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Trump: Let All Illegal Aliens Into DNC Cities…Macron Can’t Stop Yellow Vest Protests

Funniest editorial comment on earth…the DNC leaders all demand Trump not dump their illegal aliens only in DNC cities that love ‘immigrants’ and wants ‘illegal aliens’ who are ‘better than citizens.’  Meanwhile, on You Tube, the monsters who run our systems online have chosen to label Tommy Robinson as a ‘terrorist’ who has to have his ‘violent’ videos behind a wall where only if you know how to find him (and I can!) can you hear him.  And Assange might spill beans on…the wrong people!  Fun times. Continue reading


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Hackers Destroy You Tube After 4 Chan Punished Yesterday: Full Cyberwar Rages Online! Google On the Ropes


GOOGLE DESTROYED by hackers.  I am not surprised.  Google falsely claimed that a gigantic number of video sites were ‘Russian agents’ or ‘fake’ and eliminated these after experimenting with eliminating Alex Jone’s Inforwars.  Two days ago, 4 Chan anarchists did a funny meme run showing gray faced nonentities called ‘NPC’ Non-player characters which is game talk for characters in video games that are not run by players but are ‘bots’.  Google had a fit when many of these gray faceless posters annoyed SJW staff working for the big internet bosses so they ruthlessly eliminated all of the gray non-player icon operatives.  So now they struck back, I believe.   Here is how I discovered that You Tube was down, I looked up news stories about this event and found this:

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