Florida Gov. DeSantis Will Not Cooperate With FBI Or DOJ Arrest Trump In Florida


Despite Trump’s very stupid attacks on Governor DeSantis, he is very lucky DeSantis is more mature than himself!  DeSantis is refusing to cooperate with the ‘President’ Biden’s criminal operation which uses the FBI and DOJ to commit continuous crimes against Trump.  Over and over again, the DNC tries to put Trump in prison based on stupider and stupider ‘crimes’.  This latest ‘crime’ is particularly desperate and stupid.  It is obvious to me.  I was once arrested for ‘JAY WALKING’ which started a riot which the leaders wanted to pin on me, the innocent party.


I won!  They backed down in embarrassment especially since I was under age 18.  OOPS.  And the police started the riot, not me.  I have strong feelings of this abuse of police powers to take down political foes.  I was a very, very political teenager back then.  They wanted me to be shut down.  And failed.


DeSantis can’t stop the Feds from committing this latest crime against Trump but he can embarrass these communists and show the world how nasty, stupid and evil they are.  The DNC thinks being evil is OK because all communists act the same.  The Chinese communists are not protesting this, after all!  Oh, Biden’s family is owned by the communist Chinese via bribes.


Why isn’t Biden being arrested for treason?  Seriously.  We have abundant proof he collected communist Chinese bribes.  But then, most of the DNC has gotten their own bribes, too. Arrest ALL of them every last one of these traitors.


Now on to Rep. MTG: she has risen so high in the GOP she was invited to a signing of the Official End of Covid 19 Restrictions.  This is utterly different from her being locked out of all GOP public and private events!




Here is another tweet from MTG:



All the communist Democrats online who respond to any and all postings by the great MTG began the usual chorus of ‘he isn’t really released from prison’ and ‘this is normal not unusual release’ etc.  It is not ‘normal’ at all. He was held in a Chinese-style prison and not even allowed to see family members.  He could not talk to the press.  Nor even see MTG when she demanded to see him.


All of this was NOT NORMAL in prison systems!  It is a carbon copy of COMMUNIST prisons!


The totally evil leftists cannot see how they are thinking like Mad Madame Mao.  To them, it is normal to punish anyone who opposes them.  Cruel imprisonments or even outright killing is OK with these fake liberals who are really communists.


More about the communist push to put our President in prison over something all the communist leaders do all the time (pay off prostitutes):


Gaetz has called for Biden’s removal for a long, long time.  It is obvious to anyone with brains that Biden is a traitor.  Note our open border kept this way deliberately.  Just the other day, Biden openly lied about this claiming he did more to close the border than any President despite the reality more illegal aliens have invaded than any time in US history!  This man is insane as well as being a traitor.


Back to howls to imprison Trump based on him being tricked by a prostitute, no one in the DNC is talking about Epstein!  Nearly all of the DNC leaders ran off to the Teen Sex Island run by suicide Manhattan jail and the list of all the rich men who visited this island paradise remains hidden.



Bill Gates, for example, along with Bill Clinton, was a frequent visitor/friend of this evil man.  Bill Gate’s ex-wife divorced him due to this business. From last year:



Naturally, Bill runs off with a younger female after the divorce.  But he had to pay his ex lots and lots of loot, first.  The Jimmy Dore Show talks about how the CIA might have been involved in the Epstein mess:



I lived in the backyard of the super powerful due to my father’s history inside the Systems.  I used to spy on the Overlords when I was very young, today it is nauseating how they continue onwards without shame or fear even though all their bizarre, evil activities are now out in the open and easy for people to see.


Of course, being deliberately blind is normal for many people.  They only see they will get goodies if they ignore obvious crimes.


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22 responses to “Florida Gov. DeSantis Will Not Cooperate With FBI Or DOJ Arrest Trump In Florida

  1. Kerry

    It is good they stopped the CV hoax early. March 30 doesn’t seem to have any particular significance. In the sky Uranus is conjunct Venus in Aries. So that denotes sudden changes, relationships or rebellions.

    It could be another group at the top is starting to make their moves for a power grab.

    The original end date was set on May 11 amid the ancient Roman festival of Lemuria. Which was the Festival of the Dead.

  2. Jim R

    Will Florida arrest the FEEBs if they come after Trump? One type of cops vs another? Secret Service (Treasury dept) in a gunbattle with Trump security?

    It could be the start of Civil War II.
    We live in interesting times.

