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Australia’s PM Loses Job Due To Imposing CO2 Taxes And US Cuts Military At Home While Expanding Abroad

The US continues to hammer citizens while expanding imperial power and spending abroad so Pentagon cuts are not going to reduce troops in Asia, Europe, Africa or close any bases whatsoever overseas…but slashing bases and troops at home?  Of course!  Also, Obama announced his global warming plans while the deep South and Midwest howl in rage, liberals worry about the South going underwater and the Midwest having droughts and worse, think this is the End of Humanity rather than something somewhat funny.  Gold continues to fall in value, screwing up the heads of gold bugs who thought it would rise forever and Israel greatly expands plans for ethnic cleansing with kisses from our Congress. Continue reading


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US Navy And Air Force Want Trillions For Protecting Overseas Banking Operations

As the GOP demands severe cutbacks in all social programs, the Pentagon sails onwards, protecting other nations while our borders are barely patrolled to stop illegal aliens.  And the hideously expensive War on Muslims rages onwards costing the US public trillions of dollars over time.  Just as the Cold War cost us very dear and moved the US from being a sovereign wealth nation into a pitiful Sovereign Debt nation.  All the wrong things are being done due to our government being run by internationalists who park their wealth overseas while expecting the US taxpaying public, those making less than a million a year, to foot the bill or lose services at home. Continue reading


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Florida Sinkholes Make Big Hole In State Budget

Raw News Report Of Man Swallowed By Sinkhole – Presumed Dead – House To Collapse Anytime – YouTube: Florida, like California, is a continuous potential geological and meteorological disaster area.  All coastal regions are prey to hurricanes and irregular tsunamis but Florida and California stand out due to being hyper-dangerous and very attractive to incoming populations seeking fun in the sun.  The seemingly nice climate hides grave dangers that can spring up without hardly any warning.  Sinkholes in Florida are a prime example. Continue reading


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Chutzpah Time: AIG Board Of Misdirectors Want To Sue US People For Bailing Out Their Ass…ets

We all know the story about the scorpion that rides the back of the animal crossing the river and in thanks, stings it.  The gnomes on Wall Street who ran shrieking in fear of the exploding Derivatives Beast were rescued by both Bush Jr. and Obama and of course, the Wall Street money tool, the Federal Reserve.  I was at the TARP hearings in DC.  And boy, was it a doozy.  We were told, if we didn’t save the richest bastards on earth, we would see budget cuts and Social Security collapse and all sorts of things…ha.  Right.  We saved the bastards and all the bad things are happening anyways, of course, these bad things are directly caused by the bail outs.  And what did we get in return?

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Could AIG Happen Again? YOU BETCHA!


We just had yet another election and now Congress is pushing our government off the fiscal cliff.  Everyone is focused on this cliff while ignoring the real fiscal cliff: the annihilation of our sovereign wealth.  This was caused by military overseas spending, the US imperial work since WWII, free trade causing our trade deficit to soar to incredible levels and the floating fiat currency regime imposed by Nixon one fine Sunday several decades ago.  This real fiscal cliff has destroyed our capital base pretty completely so to keep lending money, the bankers rigged up the odious derivative bank and insurance schemes which circumvent the need for real capital.  Only, this collapsed. Continue reading


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The Lost Economy: China Goes Up While the West Declines

A Bilderberg-infested think tank has come out with an interesting forecast.  That is, China will be economically more powerful than the US in 2030.  Way back in the late-1980’s, the Chinese young officials at my home proudly announced a ‘Fifty Year Plan’ which was going to lure out of the US, our industrial base and that the Chinese would be the world’s most powerful capitalists.  The fact that a ‘think tank’ run by the mystical monkeys who foisted free trade and the floating fiat currency regime is admitting that the Chinese 50 Year Plan will be a success is hilarious as well as stupid.  Duh!  The Chinese understand what ‘capital’ is.  The US thinks this is ‘money’.  It is not.  It is the value of labor-added enterprises that are profitable for the entire national entity, not just individuals. Continue reading


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Stupid Nobel Economic Prize, Also, Bankers Demand Derivatives Beast Freed

It is very disheartening reading modern commentary about money and the boom bust banking cycle.  As someone who has read extensively Victorian era commentaries about these matters, the descent in understanding economics is horrific to observe.  The recent winners of the increasingly stupid Nobel Economic prize reveal how shallow and silly things have become:  Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley Win Nobel in Economic Science  was given to a pair of guys who studied ‘marketing choices’! Continue reading


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