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Exploiting Human Weaknesses: Fake Theories Infect All Humans Left And Right

LIVE! New Sandy Hook/Newtown Information Released – YouTube: the fake news operations run by our rulers is attacking Alex Jones for his fake news about the horrific mass murder of little children at Sandy Hook several years ago.  The right has gone crazy about this event just like the left has decided we should destroy civilization in order to stop the weather from ever changing.  Humans have this amazing ability to think delusionally using logic that is at its base, illogical.

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Prodded By Bilderberg Brigade, Alex Jones Loses His Cool And Makes Threats

His news cast started out normal and at the same time, he becomes more and more aware of the huge net the Bilderberg Internet giant owners are weaving, they are systematically taking offline all perceived ‘enemies of the State’ that is, the Super State which is how they rule all of us despotically.  Their street troops are the young people who think they will be allowed to run riot…the Bilderberg gang is going to utterly crush the left when the time is ripe.  Right now, their chief enemies are anyone talking about international controls of our media and economy.  Trump is their #1 target to remove.


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Lunatic, Raging Gun Nuts Make Gun Control Laws Necessary

I own and use guns.  For hunting and yes, self-protection because I live in the country.  But when I lived in NYC and ran street patrols in a fairly high crime neighborhood, I didn’t use guns and frankly, didn’t need guns.  I made certain via confrontations with the mayor and working with the police in my precinct, that we had police patrol reforms such as getting them out of the cars and into the streets and by making civilian arrests using mainly our neighborhood muscle.  Crime fell and we were much safer.  The recent flood of high-power guns falling into the hands of mentally disturbed people or drug crime syndicates is causing mayhem and distress.  I would never run a civilian street patrol today, it is far too dangerous.  And we see in Mexico what happens when everyone is armed with high-speed firing guns: both the US and Mexico have more than 30,000 people a year dying because of firearms used to commit crimes or suicide. Continue reading


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