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The planet earth and the entire universe are a great wonder to us all.

Hospital Hell: I Get To Sue One! HAHAHA

Yes, it finally happened.  I have had to deal with incompetence and young doctors who have no idea how to think on their feet.  But now one stepped right on a land mine: I went to St. Peter’s to have an IV put in my arm this morning.  The nurse attending me came in and with the harshest of violence, proceeded to tie my right arm up extremely tightly and then jabbed the needle straight into the main nerve running from the thumb and forefinger to the brain.

Screen shot 2015-08-21 at 7.00.13 PM

I screamed.  Loud.  It was amazingly painful.  I screamed, ‘You hit a major nerve! STOP!’  The nurse gave it a hard push and said, ‘This doesn’t hurt so bad.’  This pain was such as I seldom have.  I yelled at her to stop.  She refused.  Then she stuck on the blood sample phil and I nearly fainted from the pain.  Even when she stopped and taped it up if I moved even an inch, I would scream out of control.


“Take it off!’ I screamed.  She refused.  ‘If I take it off, you can’t have another IV,’ she threatened.  The doctor came in and I yelled, ‘Are you threatening me?’  He told her to take it off.  She yanked it off and I nearly fainted from the pain.


‘I am going to take you all to court,’ I announced.  She left in a huff. The doctor tried to calm me down but I said, ‘In the past I have taken hospitals to court for malpractice.  You saw how tortured I was.’  I demanded a pen and paper and began writing everything down while my daughter took photos.


I fully intend to sue them all.


I once shut down Cumberland Hospital in NYC when they nearly killed me.  I can do that here, except it wasn’t life-threatening enough to make such a drastic move.  More later.  I am still in a lot of pain and can barely write.


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Finally The Autoimmune Episode Seems To Be Ending

▶ Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease (CVID) – Mystery Diagnosis – YouTube

Hooray!  I am finally off the pain killing regime that made it nearly impossible to type.  I did type a few sentences very painfully but it was difficult to do, made constant errors.  I am still feeling the drugs but it is going away and I make typos only every third word than every word.  I did a fair amount of research on autoimmune diseases when I first became sick last month.  Then I decided to watch some Mystery Diagnosis episodes.

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Many Anti-sex GOP Are Sex Fiends

Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 7.25.02 AM

Dennis Hastert and the chain of congressional corruption: not only did he, like most everyone in Congress and our Presidents, take bribes, he had sex problems:  ‘It was sex’: Law enforcement says Dennis Hastert hush-money scandal is about sexual abuse of a male high school student during his years as a wrestling coach.  Many a right wing sports or government icon is caught having naughty sex or rape or child molestation…just like anti-sex organizations such as the Catholic Church.  Just as I attack liberals for their anti-social ‘global warming’ garbage, I attack right wingers over their fixation with sex and how they throw rocks at others while living in glass houses themselves.

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Chess Abilities: Russia Has Lots Of This, EU, US Has Less (Except Magnus) , Women Have Much Less Than Men

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Putin is a very competent chess player and the Chinese leaders are decent Go players and both play international politics with hostile EU/US rulers who are the Bilderberg gang and this gang of intellectual giants don’t understand deep thinking strategy since they win by being very rich and destroying their own social/economic systems, basically looting it.  Meanwhile, both Russia and China are securing their nations and building something there instead of driving both deep into debt.  Russia Outplays the West


Bloomberg commentator Leonid Bershidsky confirms what we always said would happen: Ukraine is in a bind, Russia holds all the cards, and the Russian economy is bouncing back as Western investors flood back in.


Here is a comment from a reader that I can’t beat:


Muhammad Abbass Vera Gottlieb • 13 hours ago
If they play poker anymore they play it very poorly I’d say. Even if you’re not paying close attention you can see their hand from their faces from the other side of the room. I’d say it is more like a game of snakes and ladders. Snakes crawling about, trying to climb anything that looks like a ladder but failing because they forgot they don’t have any feet.


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African Travelers Are Now Coming To US With Ebola: No Quarantine Of Infected Countries

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 9.10.32 PM

Quarantine and Isolation | Quarantine | CDC: doesn’t really exist.  I nearly died of the Hong Kong flu many years ago when people were allowed to fly in from there with no hesitation.  We now know that there is a major, gigantic ebola outbreak in central Africa and there is no restrictions on travel to or from and sick doctors are hauled out in isolation units and brought here and now anyone with the disease can come here, unimpeded.  This is insane!


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Anti-healthcare Isolation For Ebola Patients In Liberia Leads To Riots

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 9.00.27 PM

For weeks the ebola epidemic has been making lots of news.  There is no cure for it and only an experimental vaccine is available.  This week, instead of isolation and control of this epidemic, there is riots, chaos and ignorance which isn’t surprising, this is third world Africa.  But this threatens everyone, over time.

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Cop Shoots ‘Tame’ Whitetail Buck That Suburbanites Foolishly Pet And Feed

Ohio kids devastated after officer shoots tame deer in front of them: ‘It was my best friend’: This is from Raw Story and the comments to the article are the ritualistic ‘Evil pigs!  How dare they do this!’ sort of clap trap.  I took one look at the picture of this ‘tame deer’ and recoiled with horror.  People were petting and feeding a full adult BUCK with antlers still covered with velvet but as soon as the buck rubs this off on some tree, he will be in full rut and very deadly, dangerous.  A killer.

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