DC Police Stood Aside While Obnoxious Leftist Assaults Elderly Ladies With Rep. MTG

The DC police refused to stop the terrorist harming supporters of Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene.  He kept on trying to use his blowhorn in her face but her supporters kept him away, somewhat, without touching him.  He certainly touched them in a hostile way which is grounds for arrest but the cops don’t arrest criminals in DNC cities or states if they are terrorizing patriots.  Democrats love having no law and order just disorders in their cities whereby leftists are free to run riot nonstop.


This is an obvious criminal conspiracy.  When the entire court and police systems are corrupted to the core, replacing these can require revolutionary overturning of these corrupt cities and states.  I, personally, worked to put Democrats behind bars and not drinking joints, because they were utterly corrupt in NYC in 1980.


Here is Keith Olbermann who thinks it is OK for leftists to assault elderly ladies who are protecting a CongressWOMAN.  These same creeps scream about how people should protect ‘women’ while at the same time, claim falsely that males assaulting women are not doing that at all, they are merely ‘teaching’ these poor ladies ‘a lesson’.


In a thuggish, violent sort of way, of course.  We call these men ‘wife beaters’ in the sane, real world.



Some leftist men want to be women or better still, little girls while being full adult males with all the reproductive organs working still:



Yes, that perverted young XY creature is now reborn as a 9 year old girl.  There is an army of depraved men pretending to be babies or little girls.  This is called ‘perversions’ for a reason: this is an attack on innocent children, in many cases, little girls.


As a little girl who was raped when very young by an adult male, I am highly aware of the mental and physical damage this causes.  Arrest the fake girl, Dylan Mulvaney!


The parade of incompetent blacks being shoved into every Federal position possible continues.  And in turn, all systems proceed to crash and burn.  This is not doing blacks any favors at all.  The backlash is rapidly building now.


Of course, if any black person is a competent person but is a Republican, these are attacked nonstop by ‘progressive’ Democrats!  They hate competent Republican blacks more than anyone else on earth!


Now on to Biden’s trip to cold Canada to yap about how hot it is while it is nearly April and snowing with yet more cold waves crashing down from Canada and bringing cold to the rest of us.  It is only 24F here where I live and that is ridiculously cold for this time of year.



So an army a literal army of heavy duty protective vehicles are driving into Canada for this unnecessary meeting where the Bilderberg gang leaders are discussing how to freeze/starve us all to death.  Much of Europe is now ruled by these creeps who are…literally freezing/starving everyone who is poor, to death.


And riots are breaking out all over Europe over this scheme!  Imagine that!


There are some very young Canadians who are very stupid.  They are demanding no more fossil fuels while heavily bundled up because it is very, very cold still:



At the very least a law should be passed that no one who is protesting global warming be allowed to use any fossil fuels nor heat themselves when it is cold because it isn’t cold, according to themselves.  Ergo: they are destroying the earth when they try to be super hot!


To prevent this we should forbid them from every using fossil fuels or riding in things using fossil fuels or enter building heated with fossil fuels.  Let them freeze to death, there are, according to these idiots, too many people, anyways.


I constantly beg the leftists posting comments here to save the earth by killing themselves but they adamantly refuse.  So they are all fakers.


Macron never read the history of the French Revolution.  When it was taught in schools, he was absent so he has no idea how this operates.  Being clueless, he continues down his path of self destruction, utterly incapable of seeing what will happen next.


He, too, pretends to believe, while living in a palace and driving gas guzzling armored cars, that no one will figure out he is a scam artist trying to kill the poor.  He is immune to rational thinking.


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13 responses to “DC Police Stood Aside While Obnoxious Leftist Assaults Elderly Ladies With Rep. MTG

  1. TinaB

    Excellent episode! SO good! This is how “discussions” are done, ems!

    Scott is spot on about “advocating for men” and Bill is spot on about “over-population” and I’ll one further, the LACK of parenting skills is ATROCIOUS!

    The video will be taken down ….as soon as it’s discovered.


    ELAINE; Excellent no video! HAHAHA. Also, why are you still polluting the earth and destroying nature??? You want everyone else to cease existing but you merrily go on and on, being a destructive human. Sheesh. None of you nasty people kill yourselves! So you obviously do NOT want to ‘save the earth’ at all.

  2. Nina

    The sheer amount of vitriol, spite and ludicrous right wing conspiracies being spewed out on this blog on a daily basis is nauseating to say the least.

    EMS keeps on complaining about the “communists” all the time, but where are they? Certainly not in the DNC. Except for a few truly progressive politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (who by the way are not communists either), most politicians in the DNC are more center right than left leaning. These so-called communists do not exist!

