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Heroes Make Hard Choices In Face Of Death: Pope Is Coward, Snowden A Hero And US Rulers Insane

A beloved family member nearly died this week and I spent many hours in the emergency room working with the doctors to save him.  He was bitten by a very small toxic insect and had a collapse of all systems due to one tiny bite.  We saved him partly thanks to his wife calling 911 immediately, the staff in the emergency room and in particular, my growing up in Arizona dealing with toxic insects all the time and being trained in how to deal with insect and snake poison events in an emergency.  The staff cooperated with me when I explained what I was doing as I put my relative under hypnosis to control the breathing and heart rate and then dealt with the effects of paralysis.

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Decreasing Solar Activity May Cool Earth: Yuri Nagovitsyn, Pulkovo Observatory

One of the last papers my father, Dr. Aden Meinel, tried to get published in the mainstream scientific venues such as Nature magazine, was turned down because he proposed that the sun was going to go ‘colder’ for a while due to less activity and it does this frequently, thus the title of his study was ‘The Sun Is A Variable Star’. Continue reading


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As My Father Predicted, This Solar Cycle Is Very Weak

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File:Five Myr Climate Change.svg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Before he died, my father agreed with me about the causes of Ice Ages and the probability all of this is driven by the sun becoming a variable star.  Yes, the sun doesn’t operate at a smooth level of production, it has wilder and wilder swings from hot to cold.  This fearful news is so scary, people prefer to pretend the sun is going to be ‘normal’ forever. But astronomers who study the sun suspect this isn’t possible and it wasn’t true in the past, either.  The sun has gone through various stages of energy output in the past. Continue reading


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