Will Communist DA Arrest Trump Today? Arrest All Communist DAs!


Desperate Democrats and Bilderberg gang Ruling Elites are grasping at straws, trying to stop Trump.  He terrifies them due to no being a member of their exclusive international conspiracy operations.  He is an actual American citizen fighting for American citizens!  This is verboten.  Well, people were screaming at Gov. DeSantis to say something about all this and he did!  He roundly condemned this naked NY legal scheme to stop Trump via typical trumped-up charges of various nefarious sorts!


Today’s news is quite stupid.  I looked around the internet and many sites still didn’t update stories to show that the very important governor of Florida had spoken about Trump’s persecution and clearly condemned this.  There is this pretense that no one in the GOP is backing Trump which is 100% a total lie.


For example, Ted Cruz is going after the DNC DA in Manhattan:


Senator Cruz notes that the leftist DA is allowing blatant criminals to walk free who have committed multiple felonies while going after Trump due to a misdemeanor:



The New York Times which is one of the founding members of the Bilderberg gang over 70 years ago, has an ironic story about all this without realizing this:



Geeze, Trump has the same damn reaction to the same old stupid charges cooked up by Bilderberg gang operatives!  How dare he do this!


He habitually explains his innocence because he really is innocent!  They keep indicting him based on false information and he keeps winning!  This infuriates the gang.  They want him to give up and go away.  Next, they will assassinate him.  This is how much they are scared for he said he would reform the CIA and FBI which has an army of assassins in their organizations.



Yesterday there was a rally in Manhattan by Trump supporters.  Go to the middle of the coverage there to hear a young man who is leading the fight to protect Trump.  He is a young college age Republican organizer who is very articulate and can answer questions like a pro unlike Biden who is a blithering idiot who can barely talk about anything, anymore.


More bad news about Biden’s family especially his criminal son:



They are all Chinese communist agents paid by Beijing to undermine the US and these people are all blatant traitors.


Meanwhile, in DNC cities like San Francisco, drag queens continue their outrageous floor shows at children’s libraries and schools and such and it isn’t just in these places, in Canada’s liberal cities they are doing the same porn shows for children:



Canada encourages violence against anyone protesting child molesters parading sex deviant junk to small children.  Rebel News is Canadian and has real news which is why the liberals in the government are trying desperately to ban Rebel News.



And in Europe men parading as ‘women’ while having zero sex operations even, six foot plus tall men are crushing all females in female sports so they can collect easy win money.  This infiltration and theft of women only trophies in sports and games and intellectual competitions is getting worse by the day and will continue until zero women win zero awards of any sorts, anywhere.


Dumb feminist continue to be confused and sit on their fat behinds!  This is pathetic.


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31 responses to “Will Communist DA Arrest Trump Today? Arrest All Communist DAs!

  1. TinaB

    “Dumb feminist continue to be confused and sit on their fat behinds! This is pathetic.”

    What exactly, pray tell ems, would you like them to “DO”?

    1. Should they start a WordPress blog to incite violence and hate and insult people they don’t like on a daily basis!

    2. Should they accuse others of heinous crimes for which they have zero evidence?

    3. Should they turn a blind eye to their husbands bare-backing pornstars while they are at home with their new-born?

    4. Should it be okay for a 9 year old boy to wear a t-shirt with 2 guns in the 6-9 position on the front of it? Is that not more HARMFUL than a bunch of trans people dancing around? Or a 17 year old Rottenhouse to brandish an AR-15 around willy-nilly! Oh sure! No problem!

    YOU’VE tried ALL of the above for how many years now and what exactly has it ‘accomplished”? Is your country “better” off today than it was 20 years ago? Hardly!

    You cult leader’s supporters are jumping ship – I told you evangelicals think “cheating” is a deal-breaker!

    Poof! They’re gone! Who knew they were so fickle!

  2. TinaB

    Another burning question I have, ems, is why you are SO adverse to taking “care” of the planet. Why do you consider it to be an “infringement” on your “rights”!

    IT is “OUR” ONLY home! You take care of YOUR own home, don’t you? You don’t throw garbage on the floor, do you? You don’t “poison” your garden, do you? You don’t water your houseplants with a bleach/water solution, do you?

    So why is it “ok” for “privileged” people to pour toxins into the ocean and other waterways?

    Why are you so mute about something far more detrimental to our survival than a bunch of guys dressed as women dancing and singing? smh….

    So forget “climate change”….. you think the ways humans have caused irreversible harm to the planet is perfectly ok?

    You do know that we, ALL SPECIES, don’t survive without ALL the ecosystem intricacies, invisible to the naked eye, remaining intact?

    So get off your “fat ass” and do something! 🙂

  3. Nina

    20 years on, trauma and pain continues to haunt Iraqi victims of US invasion.

    * The war and ensuing violence in Iraq were estimated to have killed more than 200,000 civilians and left over 9 million people displaced.

