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Democrats Demand Destruction Of First And Second Amendments

Italy Votes Against EU Takeover As Globalism Implodes – YouTube


The Global Government, aka, the Bilderberg Gang, run Europe with an iron fist and are systematically destroying the place.  The elites have total control of the Democratic Party now and are using Obama and his friends to attack the first and second amendments but this push to take away our freedoms is now being resisted by enough people after Trump won the election, that efforts to do this are faltering and hopefully, will fail.  Meanwhile, Europe and Canada both have very draconian laws forbidding a host of ‘hate speech’ things that leads to destroying people for posting the wrong words online or saying something in public that isn’t PC.  Censorship is on the rise as governments battle citizens.

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Jewish Political Money: Der Verboten Stoff Amerikaner Volk Nicht Sprechen Kann

Lindsey Graham’s “All-Jewish Cabinet” « LobeLog talks about a GOP Presidential candidate who got drunk and told the truth about Jewish money.  Namely, to get this ‘easy money’ all he has to do is promise to have Jews run the government behind his back.  In this case, a 100% Jewish cabinet to advise him.  The author of this piece then goes on to admonish him, saying, ‘Psst…you are not supposed to TALK about this openly!!!  Duh!’


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Ukraine And Egypt: Popular Uprisings Turn Into Violent Coups

Ukraine president calls protests a ‘coup,’ refuses to resign but he is doomed because the US has been determined for quite a while to cut Ukraine off from Russia.  The Cold War is on, big time, with the US encouraging Japanese nationalists who openly deny WWII crimes, twisting arms in the EU to get them to bankroll rioters in Ukraine and at the same time, paying the Egyptian military to suppress Muslim political parties.  US support of military fascist leaders who are elected in sham elections has a long, ugly history with both Republican and Democratic Presidents playing this odious game and with Israel justifying fascism day and night.


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Israel, Not US, Is Spying On All European Leaders Using NSA Backdoor

Snowden Documents Reveal NSA Gave Israeli Spies Raw Emails …Was ISRAEL behind the hacking of millions of French phones and NOT the U.S.? Extraordinary twist in spying saga revealed…The German Chancellor said President Obama’s reputation has been shattered on an international scale because of espionage scandal.  This story reveals the depths of Israeli Jewish control of our government.  The Jews knew perfectly well they are using our NSA system to spy on the leaders of our allies.  Snowden broke the story about Israel getting a backdoor entry to all raw data sucked up by the NSA and now this story hits right when EU leaders are mad at Obama.

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AIPAC Forces Obama To Bow To Netanyahu And Japan Wants To Force Him Into War With China

This month, the two countries who own our government, Japan and Israel, are triumphant because they have been able to up the war mongering, the militarization of our diplomacy and no one is stopping them because our media owners want this, too.  Here is the first example how our leaders must bow before our owners:  At Yad Vashem in Israel, Obama Urges Action Against Racism. Israel is one of the most racist countries on earth.  So it is natural that Netanyahu and AIPAC would demand he bow at their shrine about the Holocaust and talk about ‘racism’ and have this black man they hate so much also declare that the worst racism isn’t against blacks or gays but ‘anti-semitism’. Continue reading


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