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Berlin High Students Join Other Party-time Teens In Upstate NY To Vandalize Football Player’s Mansion

Stephentown NY teens trash empty mansion


Sometimes my very rural community gets national news.  For example, in the early 1960’s a propane truck ran down Plank Road which is one of the steeper roads in America, and flipped into Berlin and blew up part of the village.  Otherwise, no one hears much about our woody acres.  It is actually rather quiet but not that quiet.  Namely, it still can make the news out here due to wild stuff going on just like any big city.  This year’s News is about a teen party held in our next door tiny town, Stephentown.  Seems 300 teens tore into a house that was going to be foreclosed and rioted there, causing a lot of destruction.  Then the parents got mad because their wayward waifs posted online many detailed photos WITH their names!…showing them drinking illegally and taking drugs while wrecking the place. Continue reading


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