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‘Ornithologist’ Filardi Finds Rare Woodpecker And KILLS It To ‘Study It’

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Molt and Variations in Plumage Pattern of Mockingbirds at Pasadena, California on JSTOR: The bird expert who wrote this book and one about condors was my beloved godmother.  Josephine lived to be 105 years old and was a friend of my grandfather and mother.  She was one of the early pioneers in how to study birds WITHOUT KILLING THEM.  This is key!  She loved birds!  She would never, ever kill one.  She taught me how to talk to birds.  She talked to them every day.  Now on to the news that infuriated me no end: American scientist tracks down one of the world’s rarest birds and then KILLS IT for ‘research’


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New Hysteria About Frogs in Washington State: They Will Die Due To Hot Weather!

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Are Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy married? – Muppet Wiki

Yes, the money for ‘global warming’s studies is flowing like the Mighty Mississippi and every possible graduate student and professor is jumping aboard the global warming Good Ship Lollipop to write ‘studies’ that prove with zero proof that someday in the future everything is going to roast to death and die and that this period of time is the warmest time in earth’s history which is utterly insane since we are in the middle of the Ice Age era and all eras before this, for the most part, were far warmer than today and frogs and toads evolved way back before dinosaurs and survived a number a major extinction events to croak at us today in mockery.

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Refugee Crisis Due To Religions Forbidding Birth Control

We (husband and I) have now lived on this planet for over a half century.  I had two children.  My friends who had children generally had one or two, also.  Across the first world nations run mainly by Protestant-derived religions have seen the swift rise of family planning.  My mother had seven children and we hated each other a great deal.  In Muslim and Hindi regions we have out of control births unlike say, China, which has rapidly moved into the ring of first world nations after getting its massive population under control.  The places where it is illegal or impossible to have birth control such as Catholic controlled nations, are also feeding this out of control population boom that is now assailing the first world as excess population struggles to survive while the underclass in first world nations also give birth frequently since this increases welfare payments.


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Social Scientist Claims Science/Math Males Overestimate Skills While Women Don’t

Nobel Prize winner says women cry in labs, harm science I believe, as an attempt at joking at an event.  He was immediately fired and women made fun of him and when he cried, they mocked him even more and when other Nobel Prize winners stepped up and told everyone to stop hammering the poor guy, the cascade of abuse abated.  But the issue of science, math, chess, etc. and women is not so easily settled.  The fact is, women do significantly worse at all of these intellectual things than men.  Period.  Years and years of equality later, it has improved a bit but men still outnumber women 4-1 to 100-1 in various intellectual fields.  Here is the latest attempt at explaining away this unhappy reality:


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10 Americans With Ebola Brought Back To US

Thankfully, protocols have been developed for dealing with this crisis this time:  At least 10 Americans who may have come into contact with Ebola-stricken health worker in Sierra Leone flown back to US | Daily Mail Online


At least 10 Americans who might have come into contact with the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone are being flown back to the United States for observation, officials said on Saturday.


The transfer comes amid concerns the citizens could have been exposed to an unidentified US health worker who recently tested positive for the disease while volunteering in West Africa.


The worker was flown in a private jet to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) hospital on Friday. They are said to be in a serious condition. It is not clear how they became infected with Ebola,


We have the dangerous measles outbreak that began in Disneyland in California which was brought in from overseas and which spread rapidly thanks to all the parents who are paranoid about giving children shots to prevent dangerous diseases.


The ebola crisis isn’t over but at least it isn’t also raging wildly out of control.  But it is still quite deadly and in particular, when someone dies is when it is the deadliest and evidently one of the volunteers who is sick is very sick but will be in a total isolation unit and the quarantines will be enforced vigorously.


Previously, potential carriers blew off quarantine and ran amok, mocking the system and daring the government to catch them. Throughout history, it has been one of the biggest directives of a government to protect people from disease.


This is why sanitation and building of hospitals is a top priority of governments.  Stopping diseases at the borders certainly is a government directive and in the past, it was severely enforced.


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Latest Insane Fad: Pit Bull/Bull Dog or Pit Bull/Boxer Mixes Which Kill People

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Bullypit Info, American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier Hybrid Dogs, Bullypits: I have owned and trained plenty of dogs of all different sizes and temperaments.  My first one was a collie, Lassie, of course.  When I was just a small child, the dog and I were close buddies as was Door Kitty (named by myself because she was a stray).  I am just horrified at what is happening to dogs these days.  Breeding them for violent, anti-social behaviors leads literally to deaths, often of the owner or the family where these killer dogs live.  People seem unable to understand how dogs and be bred to be vicious and dangerous and all the training in the world won’t make them safe to live at home.

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Previous Interglacial Was Warmer Than ‘Dire’ Predictions Today: Alaska Warming, Great Lakes Cooling,Is Ice Age Warning

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This shows the North Pole regions if the planet gets warmer.  Supposedly, this means we and all living things will perish.  Trees will grow closer to the North Pole, for example.  Oh, the horrors!  Only, it appears that the previous Interglacial was much warmer than the present one.  Trees grew much closer to the North Pole.  Life flourished during that Interglacial.  My mountain was -4ºF at dawn.  In Europe, UK weather: Colder, windier and with likelihood of risky icy road conditions and snow ‘blizzards’ which is why the Prince of Wales is demanding it be colder because warm climate is evil.

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