better than 90% of our politicians.  The left hates him totally and want him replaced with crummy people who do nothing useful.


A few more tweets from Republicans who are not Bilderberg gang members and never attend Bilderberg meetings or hang out at the Bohemian Grove parties, etc.:



Note how the mainstream media thinks this is perfectly OK.  Here is a future President talking about Covid and the mess created by the Democrats:



And another victim of mainstream media lies and attacks fights back:


She points out the obvious: even as fake news reporters, while recording fake news stories, are hit by very real criminals and…this isn’t an important news story it is a mere tweet with no comment about how all this is due to DNC running cities off of the cliff, letting their ‘voter base’ rape, loot and burn everything.



Wry comment is funny, sadly.  Meanwhile, the entire EU is tired of supporting an army of Ukrainians and want them all gone now:



Support for war with Russia is collapsing.  The Bilderberg gang is doubling down on the war, spending more and more US taxpayer money and it is going poorly for the Ukrainian fascists who started this war thing in the first place by attacking their own citizens who happen to be Russians who lived there for several hundred years.  Good grief.  All EU borders are redrawn all the time!  DUH.


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31 responses to “Insane NY Democrats Want To Put Trump In Prison On Stupid Black Mail Charges No One Else Is Put In Prison

  1. Zeek

    Insane Elaine can’t figure out the obvious. Sad.

  2. Ken

    Finally, Elian’s discussion has helped me to figure out what the case against Trump is based upon. Up until now it hasn’t made any sense to me.

    At first glance, it looks like Trump was the victim of blackmail, and he decided to pay the blackmailer. This is generally not a good idea, but it is not illegal. And, as often happens, the blackmailer was not an honorable person, and went public anyway.

    Shame on Trump for trusting an untrustworthy person. But not illegal.

    Ah, but now Elaine has helped me make sense of this. It seems that Trump is being charged with paying the blackmailer using money that was not his. Presumably political contributions.

    Except this was done early in his campaign, when Trump was proudly paying all of his campaign expenses out of his own pocket. And not soliciting political contributions. So I guess that this doesn’t really make sense to me after all.

  3. lou

    O T

    Oxfam’s mishandling of the scandal surrounding their staff sexually exploiting children after the 2010 Haiti earthquake,

  4. Jim R

    It’s a Communist thing — they like to put political opponents in jail, while they go on a crime spree.

    It’s astonishing how quickly they have taken over — but then when you study it a little more, you find that they have been quietly toiling away placing Commies in positions of unelected power, for decades.

  5. lou

    o t
    B I D E N
    The Biden Administration has…
    • Allowed perverts and pedophiles to groom our children.
    • Armed the Taliban.
    • Attacked Christianity.
    • Caused a recession.
    • Changed election rules.
    • Crashed our banks.
    • Crippled our military.
    • Destroyed our borders.
    • Devastated our economy.
    • Enacted policies that increase violent crime.
    • Encouraged [B]urning, [L]ooting, and [M]urder.
    • Fooled us about a pandemic.
    • Gotten us into an unwinnable war.
    • Left United States military personnel on foreign soil to be murdered.
    • Raised food prices.
    • Raised fuel prices.
    I did not come close to making a dent in what would be a comprehensive list… What additions do you have

    The list is getting longer as they explained why Joe Biden is now the WORST President in US History
    5 Bank failures this week
    Taking Bribes from China….
    MASSIVE LAY OFFS JUST HIT THE ECONOMY — Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Micron , others announce 10% or more of the company to be FIRED
    Record gas prices, STILL $1 more/gallon than under President Trump
    Highest inflation in 40 years-
    Rent up 50% and rising
    Energy costs doubled — gas still $4.13/gallon
    Food Costs up 80-130%
    Run away Crime in Democrat run cities-
    Housing market collapse-
    Stock market collapse-
    Bond market collapse-
    Supply chain collapse-
    Open border nightmare-
    Let China do what they want-
    5 Million illegals entered USA-
    Helped start the war in Ukraine-
    Close to WWIII-
    Corrupt DOJ and FBI –
    Caused Hundreds of American Deaths in botched Afghanistan withdraw-
    Shut Down American Gas and Oil in the name of FAILED Climate Change SCAM
    You better believe it !!! Time to ARREST TRUMP

  6. Pete


  7. TinaB

    As far as I know, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky were NOT pornstars. You have yet, in the last 2 years, provided PROOF of President Biden doing what accuse him of. Where is it? And no, I don’t mean your QAnon “doctored” photos/videos or what you’ve conjured up in your perverted mind, that’s NOT proof.

    ems you know full well that IF your cult leader’s dalliance with a PORNSTAR had been made PUBLIC, the Evangelicals would NOT have voted for him…. FACT! And YOU know it!