    Seeing “communists”, “maoists” and China collaborators everywhere is just a revival of McCarthyism and “Red Scare” paranoia all over again. This has turned into a ugly, xenophobic, pathetic and ridiculous farce.

    Enough of this nonsense! We’re not buying it!

    Trump Rally in Waco Called Not a Dog Whistle, But a ‘Blaring Air Horn’ to Far-Right

    “There’s not really another place in the U.S. that you could pick that would tap into these deep veins of anti-government hatred—Christian nationalist skepticism of the government,” said one extremism expert.


    ELAINE: a bunch of deranged communists scream at us daily that we have to cease existing and must no longer eat real food or heat our homes as we freeze and you think you are SANE??? And you are NOT communist Maoists spewing hate? Hello! Your ‘solutions’ are identical to Mao’s ‘solutions’. I remember Chairman Mao, my dad tangled, in China, with Mao (and won the argument). I tangled with the Chinese government directly, some of their leaders LIVED WITH ME in the past!

    I know how you think and operate and I can see your goals: you will eat and be merry while your neighbors starve to death or are removed to death camps. HISTORY IS CLEAR.

  3. TinaB

    Thank you Nina! I echo your concerns. It’s nonsense and her rhetoric is right out of the “communists” playbook but she wants US to believe she “hates” communists. So much “hate”here at this blog… very sad.

    She IS one! People who “hate” and baselessly slander others, with an obvious bias, like she does, are communists – look it up! SHE wants to RULE people to behave like the puritan SHE has become in her old age.

    How convenient now that her “raging” teenage hormones are a thing of the past.

    SHE wants teenagers to “marry” when they get knocked up because their parents are too “religious” to give them some birth control information let alone any “actual birth-contrtol” methods of which they are plenty of options..

    “Examples include male and female condoms, as well as the diaphragm, cervical cap and contraceptive sponge. Short-acting hormonal methods. Examples include birth control pills, as well as the vaginal ring (NuvaRing), skin patch (Xulane) and contraceptive injection (Depo-Provera).”

    But did SHE get married when she got knocked up? And if so, how well did it work out? Crickets!

    She wants some washed up, gauche, wanna be dictator to RULE all those “hedonistic” Democrats – of course no Republicans are hedonists. Whatever….

    SHE always has an enemy… the Deep State, George Soros, the Elites, the Communists, Bill Gates, the Bilderbergs… there’s too many to list!

    I come here to see “for real” that people like her actually exist because I find it too hard to believe without actually seeing it.


    ELAINE: You communists are all alike: ‘I’m not a communist’ they yell while being obvious communists! Barry Sanders has said often in the past that he is a COMMUNIST. His actions and words make this crystal clear! Duh. You are not stupid, but you are dishonest and insane. You think no one can look at obvious evidence to see how much you all lie.

  4. Mewswithaview

    Dangerous’ transgender prisoner Barbie Kardashian will NEVER be allowed to mix with female inmates

    Here is a case of an extremely violent male being held in a women’s prison.

  5. lou

    ‘The sheer amount of vitriol, spite and ludicrous right wing conspiracies being spewed out on this blog on a daily basis is nauseating to say the least.’

    fuck off

  6. Nina


    Your insightful and thought-provoking comments is a higlight in the comment section. I have gained a lot of knowledge from reading your comments.

    Yes, this is a ‘hate-blog’, but you are doing a very good job at pushing back against all this hatred with your knowledge, compassion and love.

    Stay strong my beautiful sister!

    When looking at this trail of destruction, how can anyone deny that climate change is real?

  7. snoosebomb

    7 , yes ninny , it just got colder , temp diff causes tornadoes

  8. TinaB

    @Nina my sweet sister! Thank you for your kind words. And “right back at you”!

    I watched this video this morning and it was so good… I posted it earlier but there were some missing parts in that version. I like David Sadaris – had never heard of him before.

    Overtime was also very good…

    The past 2 weeks we’ve had a sunny, warm, beautiful Spring and this morning there was snow falling…. or maybe it was a hoax! 🙂

    Stay strong sister!

  9. lou

    Obama made it legal for black people to burn down cities and commit violent crime with impunity.
    He also made it illegal for White people to defend themselves. Those were significant changes from mr hope n change.

  10. lou

    suspicious? 100 sabotaged?

  11. I think the problem is dust related. Dangerous dust causes explosions. These factories were shut down during the covid mess and then restarted but staffing them has been hurt by DNC welfare money so many people stayed home and so overworked staff is stuck working long hours.

    Cleaning up has declined to some degree and this leads to explosions due to too much dust.

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