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Mainstream Leftists (who barely care) Scream At Trump For Not Mourning Continuously Murdered Jews…

What Trump did was congratulate the winning team that day which is perfectly normal.  Of course, the fake liberals running media systems went totally nuts claiming, I assume, he should have worn rags and put dust on his head for the next week.  Considering that none of his attackers stopped attacking him and mourn, instead, is particularly annoying.  They have no class, no sense, no morals.  The constant attacks makes Trump stronger, not weaker and they cannot understand this.  Then there is the issue of the DNC leaders all supporting Farrakhan, a huge anti-semitic black leader who I knew personally long ago when I was Mrs. Levy in New Jersey.  Nasty man!

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Jewish Omerta: US Media Conspires With Sony Executives To Not Report Hacked Emails

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In New York City, the Daily News notices the contents of the hacked Sony emails.  Virtually no Jewish-owned media is noticing this huge story.  But for some reason, the Daily News which is owned by Mortimer Zuckerman has actually carried some of these stories!  Hollywood big wigs have a long way to go on raceLeaked emails show award-winning black actors who may play slaves in movies are still slaves in the eyes of a few of the white racist moguls who runHollywood.

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Arafat Assassination Swept Under Carpet, NYT Headlines Story ‘Anti-semitism Surge!

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The keening and wailing about ‘anti-semitism’ has restarted its usual racket right on the heels of the damning revelations that Mossad, most likely using the Jewish Mafia, killed Arafat.  In addition, today theUS and Israel lost their UNESCO voting right in dispute because the US and the owner of our government, Netanyahu, are pissed off that the UN declared Palestine to be a real state with real citizens.  The dirty farce of ‘peace talks’ with captive Palestinians under the thumb of Zionists ruling the US and Middle East has collapsed entirely with Kerry not even bothering to pretend to be engaged in any ‘negotiations’ ever since Netanyahu ordered him to go work in destroying Syria using al Qaeda terrorists to do this dirty work.

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