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Over-Designed, Extremely Expensive Military Equipment Is Destroying Our Nation

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Recently, an American who made many millions off of the military industrial giant red ink ocean here in the US, built himself this massive touring machine that is grossly over-engineered.  Which is exactly what is wrong with all our military equipment these days:  Inventor spends millions on RV to take his four year old around the world | Mail Online

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US News Stories Encourage Japan And Israel Imperialism


Biased US news about Japanese/US naval provocations continue while US media reporters whine about press freedom in China while refusing to report on press suppression in Japan and the persecution of whistleblowers talking to reporters about US corruption, spying and warmongering.  Not one Snowden story would have shown up here if it weren’t for press freedom in Britain and there it is being menaced, too,with British leaders menacing the Guardian for printing the Snowden revelations.  And Snowden was correct to blow the whistle as a Fed. Judge rules: NSA Phone Program Unconstitutional.

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France, Working For Netanyahu, Scuttles Iran Nuke Talks In Paris

Literally in the middle of the night, the French deliberately torpedoed the nuke negotiations in Paris after Netanyahu threw a huge fit over progress made previously.  Like in America, the Jewish community in France is very politically active and quite large and can throw its weight around quite a bit as was demonstrated in the middle of the night when it is most convenient for killing off things they don’t want.


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