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USC ‘Art’ Graduate Students Resign After Administrators Lie To Them

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Confessions of a College Professor: Cheated by Admin, Entire First Year Class Resigns: higher education has become a looting expedition just like national defense.  People at the top of various schools and universities including public universities are paid ridiculous salaries and bonuses while professors vanish, replaced with cheap part-time labor and student fees and costs double each decade.  Trillions in debt are rapidly piling up as the looters seek more ways to stiff students.  The worst of this is total fraud: universities teaching trash!  And the graduate students at USC’s ‘fine arts’ (sic) school are being cheated totally since what they are learning is how to be non-artists.

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Glasgow School of Arts Fire: Lessons About Asbestos And Hazards


One year ago, a fire ravaged a major art ‘museum’ which was the library of the Mackintosh building of the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.  They are trying to rebuild it but are debating how to do this.  The story of this destruction and rebirth is typical of what is going on today in architecture and various rules and laws that harm buildings.

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Jewish Omerta: US Media Conspires With Sony Executives To Not Report Hacked Emails

Marlon Brando – Jews control Hollywood.flv – YouTube


In New York City, the Daily News notices the contents of the hacked Sony emails.  Virtually no Jewish-owned media is noticing this huge story.  But for some reason, the Daily News which is owned by Mortimer Zuckerman has actually carried some of these stories!  Hollywood big wigs have a long way to go on raceLeaked emails show award-winning black actors who may play slaves in movies are still slaves in the eyes of a few of the white racist moguls who runHollywood.

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Klinghoffer Opera Drives Zionists Nuts In NYC: One Small Chorus About Nabka (Palestine Ethnic Cleansing)

The Death of Klinghoffer: Chorus of Exiled Palestinians – YouTube

All my life I went to the opera all over the world and played in the orchestra pit in college for various operas there, too.  I love operas.  There is this huge battle raging in Manhattan over John Adam’s opera, ‘The Death of Kinghoffer’.  All because of this one little song,  a sad song, about the helpless natives of Palestine being driven from their homes! This is less than 10 minutes of singing in an over two hour opera which is all about the bad Palestinians who hijacked a ship and killed a Jewish American man in a wheel chair.  The Jews in NYC are screaming their heads off over the song because they want all Palestinians be seen as evil and deserving to be wiped out as vermin and sub humans and untermenschen a la Hitler’s definition of people who deserve to be ethnically cleansed.

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Woody Allen Attacks Dylan Again, Blames Adoptive Crazy Mom For His Own Crimes

Child wonders about rape in Outer Darkness 1

I am a liberal.  I am also a fiscal conservative.  I am an internationalist patriot.  That is, I fit in no obvious boxes.  One thing I do know is my life made me who I am and one of the earliest events in my life I experienced was being raped when I was in kindergarden.  Yes, it was full penetration rape and the rapists was the husband of my teacher who was the mayor of the town and who was a professor working with my father at that time.  I was found in a slip hiding in the bushes (it was late March) with blood on my slip and I was crying.

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Me And My Bad Grammar

Barney My Family’s Just Right for Me Part 1 – YouTubeBarney I am sorry to start this story with one of the most obnoxious TV toddlers shows on earth but nearly all the toddler TV shows are hideous, obnoxious, and degrading.  I never, ever let my children watch this stuff.  The problem isn’t just these TV shows, it is how the illiterate use of ‘Me and…’ has spread noxiously via early childhood exposure, popular media and laziness in schools where children are no longer corrected when making common grammatical errors. Continue reading


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NY Pow Wow: Thoughts On Trade And Culture

ΩΩAll across the planet, indigenous cultures are collapsing under the assault of modern industrial production.  The World Made By Hand cultures are yielding internally as well as externally to the World Made By Machine (often in foreign countries).  The odds and ends created to service the markets of the first world have exploded across the planet and taken over the ‘native culture’ parts of society, that is, tribal societies and whole continents like Africa, for example. Continue reading


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