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Bezos Amazon.com Sweet Deal With Democrats In DC And NYC Causes DNC Rift

New York leftists freak out after learning their own DNC leaders willing to pay Amazon $3 billion to locate new sweatshop shipping center in NY Long Island suburb.


Amazon is infamous because it is an SJW communist style sweatshop that works the lower classes to death, pushing them very hard to work very fast in horrific conditions inside huge warehouses.  Also, illegal aliens assail Trump’s fences demanding to enter and loot the US.  The left pretends these men are all women with little babies who are…certainly there and demanding to enter and get on welfare.  Trump even enters the fray on both issues, says NY DNC bribes for Bezos is wrong.

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Senator Rand Paul Demands Answers At Hearings About CIA New Chief, Ms. Haspel

Earlier today, I sent the a letter inquiring about Ms. Haspel’s involvement or coordination in possible surveillance of then-candidate . I await a response.

Senator Rand Paul Sends Letter to CIA Inquiring About Haspel’s Involvement in Trump Campaign Surveillance


Haspel is a CIA woman who supervised torture of 9/11 men arrested overseas by the CIA.  The entire mess of 9/11 continues to amaze me.  The fact that bin Laden was kidnapped from his hideout then supposedly, with zero proof, thrown out of a helicopter into the ocean is typical of all events connected to 9/11.  I long ago knew that this was done so he could be decapitated and his skull handed over to the Bush/Cheney gang who then gave it to the Yale Skull and Bones coven.  So, Rand Paul who I like more and more as time passes, is raising objections to Haspel’s CIA promotion and look: it is due to her and her gang spying on Trump, of all things!


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Fake News Mainstream Media Continues To Lie About Inauguration and CIA Speech


screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-9-47-15-am screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-9-50-57-am

The entire US media has decided to go full blown Fake News and Fake Facts.  It is stunning to watch this.  I have been doing screen shots of newspapers to show disbelievers how insane this business is!  Look at the above stories: Trump correctly said ‘five million illegal ballots is why he lost the popular vote…’ in California and New York in particular.  This is why all the cities with huge illegal immigrant populations went for the Democrats and virtually none of the states surrounding these enclaves voted for Hillary.

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Amazon.com Worker Jumps Out Window After Bezos Torture Program

News for amazon worker jumps

A distressed Amazon employee sent out an email to hundreds of co-workers criticizing the company before leaping off its Seattle headquarters in a failed suicide attempt.The unidentified worker, who had been placed on an “employee improvement plan,” jumped off the 12-story building in the downtown area Monday morning and survived the fall, Bloomberg Technology reported.Before taking the plunge, the worker sent out a mass email to Amazon employees, including CEO Jeff Bezos, saying how he was displeased with the company’s recent handling of his transfer request, according to the news site, citing an anonymous source.


Amazon Worker Jumps off 12-Story Building After Being Put on Big-Brother-Like ‘Performance Improvement Plan’

AlterNet – 3 days ago
An Amazon worker was injured in a suicide attempt after jumping off a 12-story
company building in Seattle, reports Bloomberg. Authorities did …

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Washington Post/Amazon.com Accuse Trump Of Using Traditional Campaign Methods


How marketing helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election – Washington Post is yet another of the endless anti-Trump stories published by Amazon.com.  Already, there is an online move to boycott Amazon.com and Bezos because of this moronic activity.  Today’s story is screeching about how clever Trump is (in that it is nefarious and nasty tricky stuff) by doing TRADITIONAL campaigning for office!  So, clever, devious Trump held traditional rallies?  Wow.  Genius.  I thought this is exactly how one runs for office, no?  Obviously, our ruling elites think this is unusual and bizarre.

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Germans Pretend To Hate Putin To Please US Warmongers, UK Also Pretends While Planning To Not Fight Or Boycott


Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 7.06.00 AMAmericans are being told that the Crimea crisis is terrible and huge and gigantic and we are leading the ‘free world’ in fighting Putin.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  After reading a number of papers from Europe, it is obvious that no one in the EU top nations wants to wrestle with Putin.  At all.  They are happy to say propaganda things to keep the US happy but actions?  Nein!  Nichts!  Nothing.  The Der Spiegel English Online magazine, for example, has tons of propaganda for US readers.  It features a fake story about how Germany must play a ‘central role’.  But then look at the GERMAN edition auf deutsch:

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Amazon’s Bezos Buys Washington Post For $250 Million

Shocking news!  Bezos, a libertarian online retailer, has chosen to buy out the Graham family’s private paper.  This newspaper is a nest of Zionism and is extremely pro-war and big government which is the opposite of Bezos’ philosophy.  So I expect huge changes to come hopefully, the entire editorial stable be fired.  We shall see.

This is a HUGE hit for AIPAC which relies on the NYT and WP to not cover any stories about AIPAC activities and to support Israeli Jewish aggression including the latest game whereby Israel threw yet another grenade at the US State efforts to ‘bring peace’ in Palestine.  Netanyahu has decided to increase aid to illegal ‘settlements’.

The US State Department drones rely on the WP to hide the Zionist activities and the money corruption whereby Jewish donors warp our government via ‘campaign loans’.  Maybe now the WP will run a series of aggressive whistleblower articles about how foreign powers destroy our democracy by funneling money to our elections and bribing politicians via ‘speaking fees’.

THAT will be most amazing!  I can’t wait to see the future with this purchase.  sunset borger


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