  3. TinaB

    if someone doesn’t understand privilege, show them this video

    “dude it actually hurts every time they take 2 steps forward and leaving others behind”

    “Racism limits people’s opportunities to improve their lives. To provide financial stability to their families. Making it much harder to rise out of poverty.

    The problems you listed stem from poverty. And since public schools are funded by local taxes, poorer neighborhoods have access to lower quality education.

    Lower education results in lower job opportunities. Lower education results in less responsible parents.

    How do you solve this vicious cycle? By first solving racism to help level the playing field.”

  4. TinaB

    oh dear ems is at it again “Naturally, Bill runs off with a younger female after the divorce.”

    What do you mean “run off” – he and his wife divorced and he met another woman he liked who happened to be younger than him. She’s NOT a “younger” female – SHE’S 60 YEARS OLD! wtf is wrong with you ems?

    Your vocabulary and communication skills are so weak.

    Do you purposely inflate everything you say or is it an accident?

    AND she’s QUITE accomplished! She sounds lovely – unlike you!


  5. lou

    tine bees been here but didnt post FIRST.

    Meanwhile news is running a ‘ghost of leo frank haunts us’ tale.
    leo frank, ADL started to protect memory of child killer.

    Something few people know.
    Jews often go on search and destroy raids in public and college libraries. Removing and destroying books not in accord with Jewish opinions and propaganda. For instance you’ll find 10 books lauding Jewish Russian communism 1918 to 1990 for every book telling the truth about Jewish rule in Russia.
    The ratio of books about that great American hero, Senator Joe McCarthy is even more skewed in favor of the communists he exposed. Probably about 200 books denouncing McCarthy to 1 book relating the truth that beginning 1933 the entire federal government employed thousands of Russian spies, mostly Jews.
    For example communist Jew Harry Dexter White assistant director of the treasury under FDR. Weiss, with the help of communist Jews working in the Mint sent real original not forged plates of every American bill to Russia. And the exact formula for the ink and paper used to make American paper money.
    Jews like you destroyed the truthful Senator McCarthy and also destroyed most of the evidence that Weiss and many others were Russian spies and McCarthy was right.
    The man who raped and murdered Mary Phagan was obviously in close and intimate contact with her during the rape and murder. Whoever it was left his head hair on her head neck face chest and shoulders and pubic hair between her legs.

    Mary’s hair was a light auburn shoulder length which is about 18 inches long. The hair the rape murder left on her was about 2 to 4 inches long and dark brown black.
    Clear and present irrefutable evidence that the man who raped and murdered her was White not black.

    I read this information in a book published in the 1930s. Book was located in the Green library Stanford university. The French Dreyfus case was similar to the Frank case. In both cases few knew or cared the defendant was a Jew. It was Frank’s family in New York that raised the screeching about anti semitism. It was Dreyfus brother in Germany who started the PR campaign about Dreyfus

  6. Nina

    Thank you for sharing that video TinaB. It brought tears to my eyes. Life can be so unfair.

    Inequality, racism, discrimination, and poverty. They all are connected. Even in terms of environmental issues there seems to be a connection, as poorer communities tends to have a worse environment than wealthier communities.

    Think of Flint, Michigan, with tainted water. Or the Cancer Alley along the Mississippi River. These are mostly impoverished and deprived communities. Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so.

    The US is the world’s richest country. So why can’t I get a glass of clean drinking water?

    “Accidents happen, of course. But there is a difference between an unavoidable accident and a series of public health disasters caused by corporate greed, deteriorating infrastructure and a lack of regulation. The US is the richest country in the world. Clean water shouldn’t be a luxury – and, yet, that is increasingly what it is becoming.”

  7. qbutnoa

    Spain is in in China, France and EU President Ursula von der Leyen also visit next week.

  8. qbutnoa

    Finland, far right wing anti-immigration party expected to replace current centre left government.

  9. Kerry


    The book destruction is very blatant.

    They like to sell off public land that once housed libraries to their crony real estate moguls. Then they say the will store or move the books that once resided in the destroyed library. P.S. most of these books disappear. They refurbished the Mid town library and now there are less books inside it then before they touched it.

    You have to look a long time to get a book on Germany pre-WWII. It is to the point that German history stops in the 1940s.

    Now they just go ahead and change the books. Look at what they are doing to Roald Dahl’s books!

  10. lou


    santa monica rebuilt the library maybe 15-20 years ago.
    a dumpster diver told me that dumpsters of books and rare colliers [900] mags were in the dumpsters.

    at what point did Brittanica start to have an entry on ‘holocaust’?

