DNC Philly Mayor Pays Violent Protestors Huge Sums For Riots


In every DNC run hell  hole city that had riots when Trump was President, all of these cities are now paying rioters money for being arrested or stopped by police.  Even ANTIFA and BLM rioters are getting these payouts while Trump supporters who rioted or didn’t even riot at all, are fined huge sums and or kept in prison often in cells that don’t allow any visitors not even family members!  This gigantic legal fraud going on is criminal.  The Democrats doing this are criminals.  This bizarre way of running our country is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.



Here is a comment from one of the people viewing this news video:


Instead of using that money for more police, they pay the criminals for destroying the city. They all need to go to jail.


Seems I am not alone thinking this very same thing.  Here is Rep. MTG discussing the fraud of DC prison systems who brought in a bunch of leftists and let them ‘view the prison’ while at the same time locking her and her fellow Congress people out:



I keep warning people that leftists are cruel, vicious and have a very long and ongoing record of putting innocent people in prison on political reasons and they starve/freeze/murder millions and millions and more millions of people for the last 100 years and are doing this today.


A Republican Congressman who is also black showed some photos of ‘DC violence’ about Jan.6 but he then pretended to be stunned that the DC photos showing violent riots in DC were all DNC riots encouraged by the Democrat leaders in Congress:



During these hearings in the House the entire DNC gang walked out, they didn’t want to see or hear stuff that pisses them off, of course.  They want their own narrative back and return to whining about January 6 while ignoring all the DNC funded/protected riots that tried to set fire to the White House and Congress, for example.


The Republicans who finally were allowed to visit the jail this weekend published their story:


 Shame on them (the Democrats who were with the Republicans visiting the jail) for not knowing the long history of outrage in Washington DC about the DC Jail conditions and treatment OR they didn’t do their homework to know that the DC Jail had inmates/defendants clean, scrub, and paint the week before we got there so conditions would look good for our visit.


Of course, they ‘clean it up’.  I have been inside one of the most dangerous prisons in the Northeast, many years ago.  I know what it is like inside.


They also criticized Republicans for being kind in our questioning of pretrial J6 defendants yet did not raise any issue at all with the Jail that we were not allowed to speak to any of the other defendants/inmates in other areas of the jail. Why not? Don’t they care about them?
I talked to many of them on my last visit and they told me plenty about the jail. Some told me about their education and job opportunities that J6’ers didn’t have, others about learning the legal process from Georgetown law students that J6’ers didn’t get to do, and some screamed and begged for help saying they had been in solitary confinement for “4 months” and that sounded the same as J6’ers only longer for J6’ers.


Rep. MTG still cannot visit the victims of communist imprisonment systems.  This ‘locking political prisoners away from everyone’ stuff is pure communism.  I correctly call most DNC gangsters ‘communists’ because their actions are identical to all communist regimes!


When I asked about trans (biological males) being in the women’s area, Jasmine asked if the jail provided sanitary supplies. Republicans want to keep trans (biological males) out of women’s prisons/jails but apparently Democrats just want to make sure they have tampons.


Jasmine and Robert didn’t care about J6 defendants complaints of no medical treatment even after the doctor told us all about treatments available and showed medical facilities.  They didn’t care about J6’ers complaints about the courts and judges and how they are being treated like political prisoners.


No, they just praised the jail after our tour.


Either they like jails and approve of the two-tiered justice system or are easily fooled by fresh paint.  I think the Oversight Committee needs to hold a hearing so we can continue to investigate the two-tiered justice system that reigns in Washington DC.


As the communist Democrats lose power they continue to pursue communist actions until taken down entirely.  Here is a news show about the DOJ targeting conservative mothers and fathers:



The communists in Congress and the White House also want to force vaccinations which I am against.  I get vaccinated and I like this but forcing it is a different story.  Especially punishing people who protect people who don’t want this is wrong, obviously.



The mania for destroying the sex organs of small children continues.  But now it is being shown to the public so we can see how destructive it is.  Obviously, these poor children can never have children, ever.  This is OK with communists, they want these children to be clipped and closed, no more babies!  The suicide rate of these clipped children and very young adults is very very high:



This poor man who wanted to have menstrual periods nonstop (the bleeding never stops) got all things ‘fixed’ so he became a ‘she’ and then ‘she’ couldn’t take real life anymore and killed ‘herself’ suddenly a few years later.  This poor man was featured in TV commercials and praised endlessly and then gave up in despair due to the pain and distress of the surgery.


