Arizona Governor’s Staff Posts Trans Threat To Mass Kill ‘Transphobes’


People who have indulged in radical sexual changes so they are emotionally suffering from upheavals due to hormone and other changes, they become very violent and hyper emotional.  We all know what this is like when we become teenagers!  This is why young adults who are fired up by natural forces are used to fight wars.  We evolved this way over the eons and now we are seeing everything turned upside down with young people doing very destructive things to their own bodies including terminating their ability to create children.  So they go literally insane and extremely violent.  I have seen this first hand, too.



The ‘love everyone no matter who’ demonstrations by young people have evolved from ANTIFA/BLM riots to now LGBTQetc. lunatics are running riot threatening to kill people and indeed, are killing people especially little children and those protecting little children.  This is a horror that is not being condemned by our Bilderberg rulers.  Indeed, they are pleased this is happening.



There are many video news stories of people who want to give a speech about say, feminism, being attacked by the fringe sex maniacs waving signs, screaming, shouting, pushing and even hitting their victims.  Feminism is pretty much dead now.  Any woman protesting men invading women’s sports and other venues set aside for females (due to us being weaker/less intelligent than men) is now being utterly destroyed by men claiming to be weak/dumber fake females.


No woman will ever win anything, anymore, anywhere in the next five years as men take over all systems forever.  Leftist females who are genetic females are still needed to push for and back up for the fake females temporarily but once the victory is complete and no women ever win anything ever again, this will be dumped.


This is SO VERY STUPID!  My own grandmother in 1898, made a statement that women and swim long distances and proved this by swimming across the entire Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.  This made national news back then.  She was one of the very first women to get an astronomy degree…from a MEN’S university, too!  Yale!


I was one of the very first females to take advantage of the Civil Rights Act to demand the right to take boy’s classes in schools…and won this!  And here we are, going very rapidly backwards now.  Women today have no idea how hard these battles were back then.  You had to be brave to do it.  Now, mobs of screaming females are destroying all our victories and turning this to pure garbage.


I said long ago, trans people can have their own competitions and systems.  Taking over our competitions and systems is bad.  It is unfair and it is also stupid.



And the trans fad is evil.  It is very destructive to women’s health now that they have the fiction they can  make men into women via surgery and taking lots of pills. It turns out, the body need to be repaired over and over again or they will hemorrhage to death!  And infections are a danger.  And they also struggle with wanting to have sex with girls, not boys, anyways!  The suicide rate for these poor souls is far greater than the general population.


Now on to the other leftist mad insanity: the weather is cold.  Leftists howl that we are roasting to death and will die.


The entire West of the US in every state has tons of snow on the ground and it is still snowing like crazy out there, nonstop:



Tomorrow it will be snowing all the way down to MEXICO!!!  LA will have snow, Tucson will see snow, Los Vegas, Salt Lake City will see snow!  It isn’t even supposed to rain at this time of year!  Snow is insane.  This happened during the 1960-1980 cold cycle.  We go from warm to cold cycles constantly.



And the garbage about the Biden clan continues to show us they are traitors and should be arrested immediately.  Arrest their buddies in Congress, too.



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25 responses to “Arizona Governor’s Staff Posts Trans Threat To Mass Kill ‘Transphobes’

  1. Ken

    Bruce Jenner, former “world’s greatest athlete,” was surgically altered to resemble a woman. But “she” is still dating women.

    Logically, if he/she is romantically attracted to women, he/she would have had a much larger pool of potential dates if he/she had remained a man. None of this makes any sense.

  2. Nina

    Trying to make the problem of mass shootings in the US to be about trans people is just so wrong since most mass shooters are straight, white men.

    98% of mass shooters in the United States are men according to an article by NRP.

    “Men just are generally more violent,” said the group’s president, Jillian Peterson, a forensic psychologist and professor of criminology and criminal justice at Hamline University. “There are many theories as to why that is.”

    As NPR has reported, researchers say that men, more than women, tend to externalize their problems and look for others to blame, which can translate into anger and violence. And when women do choose violence, guns are not typically their weapon of choice.

    If men vastly outnumber women as mass shooters, those perpetrators are often a model for the next male shooters, who “see themselves in them,” Peterson said, a phenomenon that she noted is particularly true among young, white men. Violence Project data show that white men are disproportionately responsible for mass shootings more than any other group.

  3. Jim R

    The ‘philanthropic’ organizations that are pushing this destructive agenda, need to be called out and grilled in public on CSPAN, along with their oligarchs — they exist and they have names.

    In lighter news, there’s this:
    European Ammo Maker’s Growth Stymied By TikTok Data Center Sucking Up Electricity
    With comments about cat videos vs WWIII. Let’s have cat videos, eh.

  4. Kerry

    99.9% of shootings ARE FAKE. Most of them occur near military facilities with guerilla combat training centers.

