NY Senator Schumer Doesn’t Want Parents To Control Public Schools, Only DNC Communists Do This!

Our schools have been infiltrated with an army of leftist ideologues who have been trained to teach ‘woke’ propaganda and even worse, trained to lure unsuspecting children into the sexual confusion madness which is now actively destroying children, sterilizing them, all over the place.  This sterilization project is due to the Bilderberg gang announcing they want at least 30% or more of all humans to cease reproducing or die off.  They have been crystal clear about their hopes that humans who are not elites, cease reproducing like we see in Japan, for example.  The conspiracy to eliminate most humans is being challenged now.  In Congress, for example, the House Republicans passed a bill that gives adult parents the right to know what teachers are teaching in schools that run on taxpayer dollars.  The Democrats claim this is ‘evil’ and refuse to let parents know what the hell is going on in PUBLIC schools!


Communist liberals who post junk at my news service are enthusiastic about preventing parents from knowing what communist agents are doing to our children in our schools.  There are thousands and thousands of outright freaks who are teachers with strange hair styles, tattoos, rings in noses, etc. who gleefully play blatant sex games with small children in schools.


In sane places, these fake teachers are arrested but in DNC cities and states they are encouraged and allowed to run riot. What is worse is, 100% of the DNC gang leaders and their minions in the government in these dying DNC cities they represent…send their own kids to PRIVATE SCHOOLS!  Where the parents have more control and their darling children will not be exposed to out of control, violent black children in our inner city schools.


Now on to the coup two years ago: the GOP won that election but thanks to crummy electronic voting systems which were heavily tampered with by corrupt Democrats meant the DNC still had power in the Senate (barely) and in the Presidency (which is collapsing rapidly).  The riot that happened on January 6 was engineered by FBI and DC Police agents who pretended to be Trump supporters and who actively and openly conspired to lure Trump supporters to illegally enter the House building in DC:




There are lots more pictures and videos of the police engineering a riot.  This is old hat.  Police agents did this in the 1960’s.  I even exposed some of them back in the 1960’s.  We call these ‘police riots’.  In DNC cities this last 10 years, the police didn’t have to engineer riots, the politicians on the left did this with little effort, they simply said, ‘You have a right to loot and burn and we will never prosecute you for that’ to have riots destroy entire downtowns of entire cities!


Now on to ‘global warming’ when the earth is cool: more and more alarmed humans have realized that the real plan is for the Bilderberg to freeze/starve us all to death:



This won’t make the news in the US.  We can’t see a lot of news since RT news is verboten to watch here in the US.  US major corporations running much of the internet don’t want citizens to see the real news anymore, duh.


Now here is a New York Times story about how the GOP suburbs in New York don’t want high rise welfare towers built in their towns and cities.  The DNC wants to ship into GOP voter towns and cities an army of illegal aliens on government dole and assorted career criminal families who have been on welfare rolls for 50 years, to cause a crime wave in these towns and cities and also turn them into hell holes so only DNC gangs would dare live there:



In an insult to New Yorkers suffering from spiraling rents and home prices, both houses of New York’s Democratic-controlled Legislature rejected an ambitious set of proposals from Gov. Kathy Hochul last week that would begin to address the crisis in available housing.


They are going to ‘fix’ high value neighborhoods by building slums inside these communities. Then prices will drop!  Crime will go up and everyone who can flee will run to Florida and then complain that the Republicans there are nasty to minorities and the poor.


The legislators appear to be capitulating to the panic of their suburban members, as well as a smaller but persistent group of NIMBYs who oppose development in New York City. Lately, those voices have proven stubborn. Some of the backlash to the effort to build more housing in the suburbs has evoked euphemistic language that might have brought a smile to a Southern segregationist in the era of “states’ rights.”

Representing voters is evil if you are not a communist.  The suburban people should obey communist orders or else, this crazy black lady working for a dying newspaper says.  NY is now sending illegal aliens to Canada to get rid of these invaders while Canadian liberals are sending illegal aliens into NY so they can go to NYC:




Also in the news: the FBI wants a gigantic DC headquarters:


This is going to backfire on the Democrats and their criminal base in the long run.



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25 responses to “NY Senator Schumer Doesn’t Want Parents To Control Public Schools, Only DNC Communists Do This!

  1. TinaB

    Hey ems, what’s going on? YOU say NOTHING about Tucker Carlson saying how much he HATES your cult leader? It’s been weeks now!

    And FOX News on trial for defamation proves they LIE like I breath!

    Here’s another perfect example of how you and your ilk “spin” shit to try to validate your “lies”!

    OR if she’s NOT lying then she is incredibly fucking stupid and a brainwashed robot! I mean this shit if OFF THE CHARTS STUPID! oH YES YES YES!

  2. Nina

    U.S. nuclear power plant in central Minnesota taken offline after new leak incident

    Xcel Energy reported the leak to state and federal authorities in late November 2022, but the incident was made public nearly four months later, sparking concerns about public safety and transparency.

    Devastating tornadoes kill 25, injure dozens in southern U.S. state of Mississippi


    I have friends, or freaks as you would call them, with coloured hair, nose rings and tattoos. They are very nice people unlike you.