All this is kept silent by most mainstream media.  The push to have as many men as possible be turned into females continues.


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17 responses to “DNC Philly Mayor Pays Violent Protestors Huge Sums For Riots

  1. TinaB

    Fuck Off PROUD Boys! Look how they run scared – the little snowflakes that they are!

    Right on NY! Is it “MEAN”, ems for me to enjoy watching them get what they deserve? Read the comments – you and they are outnumbered BIG TIME!

    We’ve sat back for too long letting your ilk run roughshod – now you’ll get the same in return!

    “Brought a tear of joy to my eye. Which quickly transformed into tears of laughter.”

    “I am SO happy to see people protesting and chasing them out. Make sure they know they are not welcome. It’s not enough to talk about it we must all speak out loud and clear and make sure they know we see right thru whatever BS reason they are giving for being there. Bravo!!!!”

    “Unfortunately, we have to use the same foul language and behaviour to Get Through to These NumbedSkulls. 😊”

    “Wow! I had the biggest smile on my face for that whole thing. He came to kick the shit out of people, not get the shit kicked out of himself.”

    “Wow! I had the biggest smile on my face for that whole thing. He came to kick the shit out of people, not get the shit kicked out of himself.”

  2. shawntoh

    Hey lady…! If youse “MAOIST”… Watch it!

    “The Patriarchy” may be dying… but attempting replacing it with your MATRIARCHAL MAOISM will lead to doom, starvation and DEATH for everyone in the USA… The countryside is ready and ripe to get a well-armed militia for the fight to defend the USA and the Constitution for which it stands! We have just begun the “fight” and we will WIN!

    Guerilla warefare will DESTROY “The Kultural Revolution of the People’s Repugnance/Republic of the Leftist Pro-lee-tear-RIOT Dictatorship of DOOM & DEATH” political parties…

    I don’t personally condone VIOLENCE and preach strongly AGAINST it! I demand peaceful resolutions at the negotiation table… However, the Marxist Maoists of the 21st Century will NOT compromise, I fear! They will KILL for their “peace” at our expense!

    But there are MORE ex-special forces ex-military that LOVE the USA and the Republic based on a Constitutiion, who will NOT only will defend the 2nd Amendment… They will exercise it to the fullest and they are in the MAJORITY when it comes to having the PASSION to defeat the enemies of the USA and defend what is GOOD about the USA… and they will PREVAIL!

    You cannot defeat this spirit… The grapes of wrath are fermenting and the harvest will be vicious and bitter for some for some fools who need not be named! EMS has given this forum to the greater good for discourse in the best way to express a diversity of opinion of left and right… Some abuse it and I admit perhaps I’m a suspect… Yet, I note that…

    The hinterlands are ready for the spring offensive and will attack without mercy… I demand all sides respect the 1949 Geneva Conventions of War… However, I expect atrocities that only an artist, like the famous Goya, could depict in his Anti-war artworks of what will happen tragically in the near future…

    It will be the “Disasters of War for The 21st Century”… depicted by artists who won’t flinch when confronting everyone with these disturbing images… I hope we DO NOT end up there… But it’s NOT looking well for the USA but the Spirit that protects the USA, will SAVE the USA… Again, it will prevail. You can bet on it, if you wish! The fight has just begun… Beware! The Left must repent or pay! I refuse the role of executioner in that regard as I am NON-violent and PEACEFUL!


  3. shawntoh

    The use of depleted uranium is clearly a WAR crime by the pro-Zelensky forces and the nasty creeps who supply this crap for such an evil action in the name of “freedom’… May G_d judge them and they BURN in die Hölle!

    That kind of “freedom’ is just “‘freedom’s’ just another word for NOTHING else to LOSE…”… Like this lady sang about who is a contemporary of EMS… Ms. Janis Joplin… I who I present… With a message that still is sadly true…

  4. shawntoh

    Here’s Scott Ritter, a USA Arms Inspector, a whistle-blower, who sounded the alarm on the imperialims of the USA Government interests who has repeatedly warned everyone about this atrocity of USA foreign policy and financial collapse that will destroy everyone in the USA… The Biden adminstration is leading us to the graveyard of humanity… Nice knowing y’all and later…

  5. shawntoh

    The “Proud” boys did NOTHING wrong! They applied for the PROPER permits and got them! They followed THE LAW and they respected it!

    AntiFa and other leftists DID NOTHING of the sort! They are against the FREEDOM to report what was going on, which is they ATTACKED innocent people exercising their G_d given rights to MARCH in a permitted parade by the local Portland, Oregon officials.

