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War and peace intersect with diplomacy.

Snowden And Ellsberg Condemn Illicit US Secret Assassination Program That Kills Mainly Bystanders

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Snowden and Ellsberg hail leak of drone documents from new whistleblower as the shattering story of how our anti-Muslim wars of aggression are  waged overseas.  There are a number of elements of this ugly butchery which astonishes me.  One is the artwork: it looks like it was done by alien ant-creatures.  It makes the skin crawl.  Oddly done computer maps and weird text styles give me the shivers.  It reminds me of the Nazi documents that were ‘odd’ looking, too.  I have a German book of schizophrenic artwork done in hospitals there and this artwork looks quite similar. I don’t think the artists are insane (or perhaps are!) but rather, they distance themselves from the facts they are painting so coldly.

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US Rulers Have Decided To Restart The Cold War With Both Russia And China

The CIA attempt to overthrow Assad of Syria, the one ruler Israel fears the most, has begun to unravel as Russia has now stepped in to stop the al Qaeda/ISIS operation cooked up by the Zionists.  Syria lies in ruins now but is beginning to see some sanity again, for the operatives hired by the US (and obvious others!) has shown themselves to be exactly like the people we are supposed to be fighting because ‘They hate America and freedom.’  This confusing situation is actually rather hilarious except for all the innocent dead people, the bystanders who are being destroyed.  Therefore, this entire business is a crime against humanity.

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No News In The US: Saudi Royals Will Torture, Crucify And Then Behead Two Students Who Protested

Screen shot 2015-10-14 at 8.55.08 PM » Saudi Arabia in 2014.

This is huge news in England.  No news in the US.  Americans are usually kept in near total darkness when it comes to these sort of crimes by our ‘allies’.  A childish story of good and evil is painted for US citizens because our rulers need to hide the truth from us.  I have known for many years, exactly how bad the Saudi Royals can be.  Once, one of them actually lived with us in Arizona, long ago when I was a teenager.  They have grown up to be monsters:  Mother of Saudi man sentenced to crucifixion begs Obama to intervene | World news | The Guardian


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US Falsely Accuses Russia Of Bombing Iran

Proof please? CNN claims Russian missiles crashed in Iran, Moscow refutes, US can’t confirm — RT News reports.  The warmongers who run our country no matter who is pretending to be ‘President’ have been pushing hard for the last three years to go to war with Putin because he made Russia much stronger.  The latest stupid accusations are collapsing due to Iran refusing to play this game…this goes under ‘duh!’

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US And EU Freak Out Over Million+ Muslim Invasion So They Attack Assad!

Had to go to the hospital again but now everything is OK except for dislocated shoulder and hurt ribs.  Ouch.  So I am on pain killers which is very annoying.


Today I can type again…sort of. I did too much firewood splitting and stacking this last week thinking I was healthy enough.  Some dear friends came over to help out and they told me after the hospital visit, I was not to do any more work this month.  Thanks to everyone.


Now on to the news: The US and EU are both tied up in knots over contradictory policies and rising tensions caused by the NATO push to overthrow all socialist Muslim governments.  The wars launched by the US has flooded Europe with over a million very angry Muslim males and a small handful of women and children who are the only ones shown in photos by the Bilderberg media owners

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Peaceful Demonstrator, When 17, Was Sentenced To DEATH By Vicious Saudi Royals

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Ali Mohammed al-Nimr faces execution in Saudi Arabia for taking part in protest | Daily Mail Online: yes, our darling allies are going to execute a very young man for a peaceful demonstration against the monsters who rule Saudi Arabia with an iron fist and which is one of the nastiest dictatorships on earth, NO ONE beats them when it comes to being really obnoxious.  The US has decided to not protest all this and has also decided to let Saudi Arabia investigate itself for crimes against humanity.  This is after some in the UN tried to curb Saudi cruelty.

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US Needs More Muslim Terrorists To Attack Russia

Turns out I was right about the Texas briefcase ‘bomb’ boy.  His teachers now came out of the closet and are telling about how he caused this sort of trouble in the past.  Conned again, isn’t this unusual…not.  Trump tells the truth…again…this time about Syria which has enraged the Zionist media giants and the toads in Congress of both parties.  And France accuses Assad of Syria of ‘war crimes’ unlike NATO which…has committed so many war crimes, we need to reopen the Nüremberg war trials.

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