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Hillary Supporters Riot & Burn, US News Won’t Report This


election riots – Google Search: ALL of the news of these riots are from Europe, mostly England!  Only one source is from the US:  Hillary Supporters Burn American Flag, Riot, Threaten to Kill Trump After Losing Election » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!  Yes, Infowars is the only media carrying this story so far, that is national.  The US media giants are continuing their War on Patriots.  Yes, this is war if they less mobs destroy cities while preventing the rest of us from learning about what is going on.  This out of control censorship of the news is the biggest news of all, the most important of all the news, this is the Fourth Estate becoming a graveyard.

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US Rulers Have Decided To Restart The Cold War With Both Russia And China

The CIA attempt to overthrow Assad of Syria, the one ruler Israel fears the most, has begun to unravel as Russia has now stepped in to stop the al Qaeda/ISIS operation cooked up by the Zionists.  Syria lies in ruins now but is beginning to see some sanity again, for the operatives hired by the US (and obvious others!) has shown themselves to be exactly like the people we are supposed to be fighting because ‘They hate America and freedom.’  This confusing situation is actually rather hilarious except for all the innocent dead people, the bystanders who are being destroyed.  Therefore, this entire business is a crime against humanity.

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Saudi Arabia Is Our Direst Enemy…And Eco-freak Germany Is Fake

For the last 50 years the US has claimed that the extreme oily oligarchy ruling ruthlessly the lands of Saudi Arabia are good guys.  The royals are not only extremely radical and very violent, they periodically sponsor terrorist attacks with the 9/11 event being the biggest done against an ‘ally’.  We are NOT allies of Saudi Arabia, we are their enemy in the long run, infidels who prevent them from ruling Jerusalem.  My family has had many intimate dealings with the Saudi Royals until my mother got in a big fight with them way back in 1979 when a Saudi royal deliberately ran over a Dutch woman riding a bike between ‘European towns’ set up for oil workers.  The lady wasn’t wearing a veil so the man ran her over to my mother’s great rage.

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Over 90% Football Players Suffer Severe Brain Damage, Die Young Or Commit Suicide

Screen shot 2015-09-19 at 9.16.00 AM

The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census – Best Tickets Blog: this shows clearly that the vast majority of pro players are black men who are desperate to hit the jackpot no matter what.


New: 87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease | Concussion Watch | FRONTLINE | PBS has a special on TV about the new report that is quite shocking but no surprise to me.  Most mothers have forbidden their sons to play football  much so white participation has dropped from nearly 100% 60 years ago to barely more than a quarter today.  Whites still play the game mainly because they heavily dominate the ‘executive positions with the quarterbacks on pro teams making up over 70% of the players while the violent positions like the CB team has zero, yes, zero whites and 170 blacks and this is where the brain damage is the worst.

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New Hysteria About Frogs in Washington State: They Will Die Due To Hot Weather!

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Are Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy married? – Muppet Wiki

Yes, the money for ‘global warming’s studies is flowing like the Mighty Mississippi and every possible graduate student and professor is jumping aboard the global warming Good Ship Lollipop to write ‘studies’ that prove with zero proof that someday in the future everything is going to roast to death and die and that this period of time is the warmest time in earth’s history which is utterly insane since we are in the middle of the Ice Age era and all eras before this, for the most part, were far warmer than today and frogs and toads evolved way back before dinosaurs and survived a number a major extinction events to croak at us today in mockery.

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Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Transformer Explosion Reminds Us How Close Nuclear Disaster Is To NYC

Screen shot 2015-05-10 at 6.30.47 PM

Tornado, foot of snow hit S.D. as Great Plains in storm path –

We know for certain that nuclear power plants blow up.  It isn’t frequent but the consequences are dire and last generations, not brief.  Cleaning up after an event is nearly impossible which renders nuclear energy as a very dangerous solution to energy desires.  The other day I wrote about the orbital solar energy beaming down to earth based energy collection/transmission points and people pointed out the various concerns about dong this but none came even remotely near the realistic and highly destructive problems created by exploding nuclear power plants.  They are nearly unique in their ability to make huge areas evolutionary danger hot zones due to causing genetic damage to all living things.


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IEEE Paper By Keith Henson: Feasibility Study Building Orbital To Earth Solar Energy Arrays In Space

Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 8.20.54 AM

X2-class solar flare: the sun is very active today, we feel the warmth pretty quickly.


My former brother-in-law, Keith Henson,  was one of the founders of the L5 Society which I was a member of way back in the 1970’s, has been pushing for a proposed orbital solar energy transmission system from space to earth-based receptors which we hope would overcome the problem of land-based solar energy, that is, nighttime shutting it down.  Our desire for this sort of development in space is based on the concept that humans must begin moving off planet or have civilization rot away back to Roman standards (SLAVES) in the far future.  Research in this area limps along due to the Bilderberg guys focused nearly entirely on running various stupid global warming con games.  So work on development is at a snail’s pace…but is beginning to pick up.


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