    The local Portland police DID little to NOTHING to PROTECT and SERVE the public to insure their SAFETY!

    They did their best to keep the two groups apart but DID NOT arrest ANYONE when the brave Andy Ngo, a true LGBT+ openly gay Asian man accurately reported the EVIL Maoism of doom and destruction that threw a CONCRETE “milkshake” at his head and nearly KILLED him!

    This is EVIL and unacceptable and a stain on any GOOD that TinaB expresses for the left. Beware! I don’t condone this… The government agencies that YOUR tax payer dollars fund created the Talib, honey!

    Retribution is karmic payback for the left! Watch out and beware and take GOOD care, TinaB! The USA will spit out such crap like you and the rest of the vermin!

    Here’s what Tinab follows, she a Leni type chick, I fear!

  6. Nina


    Your heart is in the right place TinaB. Love is stronger than hate. Love always win. We will defeat the haters.❤️

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

    Martin Luther King, Jr

  7. lou

    6–the commie formerly known as Mark King.
    the plagiarist.

    Martin Luther King ‘looked on and laughed’ while friend raped woman …
    Unsealed FBI documents have claimed that civil rights activist Martin Luther King ‘looked on and laughed’ while a friend raped a woman.
    According to the Sunday Times the unsealed document..

  8. Nina

    lou, just when i thought you couldn’t stoop any lower in your rage and hatred against people of colour, you do just that by viciously slandering one of America’s greatest heroes of all time. Shame on you!

    Time is up for people like you, lou. White people will soon become a minority in the US. There is no going back, so you’d better get used to it.

    What Happens When White People Become a Minority in America?

  9. Pete

    The United States Embassy in Jerusalem has told Americans to “Leave Israel Immediately.” The country of Israel is descending rapidly into what some have called “Civil War.”

  10. All cold cycles/economic collapses happen together and spawn revolts and dictators and wars.

    History is clear about this and I write about this nearly nonstop.

    Warm weather feeds everyone and is a happy time.

    Cold climate conditions do the opposite. IT IS STILL SNOWING HERE, will snow day after tomorrow! This is RIDICULOUS.

    The female global warmist chicks here are insane and cruel and stupid.

  11. lou

    nit wit NINA do you dispute.
    the commie
    formerly known as Mark King.
    the plagiarist.

  12. shawntoh

    @ #9 Nina… So what? Black Flag already warned me and other young “boomers” about that long before youse was born…! When? This is in the late 1970s early 1980s, long before you even were a shiny little gleam in your mother’s eyes of lust… I will live a long time into the 21st Century and Black Flag and their message will live FOREVER because… This band is hardcore… Los Angeles SoCal style HARDCORE that shocked people then and now… View at your own risk… Black Flag… White Minority… Until the end of time as you knew it…

    You’d never hear Nirvana unless there was a Black Flag and many other bands in the post Hardcore era of the late ’80s and beyond into the ’90s into 21 Century… Later…


  13. lou

    thanks Shawntoh, her presumed self-hatred at work.

  14. lou

    ha ha ha


    how can we blame this one white gun owners? [Shootings of Children Nearly Doubled During the Pandemic — and Black Kids Bore the Brunt of the Violence: A new study found that racial disparities among young shooting victims widened as overall gun violence spiked., The Trace, March 16, 2023]

    Black children were 100 times more likely to be shot than white children during the first 21.5 months of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

    “This study shows how important it is to bring a health disparity lens to research,” said Jonathan Jay, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health and one of the study’s authors. “It shows how structural racism, including the inequitable distribution of resources, residential racial segregation, and distribution of opportunities not only harms children of color, but privileges white children.”

    Firearm homicide rates rose dramatically in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and research has linked the spike to poverty. Initial scholarship focused on gun violence affecting adults or the general public, but emerging work is revealing that children were particularly affected. A recent study of pandemic-era pediatric firearm assaults in St. Louis found that the monthly gun injury rate among children increased by almost 52 percent compared to the five years before the pandemic, while the death rate among children increased by 29 percent. Black boys averaging 13 years old were the most likely victims.

  15. shawntoh

    Firearms… COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns… they just don’t MIX… So I demand a re-mix… DJ Screw would qualify for a shoutout to Brooklyn, NYC in that regard… Here’s to “Die Hausfrau Von Holle”!

    Just say “no” to lockdowns, they contribute to madness that not marketable and profitable in a socially accepted way…

    Brooklyn! Brooklyn!

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