    AND so did HE, hence the reason for the “hush-money”! Get it?

    Hush- money
    “It can also refer to an agreement to say a thing didn’t happen that did happen, even in court testimony. The latter type of agreement can be a criminal act itself as an obstruction of justice or perjury. The payment of hush money may or may not be illegal, depending on the circumstances.”

  8. Pete

    Bill Maher is right on inflation

  9. Timothy Carroll

    So once again we have TUNA BE(rancid-vagina) spouting her usual diarrhea about the “porn star” career of the other stupid bitch, Stormy Daniels. WTF difference does it make if Trump fucked a porn star or a clerk typist for fuck sake?

    The old bag, washed up, most likely venereal wart sporting Daniels, has already lost in court once, causing her latest “pimp”, Michael Avenati, to fall on his own petard, where he’s probably giving up his own ass daily to Bubba. The “orange man baaa-ud” crew is going to become even more deranged when the Donald’s base becomes even more energized, causing Old Joe to shit his depends AGAIN, along with the other geriatric, loud mouth bitches, Pelosi and Mad Maxine Water.

    It’s gonna be great theater, folks, watching TUNA BE(rancid vagina) and her ilk become completely unhinged on election night, 2024. Bring your own popcorn and beer, bitchez!

    MAGA, BABY! 😀

  10. Timothy Carroll

    TUNA BE(rancid vagina)-This one’s for YOU!

    Dr. Fauci called. He says it’s time for your next booster!

  11. snoosebomb

    CBC gaslighting this morning for Tinabees :.
    ”climate change ” prediction has failed .
    northern river banks holding firm as permafrost held firm by plants ! , AS THE PLANET WARMS !

    see for yourself this great series on a yukon river

  12. Nina

    Being the largest economy in the world, the United States is also the most economically polarized among Western countries. The yawning wealth gap has become a chronic malady of American society.

    – The share of the nation’s wealth held by the richest 1% stood at 23,6% in 1989. In 2021, their share had increased to 32,3%. During the same time frame, the wealth held by the bottom 50% declined from 3,7% to only 2,6%.

    – Currently, 37 million Americans are living below the poverty line.

    – Black and Hispanic households earn about half the avarage income of white households, and they own only 15% to 20% of white households’ net wealth.

    – Low-income group has no equal access to education.

    – More 580,000 people where homeless in 2020.

  13. qbutnoa

    “the United States is also the most economically polarized among Western countries. The yawning wealth gap…”
    So there is no economic polarization in the Eastern countries, there is no yawning wealth gap in China ?

  14. lou

    13–east west whats the best?

    Latest mutt from the NFL,

    Kaepernick is a prime example of not only cultural differences but the futility of attempting to “uplift” those of the black race.
    If I had my way, all aid to the African continent would be stopped. Let blacks and their jewish handlers establish “wakanda” on their own.
    Blacks now residing in the USA would be read the “riot act” and would be treated harshly for failing to accept and conform to American societal norms.
    Presently incarcerated blacks would be given a choice–remain incarcerated or agree to repatriation to the African continent with no ability to return to the USA.

  15. Nina


    It is not fair to compare developed countries to developing ones because inequality tends to be greater in developing countries than in wealthier ones. The United States is an exception among developed countries because its level of inequality is comparable to some developing countries. But since you mention socialist and communist China, they have lifted almost 800 million people out of extreme poverty.

  16. Zeke

    So ….. the “Riot Act” limited to 12 the number …..
    ….. of people who could congregate?

    Enforced by the constabulary ~ ~ suspect it was an immediate but temporary remedy.

    {probably more important in times before electronic and internet communication.}

  17. Pete

    Another one bites the dust……

  18. qbutnoa

    “…But since you mention socialist and communist China, they have lifted almost 800 million people out of extreme poverty.”
    Indeed Nina, but let us not forget that the Maoist Chinese put them into extreme poverty in the first place.

  19. Jim R

    China was always rich in resources, but it has gradually escaped the curse of Communism. The Communist tyrant who took over in 1949 died a long time ago. Now it is more corporatist — there’s money to be made manufacturing things for the rest of the world. It is actually an extremely old way for them.

    Note that we have “china” on our tables in the west, so-called because it came from China for centuries. 2000 years ago it came from Rome, but the old Roman potteries went bust when the Empire collapsed.

  20. TinaB

    @timmie – Are you SERIOUS? No difference? I’m guessing there are a whole bunch of evangelicals who would vehemently disagree with YOU!

    90% of that slime ball’s supporters are “christians” and from what I’ve heard they don’t look FAVORABLY upon cheaters – never mind ones who cheat with pornstars while their wife is at home with their newborn. Get it?

