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Global Commodity, Stock And Bond Markets All Fall As Debt Buying By Big Central Banks Falters

Global markets plunge as Fed pulls plug on QE -Global stock, bond and commodities markets slump as investors take flight as Fed signals end to QE3 and China’s cash crisis deepens.  This news doesn’t surprise me all that much.  The Chinese said last year they would limit the growth of credit and they did.  Japan greatly expanded credit but mainly only for export international corporate purposes.  The Fed Reserve announced they, too, were going to reduce lending to rich bankers who, in turn, must take into account real inflation, something they don’t want to do right now.  So, the value of gold hoards is also falling.  Commodities of all sorts are falling.  Ditto, stocks.  Etc.   Continue reading


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Ambrose Evens-Prichard Makes False Gold Claims About Fed Reserve And Bank of Japan

Mt. Fuji side crater covered with minerals

Mount Fuji secondary volcanic eruption on flank of the volcano is covered with metals of various sorts.

I may annoy people by talking about things they don’t want to hear but at least I don’t go off the mental cliff like many do.  Explaining things and how these work is tricky as all hell.  We have to be careful to not make up stuff or ignore facts.  One favorite game played by online explainers is to suggest something is causing something else to happen…while producing zero evidence backing this.  The drastic fall in gold prices has driven nuts all the guys who claimed gold has something to do with the floating fiat currency game.  It does not. Continue reading


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Gold Bear Market Baffles Believers Who Think Favorite Commodity Should Always Go Up and Up

Both gold and the entirely fake bitcoins have seen big drops this week.  The gold bear market worsens:  BREAKING NEWS: Gold Prices Hammered Below Key $1500 Psychological Level– What’s Happening? as gold falls $86 in just one day.  When gold goes up in terms of currencies, gold hoarders rejoice.  When, like all markets, it suddenly falls, these same people go insane with fury because in their minds, gold should go in only one direction: up.  This is true of speculators of all kinds.  Stock buyers suffer the same irrational delusion.

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India, Not US Or EU Bank Conspiracies, Is Causing Gold To Fall In Value

The Assault on Gold » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names Paul Craig Roberts shows us how far off a cliff even someone as bright as Roberts can fall once they go for the ‘continuous deliberate conspiracy’ belief systems.  That is, gold speculators in the US complain nonstop about the meanies at the Fed fiddling with gold prices…but only when it is falling! Continue reading


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US Due To Sail Off Fiscal Cliff Into Radioactive Economic Plume

USS Reagan staff jokes about radioactive poisoning

Click her to see You Tube video of USS Reagan staff laughing as radiation alarms wail:  The USS Reagan sailors sailed directly into the most deadly plume of nuclear poisons during the worst of the Fukushima explosions and fires.  They thought this was funny!  A joke.  A laugh riot.  Now, a year later, they are scared, understandably.  The economic/financial mess we are in is the same.  We don’t take much of this very seriously and strange going ons cover up what is needed to save us from economic doom.  Everyone has a game plan and few have any basic knowledge as to how systems work, we just sail in circles in and out of poisonous radioactive economic forces that are invisible to us. Continue reading


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Counterpunch Michael Hudson Doesn’t Understand History Of Financing Wars

History is a difficult study.  People love to read and think about history but also edit it so it obeys various ideological rules.  This way, one can read history and learn nothing.  When I read people’s examinations about ‘money’ and ‘capital’ and ‘labor’ it is quite clear the US prohibition against reading Karl Marx has taken a huge toll on our collective ability to figure out what are essentially simple concepts.  Instead, I see on the ‘left’ calls for printing and distributing paper money and on the right, tax evasion, a refusal to fund the government and an inability to understand how sovereign wealth operates. Continue reading


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Greek Crisis Continues And So Does US, Israel and UK Warmongering

I went to European news sites to learn about the Latest Greek debt negotiations that seem to have reached a stalemate:   Debt crisis and Greek talks: live – Telegraph.  Talk in the US media that this has been resolved turned out to be wrong (how unusual–snark!).  As per usual, the creditors holding Greek debts are not so quick to lose all their future money.  This is normal, of course. Continue reading


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