NYC DA Is Communist Commissioner, Trump ‘Evil’ Child Male Strip Tease ‘Good’


A Christian book reading for children in New York City was cancelled by the NYC communist government.  Meanwhile, an adult strip tease event was PAID FOR by NYC government to have ugly men do sexual dances for small children!  This upside down world of the left is a total mess.  Meanwhile, the DA in NYC is going to arrest Trump for the silliest of reasons based on sex with a known prostitute while at the same time, this pervert is OK with children being taken to above 21 years old events hosted by communists.  All communist governments prevent sex stuff when in total power.  In the EU and US, they do the opposite in order to gain power then they will crush these leftist lunatics as all dictators do once they have full powers.



Most citizens know that the DA in NYC is a communist:


They know this DA is very destructive.  They all know NYC is dying thanks to being run by crazed communists.  There is very little real support for going after Trump based on these stupid charges.  Meanwhile, very serious treason charges against the entire Biden clan is on the horizon as obvious bribery by Chinese communists is now totally revealed in whole, in legal forms and should be acted on immediately except the entire DNC leadership is corrupt and treasonous, too and so is delaying arrested the Bidens as much as possible.  Elon Musk goes for the jugular here:





Trump knew this would happen.  He knew that all the crazy leftists left in power would move heaven and earth to stop him since he isn’t easily assassinated.  As more and more citizens become aware that Biden and his family are blatant traitors, time is running out.  The crazy leftists have little time left to attack Trump using legal scams.


What is most infuriating is, they are letting everyone else literally run riot!  No DNC city is safe anymore not even the ones that were once ‘rich’.  All the DNC cities stink.  They all are filthy, ugly, dangerous and deadly.  These cities are all rapidly dying.  Elon Musk tweets about this:



Even as all Democrats deny reality and cling to the fiction that Biden isn’t a traitor, the Democrats demand that citizens be banned from seeing real news via videos that recorded absolutely everything in every room and outside areas in the Capital Building that January 6 riot.  We now have proof that the West Side of the building was used by a literal army of FBI/CIA/DC police agents to incite a riot there.



The TV mouthpieces of the CCP Democrat Party are all hollering for all this information all these videos to be kept secret!  Why?  Oh, secrets in the House might be shown!  Heaven forfend us all!  Good grief.  These fake liberals on TV are actually communist agents which is why they never talk about the Biden Chinese bribes, for example.  As always, Tucker Carlson goes after these clowns:



Many people are wondering why the only mainstream news media carrying any of these vital stories is Fox TV:



A very important tool used by communists is to have no news at all.  Stuff happens and nobody sees it happening!  Voila!  No questions asked!



So China is warmongering now.  Fun stuff.


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  1. snoosebomb

    they are also wondering why Tucker stopped showing the tapes.

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