    I’m not a gambler but I would bet everything I have on it! But YOUR simple, addled brain couldn’t possibly understand such things.

    And maybe you’d like to take a stab at the other woman he cheated with and hushed up! Not a pornstar and BEAUTIFUL!

    You couldn’t even get a seat at her table!

  21. qbutnoa

    UK, there is much profit in illegal immigration.

  22. Kenogami

    @18 qbutnoa writes:
    « but let us not forget that the Maoist Chinese put them into extreme poverty in the first place. »

    That is not correct.
    When Mao and the comunists took power in China in 1949, China was poorer than the poorest African countries, and this was NOT caused by the communists.

    It was due to 120 years of Western colonialism and the opium wars, 40 years of civil diorders with war lords and criminal groups, 30 years of civil war with one side fully supported by Western colonialists, 20 years of invasion and extremely brutal war by the Japanese imperialists.

    In 1949, China had 100 millions opium addicts, was starving, everything had been destroyed, and the capitalists West refused to help in any way, and even did everything to starve communist China. Luckily, they were helped by the Soviet Union.

    China (Mao and the communists) took 3 years to eradicate opium addiction, and they did it by saving as many people as they could.

    The opium addicts were helped by their family and the communist party officials; they were confined in a room and had to go cold turkey in the care of their family.

    small dealers were given one chance to reform, stop selling opium, and had to denounce their big drug lords;
    if they were caught selling opium after that, they were put to death.

    the big drug lords were put to death and all their wealth confiscated. The big drug lords who could, fled to Hong Kong and became the 10 families who owned most of everything in Hong Kong. And that is why they still hate the Communist party of China.

    In the last 30 years, the Chinese government has lifted hundred of millions of Chinese out of extreme poverty.

    Each year, 150 millions Chinese visit foreign countries as tourists, and after their visit, 150 millions Chinese tourists return home to their life in China. If China was a horrible dictatorship, these tourists would not return to their life in China.

    People should read the blogs of US Americans or Europeans who have been living in China for 15 or 20 years to know what China is like, instead of reading Washington malicious and criminal hate propaganda.
    The Chinese government is the most intelligent government on Earth.

  23. shawntoh

    Then there’s the shadowy side of Mao… Up to EIGHTY million served… The Cultural Revolution was one of the most ghastly episodes in the “…Where did it all go wrong…?” (example of) Murphy’s Law of Gone Wrong When You Least Expect It!”… So, “Communism” has its… Uh, “challenges” and “issues” and that’s what we note from the narrative that excuses those who would ignore the 1949 Geneva Conventions and pretend its just not there to worry about because “….the ‘Revolution’ is ALWAYS ‘correct’ in what you SHOULD and MUST ‘believe in’ now and FOREVER!… So… Go back to “Pravda”, which means, “Truth”, in Russian… Why? The USA might as well be like the old Soviet Union when it was falling apart many decades ago in that most dangerous time called “The Twentyth Century”… EMS and I remember some of it… It was unforgettable in a bad nightmarish way that people just don’t wanna know or care to comprehend today and right now but none the less, there it is… the inconvenient truth of reality when you least want it in your life Totally and COMPLETELY unfiltered by the mainstream media madness… Here’s thanks to EMS for speaking TRUTH to “Pravda”! Later gatorz!

    It won’t be televised…! It will be live, you old counter-revolutionary, capitalist roader… Beware, take GOOD care! So there!

  24. shawntoh

    Remember, THE REVOLUTION will NOT be televised…

  25. shawntoh

    TinaB & Nina, and Zeek (so sleek…)… I ask you? Does “The White Man” have a “G_d Complex”? That might be the answer here to what you have been asserting in the role of the accuser… Correct?

    “G_d” spelled backwards is DOG!

  26. shawntoh

    What are we going to do now? Now that the “buffalo” is GONE!

    No, not the BISON… I mean the nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars… in your wallets, your purses, and in your bank accounts…!

    When the reserve currency dies… I.E. “the dollar”… then what will we all do? Well? If the money’s NO good… Now what?” Good luck! I fear we will ALL need it! Best wishes to you and yours!

  27. qbutnoa

    The Great Leap Forward ?

  28. Zeke

    Waiting for the

    Great Leap Forward.

    with Billy Bragg.

  29. shawntoh


    I’m waiting “the Man…”…

    Hey White Boy, whatcha doing uptown?
    You think you gonna be chasin’ round…? NOPE.
    It’s a STREET HASSLE thing as Lou Reed would say…
    Everybody’s ‘pinned’ YOU but NOBODY cares…
    Walk it on home, dude…

    SUPER deluxe, dude MAAAN…!

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