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Israel Will Get Traitor Pollard In Exchange For Iran Treaty…Until They Scuttle This Treaty In Congress

A lot of people mock the Daily Mail which is an English publication but 90% of the breaking news I get about my own country comes via that ‘disreputable paper’ and 90% of it is correct:  Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard who posed as US Navy officer will be released | Daily Mail Online because the Jewish lobby has decided that demanding billions of dollars more would expose them too much to voter ire this election.  Now the The Washington Post tells us that Jonathan Pollard eligible for ‘mandatory parole’ in November.  Parole for traitors!  Yes, that is a great idea.  So why is the government howling about Snowden being a traitor?  He should be congratulated.


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British And US Rulers Can’t Figure Out Putin, AIPAC Rules Congress

Miz Liberty stomps on Russia bears toes starting WWIII

The US Congress, both parties, are owned by rich Jews who bribe them via AIPAC.  Whatever Netanyahu wants, he gets.  Only this time, he bit off more than he could chew by going behind the backs of the Jews who run the Democrats in Congress.  Even so, few of these are going against him and for their ‘leader’ the puppet in the White House, Obama.

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NYC Cancels Murdoch/Joel Klein Multi-million Dollar Computer Contract: AIPAC Destroying US Schools

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 Amplify is a Murdoch/Joel Klein Common Core school system looting operation that steals many millions and millions of US school tax dollars while wrecking the entire school system.  These looters (referring to Klein and others, not Murdoch)  have huge influence in government via AIPAC.  They control elections via media and money.  I am shocked that the NYC school system abruptly terminated the Amplify contract for just one service (sic) that no one uses and which cost us all nearly $100 million a year.  Maybe all the Amplify contracts will be terminated and perhaps the owners and runners of this scam be put in jail for fraud?

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Battling The Hydra: US Expanding Wars In Middle East, Asia, Europe While Ebola Spreads

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AIPAC rules us so we have this bizarre, insane new foreign policy:  Obama admits Bashar al Assad MUST go before ISIS can be defeated National security team believe removing Syrian President Bashar al Assad will kick-start the defeat of ISIS.  This is beyond ridiculous.  Hitler’s claim that Poland invaded Germany as an excuse to launch WWII is matched by this bizarre policy.  ISIS was created by the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia to overthrow Assad.  He was supposed to collapse promptly only he didn’t.  So now they are going to bomb the Syrians to do what?  Why, open the door wide for ISIS!


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Where Is Carmen Segarra? Fired Fed Investigator Strikes Back At Goldman Sachs Criminal Gang!

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The bankers are scrambling for cover yet again as Carmen Segarra recorded 46 hours secret tapes between New York Fed and Goldman Sachs | Daily Mail Online:


A fired New York Fed regulator recorded hours of meetings which allegedly show how government supervisors were afraid to ask tough questions of the biggest banks on Wall St.


Carmen Segarra, 41, was brought in by New York’s banking watchdog in the wake of the financial crisis to tighten the government’s grip on the major banks, and assigned to Goldman Sachs.


And after encountering a culture of ‘fear’ and ‘deference’ to the finance giants at Goldman, Segarra explosively started recording meetings in which regulators offer softball questions to bankers, then congratulate themselves for standing up to them.


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25% Americans Want Secession, Wales Wants What Scotland Might Get, Catalonia Wants Free of Spain

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Bezos is driving down the Washington Post as he announces cuts to retirement benefits for workers there.  AIPAC’s many wars against Muslims is blowing up in our faces and our empire is being crippled by these wars.  Ebola is Nature’s way of fixing overcrowding and can be stopped only via vaccinations which is a very great need now, it is obvious like the wars, this disease is getting worse and worse.  Then there is Scotland: the vote there was due to the Tories promising all sorts of things they have zero intention of honoring and as the British empire continues its 100 year collapse, the US learns that One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S.

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Scotland Votes No By Slight Margin, Bilderberg Gang Sigh With Relief

Scotland voted to stay part of the diminished British Empire.  The bankers warned them all, they would be cut off financially if they did leave and the Labor Party was very against severing ties so by a bare margin, the voters decided to stay part of the tiny Empire of mainly offshore banks and offshore energy. Scotland will be more at risk of a terrorist attack if it votes for independence, Cameron warns before the vote.



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