    The transistor sister shooter is a FAKE. I don’t even bother to check the details because I already know it is fantasy.


    Jenner was born a female, transed into a fake man then allowed to go back to the original gender. But years of T virus hormone therapy has ruined her body.

    All anyone has to do is just study the difference between the male and female skeletal structure. Then you’ll see automatically who is who.

  5. qbutnoa

    Shanghai Petroleum & Natural Gas Exchange, first cross-border yuan settlement for LNG sourced from the United Arab Emirates & TotalEnergies (= France).

  6. lou

    o t

  7. lou


    The Trace Inadvertently Publishes Data Showing Black People Were 100 Times More Likely to Shoot Black Children Than Whites…
    PAUL KERSEY • MARCH 27, 2023 • 600 WORDS • 21 COMMENTS • REPLY
    But how can we blame this one white gun owners? [Shootings of Children Nearly Doubled During the Pandemic — and Black Kids Bore the Brunt of the Violence: A new study found that racial disparities among young shooting victims widened as overall gun violence spiked., The Trace, March 16, 2023]

    Black children were 100 times more likely to be shot than white children during the first 21.5 months of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

    “This study shows how important it is to bring a health disparity lens to research,” said Jonathan Jay, a professor at the Boston University School of P

  8. Kerry

    Just for giggles checked the military bases around Nashville.

    The biggest one is in Millington and it is NSA. It houses active duty AND CONTRACTORS AKA MERCENARIES.

    Units train here in military logistics (one being emergent threats). Gee, I wonder if they train active shooter scenarios.

    Millington is a little over 2 hours from Nashville.

    They give the shooter’s mother name as Norma Hale. Really hard to find info on this character. They scrub the maiden name but admit she comes from Fall River, MA. Oh you know Fall River. The place of the Lizzie Borden hoax. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Norma Hale was formally Norma Borden.

    Did you know that they now state that Lizzie’s middle name was ANDREW?

    Compare the pouting Audrey picture to L. Andrew’s picture. Family resemblance. Almost exact.

    This is how puerile they are at the top. Tee hee hee all the time.

  9. Petruchio

    This is all about a War on Heterosexuals. The LGBTQ+ movement constantly claims to be victims of Hate. And Intolerance. Well look who is “calling the kettle black”! This LGBTQ+ hatred of Heterosexuals is supposed to be a secret. The reason being the LGBTQ+ population is tiny compared to the Hetero population. This is a VERY important consideration if a War breaks out. The LGBTQ+ crowd is smart enough to recognize this fact. I hate the prospect of violence, but it is going to go that way.

  10. Nina

    Sweet, little lou, you make me laugh. Eagles don’t have black heads, didn’t you know? They do not conform to your racial stereotypes..haha

  11. lou

    The Trace Inadvertently Publishes Data Showing Black People Were 100 Times More Likely to Shoot Black Children Than Whites…

  12. qbutnoa

    Each country in the European Union gets to play the big boss for 6 months on a rotating basis (27 member states = once every 13.5 years). It is currently Spain’s turn and they are off to China to talk about Ukraine.

  13. TinaB

    @Nina – it’s true – it’s funny. It makes me laugh too. I try to imagine how miserable it would be to live that way…. it’s sad.

    For 12 years I had a job where I interacted with people from all over the world every day and some who didn’t speak English – and I loved every minute of it… it was the BEST job I ever had.

    Some of the most grateful, humble, kind, honest people I’ve ever met.

    I hear “comments” like lou’s about the Chinese and the East Indians. And a lot of racism exists between Eastern Europeans and the Chinese.

    It’s silly and lazy and it causes unnecessary chaos and destruction not just for the “hated” but also the “hater”. It’s dumb.

  14. Pete


    Beat me to it again lol

    China is taking over fast.
    Brokered peace Iran – Saudi.
    Soon to broker peace in Ukraine.
    Zelensky eager to meet with Xi.
    And another nation dumps USD.

  15. lou › world › 2016 › jul › 12 › black-men-america-violence-vulnerable-detroit

    ‘It’s like we’re seen as animals’: black men on their vulnerability and …
    Jul 12, 2016In America, black men have historically been depicted as aggressive, hypersexual and violent – to be controlled, to be exploited, to be tamed.
    The result of that construct and the…bla bla bla
    / the unlovely blacks who threaten me, yell at me, bother me here in USA..worse than animals.

  16. qbutnoa

    @20 = yes, things are moving very fast, interesting times ahead.

    “Zelensky eager to meet with Xi.”
    I am not sure Xi is that eager to meet Zelensky though…

  17. Zelensky is always winning except when he is losing.

    This is so insane. This is why 90% of the real news from Ukraine is blocked by Google, etc. No news is no news!

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