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Apocalypse, Ja: Neo Nazi Israel Jews Want Jews-Only State And Eviction Of Everyone Else


Israeli Settlers Chop Down Roman-Era Olive Trees in Israel and Palestine …As Putin increasingly wins in Ukraine and as Europe slides into a full blown depression due to wanting to please AIPAC and the US, Netanyahu has decided this is the time to do the Judenrein Nazi work in Palestine: the final solution to the problem of sharing anything with other humans.  The Jews, who learned all the wrong lessons from WWII, are working as hard as possible to start WWIII along with the grave assistance of the newly powerful Japanese fascists.  Rand Paul, last week, proposed a bill in Congress supporting Judenrein Israel which would be for Jews only and cutting all funds to any Palestinians or Muslims in general.  And suddenly he is getting the nod from AIPAC.


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Hamas And Palestinian Authority Become One Party Again, Kerry And Netanyahu Blow Up Screaming In Rage

total nuclear warfare

Startling things are happening on the diplomatic front so of course, our media owners who are Bilderberg gang members or Zionists or corporate wealthy, are totally ignoring all this news.  They do publish it all…on the nether reaches of their papers, way back in the very far back so no one will be aware of this unless they are very fast, patient readers.  The news being buried is the news that our State Department used Jewish lies about Ukrainian Russians in both the photoshopped pictures and the fake leaflet.  Meanwhile, the news about Palestinians uniting is carefully concealed.


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Oligarchs Run Most Governments Thanks To Free Trade And Low Taxes On Extreme Wealth

Super rich are pulling further ahead of even the majority of ‘one per centers’ | Mail Online

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Much of the world is ruled by the super rich.  Oligarchs have thrived greatly, since the fall of communism and the rise of free trade which erases borders and unleashed a tsunami of money printing by mostly the US.  Our own oligarchs have passed tax bills that remove nearly all obligations to pay for our government.  In turn, the very rich use this loot to either run for office or buy politicians to do their bidding.  In most cases, what they want is more money for themselves and less money for the rest of us while madly grinding away at the money making machine which is ‘debt’.  Our debt rises, their wealth increases.

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