    * Under the U.S. forces’ lenient “rule of engagement,” many innocent Iraqi civilians were gunned down on the streets or at home.

    “I used to believe the American propaganda, thinking it can bring a better life to the country. But I couldn’t be more wrong,” said al-Dhehaybah.

    “The United States is a brutal aggressor who tries to rule the world, and Iraq is just one of its victims,” he added.



    You’re welcome Tina 😊 I will always be cheering for people who are fighting for a better, more just, and more beautiful world.

  4. lou


    The real question is why the hell is a woman the director of national “intelligence”?

    She’s a Manhattan-born Jewish lawyer with no background in intelligence or the military. Same with the Deputy Director of the CIA, David Samuel Cohen. He’s also a Jewish lawyer. His background is in crafting U.S. government sanctions against countries.

    Navy Admiral in drag as Surgeon General…

    (((The kook))) is not a Navy admiral or the Surgeon General. He’s an admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps which dresses up in uniforms that look like those of the Navy.

    The Surgeon General is Vivek Hallegere Murthy, a dot-Indian who, according to Wikipedia, is “a vice admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps who has served as the 19th and 21st surgeon general of the United States under Presidents Obama, Trump, and Biden.”

    He too dresses up like a naval officer. Both he and (((the kook))) wear ribbons (awards) for God-knows-what. Certainly they aren’t combat decorations.

    Come to think of it, most of the chest salad you see on current military uniforms is awarded for the silliest of reasons. You can see someone wearing a tall stack of ribbons and not one of them has anything to do with combat. People who work in finance, personnel, supply, etc., who have never been anywhere near a combat deployment (much less have they actually accomplished something noteworthy) have ribbons for long or short tours to places like Germany or the UK, qualifying on the pistol range, etc. People believe they’re entitled to a ribbon every time they finish an assignment at a particular base and, if they’re able to move every couple of years, they can rack up a lot of end-of-tour awards.


    teacher shot by first grader. I wonder what childs race is.

  5. Timothy Carroll

    @lou-It’s a typical “nigger in the woodpile” scenario. Whenever race isn’t disclosed, you can rest assured a nigger was involved. Not a surprise at all.

    Also, if it WERE a white kid, charges would have not been dropped. Two-tiered justice system brought to you by the JEW-knighted state of America.

    The wrong side won WW2.

  6. lou

    5–Tim, what area of usa or world are you in?
    have you lived among POC?

    i ll raise the bar on wtf–ery news

    long ago there was a case in Florida.
    A BLACK female cop or sheriffs young son killed his lil sis and claimed ‘i wuz just trying WWF stuff on her.’
    he was an overgrown, borderline-retarded fifteen-year-old.
    After he ducked that murder charge, he was arrested for robbing a pizza delivery guy with his homies.

  7. qbutnoa

    UK, Partygate, former PM Boris Johnson had many a party while we were all locked down. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-65012965

  8. qbutnoa

    Holland, farming lobby = we must change course, government = no alternative to the green agenda. https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/farming-lobby-steps-up-pressure-on-cabinet-to-drop-compulsory-buyouts/

  9. Nina

    Bishops call for safe access of migrants to UK

    Migrants and refugees are people, not statistics

    “Our starting point as a society must be to recognize migrants and refugees as people. We need to understand their stories, their reasons for leaving their homelands and hopes for building a future here,” said Bishop Paul McAleenan, CBCEW Lead Bishop for Migrants and Refugees.

    Welcome vs xenophobia

    “We must not allow the concerns that some communities might have about migration to be exploited for political purposes or allow such concerns to develop into a xenophobic attitude; Christian communities must play their part in providing a genuine welcome to migrants and refugees”

  10. Kerry

    The “migration” they are using to destroy Europe and the US, they’ve twisted from the Bible and use it for justification.

    “Also you shall not oppress a resident alien, for you know the heart of a resident alien, because you were resident aliens in the land of Egypt”
    Exodus 23:9

    We are fighting a spiritual battle not a government.

  11. lou


  12. qbutnoa

    Nina, from a while ago, any attack’s on church’s are not reported anymore – do you know why ? https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2001/nov/07/race.world

  13. Jim R

    Now let’s take some time out from Communist crimes, to flash back to 2017, about this time of year. And remember how California spent a couple billion dollars to repair the giant earthen dam that almost collapsed back then. Here is the repair job in action —

    The dam was built back in the ’60s I believe. Concrete in the main spillway had developed some cracks, and the emergency spillway was essentially dirt. Main spillway failed in ’17 and a big canyon eroded out of the dam. They closed the floodgates and water went over the emergency spillway eroding another canyon and almost wrecking the dam by the time the rain stopped.
    They drained the lake and spent the next 2 years stuffing the canyons with concrete and reinforcing the dirt where it was weak.

  14. Zeek

    As ems always sez; arrest all of ‘em. Lock ‘em up and throw away the key.

