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The Only Really Good Source Of International News Comes From Russia

RT News from Russia is my main source now for international news because it has great coverage of things the NATO nation’s rulers want hidden from all of us.   Today’s top story is a recap of the Trump-Lavrov meeting.  Trump tried desperately to make diplomacy moves while the US media giants howled like banshees and accused him even louder of being a Russian tool and a traitor in classic Red Scare McCarthyism.  The diplomacy was all about coming to terms with the Syrian conflict and to unite to fight the real danger which is the ISIS uprising.  Of course, the many Jewish publishers and TV controllers hate this because destroying Syria is a top Israeli goal.

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All Over The World, Riots And Wars Rage Over Immigration Issues

Earlier this month, immigrants’ homes and businesses were looted and torched in suburbs of Johannesburg and Pretoria, the capital city, raising concerns about anti-foreigner sentiment in black South Africa.  These ‘foreigners’ are also African Muslims and Indians who first came in with the British.  As the country deteriorates, the fury in the slums rises to fever pitch.


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10 Americans With Ebola Brought Back To US

Thankfully, protocols have been developed for dealing with this crisis this time:  At least 10 Americans who may have come into contact with Ebola-stricken health worker in Sierra Leone flown back to US | Daily Mail Online


At least 10 Americans who might have come into contact with the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone are being flown back to the United States for observation, officials said on Saturday.


The transfer comes amid concerns the citizens could have been exposed to an unidentified US health worker who recently tested positive for the disease while volunteering in West Africa.


The worker was flown in a private jet to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) hospital on Friday. They are said to be in a serious condition. It is not clear how they became infected with Ebola,


We have the dangerous measles outbreak that began in Disneyland in California which was brought in from overseas and which spread rapidly thanks to all the parents who are paranoid about giving children shots to prevent dangerous diseases.


The ebola crisis isn’t over but at least it isn’t also raging wildly out of control.  But it is still quite deadly and in particular, when someone dies is when it is the deadliest and evidently one of the volunteers who is sick is very sick but will be in a total isolation unit and the quarantines will be enforced vigorously.


Previously, potential carriers blew off quarantine and ran amok, mocking the system and daring the government to catch them. Throughout history, it has been one of the biggest directives of a government to protect people from disease.


This is why sanitation and building of hospitals is a top priority of governments.  Stopping diseases at the borders certainly is a government directive and in the past, it was severely enforced.


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El Gizouli, New IPCC Figurehead Barely Can Speak In Public


The above video is the only public thing online that shows us how this new spokesperson who is supposed to run international meetings, can barely talk, and it isn’t his poor English skills, he makes NO SENSE AT ALL.  He just strings along various memes, various bullet points which litter his long sentences like boulders on a beach.  And this guy is running meetings??? How does anyone talk to him on the phone?  And he isn’t some outback African who just stumbled into the room, this guy has been around all over the place for over 50 years!

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Obama Illegally Legalizes Illegal Aliens And Ebola Nation Africans

Well, he tried to help the Democrats lie about who they really are by not giving legal working rights to illegal aliens while Democrats controlled the Senate, he now does this right after an election!  An election where this was a HUGE issue!  Unilaterally, of course, which I think is impeachable.  There was no political consensus for this move, outside of the illegal alien community.


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Ebola Spreads In Africa, Is Huge Issue In US, Most Voters Fear It

Martin Salia, Nebraska Ebola Patient, Dies after being brought to the US:


Salia is the sixth doctor in Sierra Leone to be infected with Ebola. It’s unclear how he contracted the virus, though, because he wasn’t treating Ebola patients.


And there is this story:  A doctor’s false Ebola test result proves tragic because this same doctor was said to not have ebola showing us that there is no such thing as being ‘all clear’ until 21 days pass.  Rhiza Labs FluTracker Forum • View topic – Two Fatal Ebola Cases In Imam Home In Bamako Mali: yes, ebola is firmly planted there, now, thanks to this religious man bringing it home and everyone touching him and his dead body.

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10% Of Population, At Least 400,000 Probably Dead Or Infected In Liberia—Also, New Possible Ebola Test That Really Works

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 7.29.51 AM

The dynamics of the African epidemic continues to cause news.  Ebola: Liberia deaths ‘far higher than reported’ as officials downplay the real numbers…which makes perfect sense.  The official numbers are collected by governments (of a sort) in these African nations that can’t even do simple censuses, is woefully inadequate. I reason that roughly 10% of the population of Liberia is either infected or dead already.  And the disease continues to spread.  The good news for all of us outside of Africa is a new invention from Harvard microbiologists:  Scientists create litmus-like paper Ebola tests taking 30 minutes — RT News, that is news from good old evil Russian media!  I am so happy I can get news from all over the world rather than from our much less reliable domestic sources.  Below is a picture of the RNA detection paper which can be used for other diseases, too, I hope.

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