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7.0 Earthquake Hits Anchorage, Alaska

Many aftershocks. So far, no fatalities, this is thanks to no tsunami.  Below is Agenda Free TV coverage.  Alaska has many quakes even more than the West Coast.  But it also has a very low population and infrastructures compared to say, California.

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6.5 Earthquake Hits Prudhoe Bay Region, Hawaii Volcano Stops Erupting

Seismic Monitor – Recent earthquakes on a world map and much more.

I find it very interesting that a big earthquake hits the Prudhoe Bay oil fields region right up in the Arctic Circle right after the volcano in Hawaii ceased erupting.  I don’t know if the two events are connected in any way, it is just interesting to see this coincidence.

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GOP Budget Cuts Force USGS To End Their Very Informative Earthquake Map Site

ANSS – Advanced National Seismic System

This week's Alaska earthquake with new USGS map


Over the years, I have noticed the web does not get more informative or better data, it has odd deteriorations.  For example, Google has degraded very badly over the years.  No cache data where you click on the icon and get past postings, it no longer highlights the word you are searching which makes it more like a needle in a haystack hunt for data, etc.  Now, probably thanks to cuts in government spending by House Republicans, a highly important website is being trashed: my beloved USGS state by state map site is being terminated!

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