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The planet earth and the entire universe are a great wonder to us all.

Okayama Park In Japan Will Be Destroyed, Made Into Ugly High Rise Condominiums

Okayama Park Japan

An amazing act of vandalism is happening this week in Japan:  400-year-old garden in Okayama to be replaced with condominium complex ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Japan loves to devise top three lists, and Okayama City’s Korakuen is held to be one of the country’s three best gardens. Anyone who’s visited will tell you that it’s indeed beautiful, but Korakuen isn’t the city’s only garden, or even its oldest…The garden’s layout is thought to be the work of noted landscaper Kobori Enshu, who designed Tokoen in the kaiyu style, in which visitors are led on a course that winds around the grounds and past a spring-fed pond and tea house. As with many Japanese gardens, it was created with sight lines that ”borrow” aspects from the surrounding scenery, which in Tokoen’s case means affording visitors views of nearby Mt. Misaoyama.


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Our Companion, Akamaru, The Red Dog, Died Yesterday

akamaru the red dog RIP


In all the misery of the world this year, we had a personal misery.  I took our dog to the vet to fix her rear molar, so we thought, only we found out, she had terminal aggressive cancer that entered the jaw.  Since the pain pills she took have been failing rapidly, we made the anguished decision to put her gently to sleep.


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Spring Came Very Late And Incredibly Fast To My Upstate NY Mountain

This spring is amazing.  We had nonstop winter, it got colder and colder and spring seemed further and further away.  In the Rockies, it is still hard winter.  But in the last three days, the entire orchestra of spring has burst into flower nearly instantaneously.  Making up for lost time, all the trees even the mighty, slow red oaks are leafing out simultaneous with the birch who usually is early.  The cherry trees are blooming alongside the daffodils.  A riot of growth, all in three short days!

my medieval chalet spring sunset 2014

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Cesar Millan, National Geographic Dog Trainer Dude, Thinks Pit Bulls Are Safe, Friendly Dogs Which Is Insanely Wrong

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 7.35.21 PM

I really despise this man.  I train dogs and horses and other animals and one animal I would not train is a pit bull.  They are unreliable as wolves and if you are injured, sick or have a baby, they switch to wolf mode and due to breeding, have very strong jaws and strong wills.  They are great for bull baiting and I trained oxen that weighed over a ton each and found them far safer to handle than pit bulls.  Here is Milan’s latest attempt at conning people into having pit bulls as pets:  I’m not a bully! Heartwarming portraits of rescue pit bulls hope to challenge harsh misconceptions about the breed | Mail Online

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Freeloader Rancher Wins Fight With Feds, Gets To Graze Land He Doesn’t Own Or Pay Taxes On Like I Must Do For MY Cows

ranchers don't want to pay range fees or cultivate pastures carefully

Question of the day.. | pearlsofprofundity: a right wing site that praises ranchers and hates Obama for supporting social service

Federal government stops fight with Nevada rancher over grazing land: the cattle stand off in Nevada: the right wing is very proud of standing down the government which always treats them with kid gloves.  It is so easy!  If people in a city were to defy the government, the military is brought in and the city burns and people are openly slaughtered in great numbers.  But if farmers in right wing areas go ape, the government backs off.  This double standard is invisible to the right which loves to think it is persecuted when the opposite is true.  Only when they do things like shoot dead FBI or BATF agents, does the government try to do something which they do all the time to blacks or anti-Wall Street students, that is, bring out the heavy fire and fight to the finish.


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Record Cold And Snow: Norovirus Joins H1N1 Epidemic Sickening Many, Cruise Ships Big Carriers Of This Plague


Northern hemisphere snow cover Feb 8, 2014

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover – NOHRSC – The ultimate source for snow information:  It is still very bitterly cold here and won’t be warm until at least another week of below or at zero nights.  I still have plenty of firewood because I frantically sawed and chopped and stacked it all up literally to the rafters during the fall due to fears of a long, harsh winter.  And the Farmer’s Almanac agreed and I trust them more than NOAA.  Incidentally, the poor prognosticators there, after admitting this month will be cold in the very tip top of the northern plains but not here or even the Great Lakes region, they are telling me that spring is going to be much, much hotter than usual.  HAHAHA.  We shall see.  I seriously doubt this.

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Overpopulation Rapidly Turning Philippine Islands Into Haiti

Typhoon that smashed houses to smithereens: Full horror of destruction in Philippines revealed as rescue workers says two thirds of dead are children | Mail Online: click on this Brit story to see many sad pictures.  Which immediately reminded me of Haiti.  The Philippines also recently had a major earthquake, too.  These one-two punches to countries where the majority of the people live in flimsy shanties or easily tumbled slums usually leads to social collapse and there is looting going on as survivors beg for food aid while others focus on stealing neat stuff to put in the remaining homes that survived these disasters.

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