  11. shawntoh

    @ #11 Good point, lou–why?

    I recall, when I was hungry and near homeless one day, coming across a huge vinyl collection of “ancient” music in a trash bin outside a record store in a west coast city years ago around the time period that you cite, lou…

    No, it’s not Roman Empire music nor Greek Empire music, either, that I found… No, it was far worse than that decadent trash, as y’all know, that long-haired crap… like Mozart or that other bad-a** German white guy, Beethoven! It was a huge cache of such notorious non-rap artists such “talent” as…

    “Lawrence Welk”… (!!!)

    [dramatic horn motif… “Dat, dat, DAAAH!!!” {like Wagner!}]

    This should probably get EMS wincing since LW is the epitomy of NOT being very hip at all…!

    She’d probably even go for a scratchy sounding bootleg of the ancient concert that happened at Altamont CA December 1969 before even admitting such a guy like LW existed at all in the late 20th Century…!

    There’s no way we can reform Lawrence Welk at all in the New Neo-Maoist regime upon us all! LW is probably embarrassing at best and a pseudo-OUTLAW for the left at worst!

    LW suffered for his art and now it’s your turn…! That’s what I say! Anyway…

    EMS what are we going to do about such artists as Wagner, btw?

    He didn’t like “Jews” at all and was notorious, like that French writer, Celine, for hating “Jews”… I don’t condone people just hating Jews because they are “Jews”… That’s pre-judging people! The “P” word! That’s wrong. Period.

    Should we get Wagner erased from all the movies, radio, TV, etc. that his music appeared in? Could you imagine what a living nightmare that would be? The expense alone is catastrophic even not putting down on the numbers in estimates!

    If we have further installments of the KULTURAL revolution of Wokey-Dokey-Stan… This will interesting to see not only what survives but what gets destroyed in order for the left to save the good ole U. S. of A… Whadda say…?



    EMS I’m sure is always “one toke over the line” with LW! Hee, hee!

    Then lets go with, for $31 Trillion (and counting)… “Death on the Installment Plan”, that’s what we seem to have now with the current regimes on the entire political spectrum!

  12. Pete

    In exchange for Russian military
    technology China and NK will
    send troops to Ukraine.

  13. TinaB

    @Nina my lovely sister in arms – exactly what happened to me too. It’s like I feel it on a cellular level. Like I become them and feel their pain.

    We CAN change this Nina … just keep cheering for love and grace the space we share with all others, especially those less fortunate.

  14. shawntoh

    Will the next stop be Riker’s Island? *

    It seems there’s one good thing here that the “Madame Mao” Sistas will disdain… DJT may, if convicted, be around some of NYC’s most notorious criminal types in R.I., but, there will be two SS agents posted outside his cell! Yup, because he’s a former president… So, DJT will be in the infirmary due to his age, too…

    * https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11925245/If-jailed-Trump-likely-RIKERS-ISLAND-infirmary-secret-service-agents.html

    Too bad? Or just too good? You know better than me! Yes, you do, correct? I thought so…


  15. shawntoh

    …what about the Tombs… ?

  16. qbutnoa

    North East Syria, Hassakeh province, Russia (& Turkey) protests “provocative actions” by USA forces – who are helping the Kurds fight ISIL/ISIS or something.

  17. shawntoh

    Wait! What about “Sing Sing”?

    EMS… Could you explain what “Sing Sing” is? (Because I’ve been to NYC but not to “Sing Sing” which I believe is near NYC) That’s another very bad place, isn’t it?

    TinaB & Nina… Look at this here couple, they still live despite “the haters”! You’re not one of the “haters” are you? Just like the rest? Of course NOT! Then I won’t judge anyone then…!

    I propose that EMS, TinaB & Nina form a coalition government at this time at their leisure to rule the greater universe… They are all women and they can do what no man can do and thus it will get it done! Correct? Yes! It does take a woman to get the job done these days, correct? I think so… EMS writes a blog so that must be true…

    Otherwise I’d rather take 20,000 years in Sing Sing, the film, or 20k on a suspended sentence with full parole hearings and released on my own regcogizance …

  18. I see a lot of people are freaking out now and no surprise. This will continue for a while longer. Hopefully we will figure out how reality works and be functional again.

    I would suggest everyone here read ‘The Decline And Fall of Rome’ it is a very good book and sheds light on imperial collapses.

  19. Warning about WordPress: do NOT put lots of videos on each comment posting. Thank you.

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