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Japan Wants War With Russia Over Siberian Islands


Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 7.45.02 AMNorthern Territories Day ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Ever since our rulers signed a deal with Japan whereby we will fight all of Japan’s wars for them just like NATO’s wonderful deal where we fight all the wars, too, the LDP fascists have been picking fights with all its neighbors that it attacked during WWII and before that war.  Now they want a war with Russia as well as China.  This is insanity.

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10,000 Japanese Fascists Sue Asahi Simbun Over Comfort Women Story

▶ History Clean: Japan deletes WWII ‘comfort women’ chapters from textbooks – YouTube

Japan government continues to deny responsibility for sex slavery as the fascist Abe regime terrorizes anyone who talks about past WWII aggressions.  This is the same week Europe is holding a celebration of the freeing the last survivors of Nazi extermination efforts in Poland…by not inviting Russia to the party even though Russian soldiers were the liberators.  Meanwhile, in Japan, denial of WWII crimes is climbing fast with the US snoozing over this, refusing to punish the Japanese leaders.


I was thoroughly disgusted when the Asahi Simbun news people retracted all mention of ‘comfort women’ WWII crimes.  This caused both China and both Koreas to issue formal complaints which Japan ignored totally.  Now, More than 8,700 people sue Asahi Shimbun over ‘comfort women’ stories ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion:

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Japan Fascists Work Hard To Wipe Away All WWII Crimes: US Says Nothing

Miz Liberty assassinates bin Laden

Japan is falling into this dark abyss.  Population collapse, Fukushima continuing to pollute everything, volcanoes erupting, more earthquakes, blizzards and of course, continuing economic collapse.  The way Japan had to be dragged kicking and screaming to begin fixing the defective air bags in cars is just one symptom of a dying entity.  Japan is going bankrupt.  Fitch places Japan credit on Rating Watch Negative which means that Abe’s LDP on track for landslide victory: a very low turnout to vote is expected as most Japanese have pretty much thrown in the towel and given up.

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Obama At G20 Summit Makes A Fool Of Himself

Obama and Putin thinking about the US election 2014

‘World’s only superpower’ pledges ‘ironclad commitment’ to Asia Pacific at G20 summit  that is, he is going to do whatever Abe of Japan wants.  Abe has become thoroughly obnoxious towards the US.  Latest scam=deliberately weakening the yen so Japan and run bigger trade surpluses with the US.  I have a long, long memory.  Four Presidents pushed Japan to open markets and not deliberately weaken the yen.  It was a huge part of all negotiations.  Now, it has vanished.  Meanwhile, all this is driving China into Russia’s arms which is why Putin is smirking at Obama.

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Russia, China Alliance Grows Stronger, US Allies Undermine US Power In Every Way Possible

«Sukhoi» and «Mikoyan» Extreme maneuverability – Истребители «Сухого» и «Микояна» – YouTube

Time to talk about WWIII with Russia and China and our ‘allies’ who are not exactly very good to have in the rear since they all expect us to do 90% of the fighting and dying for them all.  The above video I got from a Russian news site.  I am astonished. Their fighter jets are totally mobile, they can fly BACKWARDS and pause in place like a helicopter!  Among other things, this isn’t shown much in the US due to the need to pretend the US is #1.  China watched last year’s air show in Paris and started immediate talks with Russia about sharing jet technology and buying Russian military goods.

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Russian Ukrainian Citizens Are Now Winning NATO War: Bilderberg Gang Freaks Out

The insanity never ends. As our media giants work breathlessly to trick the US public into supporting the future WWIII which will mean all our major cities will be in ruins…wait!!! They already ARE in ruins thanks to letting minorities run riot and do massive drug dealing, etc.!  And then removing all honest manufacturing jobs overseas or handing these to illegal aliens.  Yes, so Obama and his team put in charge of the DEA a Recovering alcoholic nominated to be drug czar.

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NATO Intervention In East Ukraine Kills Many, Russia, China Protest At UN

Contravening the UN directives about ‘self determination’ the US has goaded NATO into an overt invasion of Ukraine on behalf of a paramilitary coup.  Praising the ‘election’ that was poorly conducted, the US uses this as an excuse to kill citizens of Eastern Ukraine due to them voting to exit the country due to right wing violence by Catholics in the western half.  This double standard that allows violent uprisings in some countries while allowing violent government suppression in others is destroying the US as a moral agent.  Of course, we never were ‘moral’ at all when it comes to international politics.

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