DNC Deliberately Collapse Law And Order While Trying To Imprison Trump For Silly Junk


Our borders are open to any and all invaders while we spend trillions to secure borders overseas.  This is pure insanity and our country is under sustained attack internally and externally.  Insane leftists continue to issue open threats to kill anyone who defies their demands while patriots are charged with annoying Congress.  Leftists gang up outside Supreme Court Justices, threatening them and screaming at them and no one is arrested while patriots are arrested after being allowed inside the Congress building on Jan.6.  Time to stop this madness.


Communists never have sane laws.  They do as they please and justice doesn’t exist.  ‘Punish all enemies of our communist faith’ is their only goal. This is why all DNC cities are now hell holes even the very richest cities are rapidly deteriorating under communist rule.  Congress is no longer run entirely by these communists so we are now having real hearings about all the lunacy cooked up by these radical leftist who now dominate the entire DNC.


So We See How Merrick Garland Lies Under Oath about his refusal to stop violent leftist demonstrators attacking private homes of Supreme Court Justices while same time, planning to prosecute even more patriots for the Jan. 6 event.



The leftists when being questioned, always go for the ‘I know nothing’ scam.  The heads of departments of various sorts all have the same excuse: ‘I can’t remember/know nothing’.  People running the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, etc. all know nothing.  They are clueless and stupid and their staff refuse to talk to them and their sole job is to sit in a chair and do or say or learn nothing.


Of course, this is an obvious lie.  Whenever they say ‘I know nothing’ Republicans elected recently who are not RINOs then tear into these clueless clowns and then kick them out of the hearings.  Not one of these ‘I know nothing/do nothing’ clowns is ever replaced by the Democrats.


This is proof of criminal conspiracy!  This is why I want all of them arrested.  Rep. MTG thinks like this, too, and I agree with her:



I scored a point in NYC many years ago while standing on a street corner with Mayor Koch, arguing about how to use the police and courts to stop the gigantic crime wave that was destroying our city back in 1982.  As the mayor insisted I was exaggerating things, two thugs just a few blocks north of where we were standing began shooting at each other.


I said to the cops protecting Koch who was now crouching down at my feet, ‘Come on, let’s get them!’ and I ran to the shooters and the cops ran with me.  They caught the gangsters and Koch was very pissed at me, poor precious baby he was back then.


But a day later he figured out the obvious and gave in to my demand for a special force to clear up the many criminals destroying my neighborhood and we flushed out all the gangs and Park Slope then took off as ‘best neighborhood in NYC’.


Crime matters!  Low crime places vote Republican so no Democrat wants to stop high crime rates.



Poor Elon Musk’s staff couldn’t figure out that EXPOSING the leftist plans to riot violently has to be broadcast to victims can prepare for obvious riots brewing.  Yes, Twitter could ban this trope from regular posters there but killing it at CONGRESS PEOPLE or Mayors or Governors, etc. is leftist censorship.


The bots doing the banning should be programmed to not censor our politicians and this includes incitement to riot posted by leftist politicians and leaders.  Let us see what these guys are planning!  Elon Musk should apologize to us all.


Right now, leftist communists run everything.  Janet Yellen who is in charge of the Treasury and doing a terrible job of this claimed, like all leftist, she has no idea what her agency is doing and clueless about underlings running riot:



The reporter who testified in Congress about all the schemes and games being pulled by leftists running various systems and then is attacked at home by roving IRS agents is no shock to me!  I remember Nixon’s ‘enemies list’ and this was used by the IRS back in the early 1970’s to punish Nixon critics one of whom was my own father.


My father was an advisor to a number of Presidents starting with Eisenhower who he got to know during WWII.  We lived next door to Barry Goldwater for a while in Arizona, too.  My father ran an agency under Jimmy Carter, for example, dealing with alternative energy research.


When Nixon attacked my father, I told him to call on the Senators of Arizona both of whom knew my father and didn’t know he was being attacked by Nixon’s gang and they twisted arms for him in the White House to stop the harassment.


My family and even I have lived off and on in California for the last 170 years.  Report: Cost of California Reparations Rises to $800 Billion, 2.5 X State Budget


A preliminary report by the committee suggested separate schools for black children, among other ideas.


The black politicians think they can steal taxpayer money to infinity now.  They want everything and anything and use any excuse for this obvious looting they indulge in all the time, everywhere now.  I remember when the majority of black citizens I knew many years ago were good people, honest people.


Some of them were heroic people, too.  They have all passed away now and the younger generation, given everything on a silver platter, have deteriorated significantly and now are just wanting to indulge in rampant looting.  This is why absolutely no one now wants to live in or around black power areas.


Cities run by blacks are now all hell holes.  This is horrifying for BLACK CHILDREN being raised in these hellish places.  Good grief!  This is so very, very racist!



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14 responses to “DNC Deliberately Collapse Law And Order While Trying To Imprison Trump For Silly Junk

  1. Nina

    Do you want to solve a problem that kills and maims thousands of teens and children each year? Nope! Not going to happen with the GOP in charge.

    ‘We’re Not Gonna Fix It,’ Says GOP Congressman After Nashville Mass Shooting

    Speaking to reporters outside the U.S. Capitol Monday afternoon following the murder of three 9-year-old children and three staff at the Covenant School in Nashville, Burchett lamented the deaths and said “it’s a horrible, horrible situation.”

    But “we’re not gonna fix it,” he added, referring to U.S. mass shootings. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have already been 130 such shootings this year.

    “Criminals are gonna be criminals,” Burchett continued.

    The same knucklehead wants to ban drag queens because “we don’t put up with that crap in Tennessee”.

    Haha… unbelievable. Take a look at this guy, it really says it all.


    Racism is just ridiculous and pointless. It makes no sense to me.

  2. qbutnoa

    Florida, Orlando, Disney sidesteps DeSantis board with royal (King Charles III) clause.

  3. lou

    INTENTIONAL COLLAPSE= Order out of chaos.
    cloward piven strategy.

    meanwhile in NYC

    It wasn’t the message causing the anti-white “Holding the Weight of Whiteness”seminar in New York City – put on by a teacher’s union representing 190,000 educators – forcing its cancellation… nope, it’s that white people complained about the course forcing organizers to cancel it over hateful messages.

    [NYC teachers union’s workshop on ‘harmful effects of whiteness’ canceled after influx of ‘hate’, NY Post, March 27, 2023]:

    A controversial seminar about white privilege that had been planned by the city teachers’ union for Monday was abruptly canceled — because its host was inundated with “hate messages and disparaging comments.”

  4. Petruchio

    Damn right the Dems are deliberately collapsing things. This is from the Marxist playbook the Bolsheviks used in Czarist Russia. Create as much Chaos, disorder, dissent and resentment. In other words, blow everything up. There is a famous Latin expression that goes, “Out of chaos comes Order”. With enough chaos the Marxist Deep Staters (GOP and Dem) figure they can impose anything they want, such as travel passports for all of the peons.

  5. Nina

    Another derailment.

    Evacuations in Minnesota After Fiery Derailment of Train Carrying Ethanol

  6. lou

    Last count I knew of was about 240 plants destroyed.

    Chocolate factory 3-23 2023

  7. Pete

    Zelensky fatigue growing.

  8. Pete

    Time to go….

  9. Pete

    Russia controls 3/4 Bakhmut
    UA hundreds dead daily

  10. Pete


    Collisional Cascading
    danger growing in space

  11. snoosebomb

    @12 , tricky stuff , targeting . mcgregor/napolitano , saying bakhmut is done

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