DC Political Prisoner, Q Anon Shaman, Suddenly Released From Prison!!!


The WALLS ARE FALLING!  After obvious proof that was hidden by the FBI and DOJ during his trial, the ‘Buffalo Shaman’ who was a retired US soldier who walked around the Halls of Congress with police, was suddenly released from prison due to being 100% innocent of all charges!  ABOUT TIME!  Thank you, Tucker Carlson of Fox News, for engineering his freedom via showing the real videos!  Now I hope this man sues the bejesus out of the DC/DNC who put him in prison illegally!


No apologies, they are ‘putting him on parole’ now but he will now have access to his FAMILY, LAWYERS and others including media giants like Fox TV and this fiction that he did anything illegal is going to crash and burn now.


GOOD.  I am very happy for him.  Can we do this for everyone else, pretty please?


About time.  Meanwhile, in Tennessee, sexually confused mob of young leftist communists assail the Legislature there, breaking into the building and fighting the police:



Virtually no one was arrested.  What a contrast.




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8 responses to “DC Political Prisoner, Q Anon Shaman, Suddenly Released From Prison!!!

  1. Nina

    Brave, young people protesting against rampant gun violence. Love them! They are our future.

    In civilized countries we take it for granted that our children and grand children will be safe at school. In the US however, this is not the case. The gun epidemic is a deadly disease that continues to claim new victims every single day. One cannot remain silent about this.

    US gun epidemic: More than 10,000 killed so far in 2023 with govt. clueless

    The latest report by Gun Violence Archive indicates 5,742 people have committed suicide using firearms and 4,266 others have died in homicides, murders, accidental discharges and defensive gun use.

    As for minors, 59 children aged up to 11 died in those incidents and 347 aged 12-17, according to the tracker.

  2. Pete

    Weaponizing Trans
    Rainbow Terror

  3. lou

    2-I wonder what size crowds she draws.

  4. qbutnoa

    The secret weapon is in Ghana.

  5. Jim R

    Meanwhile, in the ‘sun so hot we froze to death’ department:

  6. Pete


    Also polluted Baltic sea and killed
    god only knows how much sea life.

  7. Kerry

    The “Shaman” is not real. Just another crisis actor. And I highly doubt he was arrested and put in jail.

    Anyone with their wits about them should know the hoax by the costume he put on! He invoked Cernunnos, the horned god of the wild hunt at behest of his handlers.

    All of this is planned. None of it is real.

    The only real news anyone receives in this world is the local neighborhood gossip. THAT IS IT!

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