  15. qbutnoa

    The agenda is for Europe to be invaded and the religious houses have helped a great deal, of course they are paid very well, you do know this don’t you Nina ?

  16. Nina


    Germany has truly become a multicultural country with a welcoming attitude towards migrants and refugees.

    Germany welcomed over one million Ukrainians fleeing the war in 2022. In addition to this, 244,132 asylum seekers from countries like Syria, Turkey and Afghanistan arrived in Germany.


    So there was an attack against a church some 20 years ago by some youths of Asian origin. So what? Most migrants and people with migration background are not criminals. They are law abiding, decent and good people.

  17. Nina

    Huge protests in London against plans to outsource asylum procedures to Rwanda.

    The visit to Rwanda was also protested by thousands in Britain who took to the streets of central London holding banners declaring “No to Racism” and “Refugees Welcome.” Many others held up specific criticisms of the Rwanda policy, exorting the government to offer “Safe Passage, not Rwanda flights,” “stop deportation,” and “seeking refuge is not a crime.”

  18. qbutnoa

    The German churches are also corrupt and treacherous, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. https://www.dw.com/en/germany-record-numbers-leaving-churches/a-62286684

  19. qbutnoa

    You did not post the link to the article that shows the “Huge protests in London”, why is that ?

  20. qbutnoa

    Putin speaks about Chinese money.

  21. qbutnoa

    “Most migrants and people with migration background are not criminals. They are law abiding, decent and good people.”
    All the usual slogans that are screamed at me 24×7 by every mainstream media outlet. The propaganda has failed because the reality is very different. It’s not just the UK, the people of Iceland have also had enough, every country in Europe is becoming the same – why is that Nina ?

  22. lou

    O T
    in a woodpile

    o t
    5 killed by teen

    Heartbreaking photos show 5 children killed in NY crash
    1 day agoSmith, 17-year-old Anthony Billips Jr., 12-year-old Zahnyiah Cross, 11-year-old Shawnell Cross and 8-year-old Andrew Billips were all killed in the crash, according to the Westchester County Police.
    https://www.stamfordadvocate.com › news › article › derby-kids-killed-scarsdale-ny-crash-dcf-17851148.php
    Official: DCF alerted to Derby children weeks before fatal NY crash
    TodayWestchester County officials said Monday Derby residents Anthony Billips, Jr., 17, Malik Smith, 16, Zahnyiah Cross, 12, Shawnell Cross, 11, and Andrew Billips, 8, were killed in a crash early…
    https://snbc13.com › malik-smith-anthony-billips-and-3-others-died-in-scarsdale-ny-car-accident-death-obituary
    Malik Smith, Anthony Billips and 3 others died in Scarsdale, NY car …
    1 day agoMalik Smith Death – Five Connecticut children were killed in a fiery crash early Sunday on the Hutchinson River Parkway in Scarsdale, N.Y, according to Westchester County Police. The children were identified as Derby residents Anthony Billips, 17, Malik Smith, 16, Zahnyiah Cross, 12, Shawnell Cross 11, and Andrew Billips, 8.

  23. lou


    No fool like a white fool who has been fooled.

  24. qbutnoa

    “HOW HUGE?”
    Tiny, that’s how huge.

    BTW, the article I posted a link to from ruv.is is well worth translating, it is a very Viking solution.

  25. lou

    USA under attack from illegals / non-citizens
    The arrests aren’t just for immigration crimes.
    Non-citizens accounted for 24 percent of all federal drug arrests, 25 percent of all federal property arrests, and 28 percent of all federal fraud arrests. [clogging up courts, jails, prisons].

    In 2018, a quarter of all federal drug arrests took place in the five judicial districts along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    This reflects the ongoing activities of Mexican drug cartels. Last year, Mexican citizens accounted for 40 percent of all federal arrests.

  26. lou

    proving Nina wrong.

  27. Nina

    qbutnoa: “It’s not just the UK, the people of Iceland have also had enough, every country in Europe is becoming the same – why is that Nina ?”

    Because most Western countries (including my own) have a certain amount of xenophobic bigots who believe that all migrants are bad people.

    Their worldview is very simplistic:

    White people: very good!

    People of colour: very bad!

    Other minorities: also very bad!

    So simple, and yet so wrong!

  28. qbutnoa

    “Because most Western countries (including my own) have a certain amount of xenophobic bigots who believe that all migrants are bad people.”
    All the usual slogans that are screamed at me 24×7 by every mainstream media outlet. The propaganda does not work anymore, the words do not work anymore, and its not just in the UK, it is Iceland (a harsh Viking solution – but necessary), Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Sweeden and Italy = charity begins at home.

  29. lou

    30–China does not allow immigration.

    The White or formerly White lands do. due to jews.
    Study how jews are weakening free nations.

    start w JAVITS, CELLER, HART, 1965.


    White people: very bad

    NIGGERS very good

    Other minorities: also very good

    So simple, and yet so wrong!

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