  3. TinaB

    NINA! I love you AND ALL of your beautiful “freaky” friends!

    @NightRunner417 It’s absolutely noticeable by everyone now. And yet millions still refuse to believe it. My own brother being one. But then he likes his giant F350 diesel truck he has no real use for. Like a lot of Americans. My dismay is at its peak. Why won’t people even believe their own eyes?

    Nope. It took
    Generations to build our agricultural, irrigation and fisheries infrastructure. We won’t be able to just move millions of acres of farmland north. Food prices are already going up. Some older folks alive now will die of old age. If you are younger, you will be more likely to die of starvation or from resource wars.

    Look after the ones you love. Spend the final years caring and supporting the people and animals who are important to you. Grow tomatoes and lettuce. If you have the ability, teach young people. Learn how to grow and preserve. Not because it will save you, but because it will give you a worthwhile purpose and help you to feel like you can survive.

  4. TinaB

    Why Normal Is Never Coming Back
    Posted on March 22, 2023, by Radio Ecoshock

    Space physics expert Professor Thomas W. Murphy warns government and corporate plans are impossible. The growth game is OVER.

    We are never going back to “normal”. Post Carbon Institute Fellow and author of 14 books Richard Heinberg says “The renewable energy transition is failing”. Is he giving up? Should we give up? Dive into the deep end this week with Radio Ecoshock.


    Imagine children born into a wealthy family. Wealth is all they know. The family empire is expanding. That is normal. The children inherit money, but spend it all by the age of 30. The business fails. Now they need to live on much, much less. That is who we are in the developed world, at the end of the age of fossil fuels.

    Maybe you need to come from outer space to see this clearly on a small planet. In way, our guest Professor Thomas W. Murphy Jr. spent a lot of time in space. For almost two decades he led the APOLLO project, a network of Observatories. They used lasers reflecting off the Moon to test fundamental physics, from Newton to Einstein and beyond. It is super-physics stuff. But since 2020, Dr. Murphy put more attention on challenges to human survival on this planet. He was one of five founders of the Planetary Limits Academic Network.

  5. lou

    are nina n tina one gene a

  6. TinaB

    PLEASE ems LISTEN to Thomas! WE are in a crisis and WE ALL are all to blame and WE ALL need to HELP each other get through it…. catastrophe is coming to our doors!

    The suffering will be immense and the “communists” or “the singing/dancing drag queens” any other boogeyman you conjure up in your head, are not to blame!

    And EVEN if they were – who cares – we’ve got work to do HELPING each other not ATTACKING each other!

    When the SHTF I can assure you that you won’t be too concerned that the man who can help you survive is wearing a fucking dress!

  7. TinaB

    OMG! Richard Heinberg is also interviewed and WASF!

    These guys are “doing the math” – good luck trying to debunk what they say! Facts! Wake up call!

  8. snoosebomb

    maybe they drink too much coffee ?

  9. qbutnoa

    Football, England v Ukraine, many young males (players + coaching staff + supporters) of military age not fighting on the Russian front – why ?

  10. snoosebomb

    wow that heinberg is a total idiot

  11. lou

    The growth game is OVER. unless there are new technology’s that are beyond what we have.

    that being noted, we are 8 billion.

    the shots etc are to cull us.


  12. lou

    off topic

    International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan who charged Putin with war crimes for evacuating children from a warzone had his convicted pedophile brother Imran Khan released from a UK prison on a reduced sentence one month ago…


  13. Pete


    Banned cartoon wow

  14. Pete


    Zelensky fears the church
    supports the Russians

  15. Pete

    Chad just nationalized Exxon
    oil project in the country.

    Iran and Russia moving military forces
    to Azerbaijan Border.

    Bye bye Ceyhan pipeline?
    Our SPR is gone.

    Putin plays chess.

  16. qbutnoa

    “Chad just nationalized Exxon”
    Pete, do not worry, the USA has sent their secret weapon to fix all the problems in Africa. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/3/26/us-vice-president-harris-in-africa-to-boost-us-ties

  17. qbutnoa

    Germany, transport network (airports/ports/railways/buses/subways) to strike for 24 hours on Monday, biggest walkout in decades, pay rise “a matter of survival for many thousands of employees”. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-65083774

  18. Pete

    You beat me to it!

    Israel tonight in national crisis!

  19. snoosebomb

    they got the numbers , tar and feather time

  20. Petruchio

    Chuckie Boy Schumer is a perfect example of why we should not allow Dual Citizens in the US Government. Schumer is a Jewish Racist who hates White Western countries. Dual Citizenship is an obvious Conflict of Interest that should be banned.

  21. I continue to note that all leftists are demanding most of us die to ‘save the earth’ while never volunteering to practice what these clowns preach. YUCK.

    And today, a young lady who decided to chop up her organs and take male testosterone went mad and tried to kill as many teachers and children in her previous school.

    Good lord, these people are INSANE and dangerous.

  22. lou

    23 THANKS PET. I will save this
    Chuckie Boy Schumer is a perfect example of why we should not allow Dual Citizens in the US Government. Schumer is a Jewish Racist who hates White Western countries. Dual Citizenship is an obvious Conflict of Interest that should be banned.

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