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Both Liberal And Right Wing Debates Descent Into Illogical Vapor Very Easily

One of the global cooling sites I often visit is this place:  Real Science | “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” – Richard Feynman.   The author is quite industrious about examining information about the climate and has spent several years battling with the liberals who believe in all the global warming stuff.  The latest storyline being, we have only 500 days left to survive ‘warming’ and then we are doomed.


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Apocalypse, Ja: Neo Nazi Israel Jews Want Jews-Only State And Eviction Of Everyone Else


Israeli Settlers Chop Down Roman-Era Olive Trees in Israel and Palestine …As Putin increasingly wins in Ukraine and as Europe slides into a full blown depression due to wanting to please AIPAC and the US, Netanyahu has decided this is the time to do the Judenrein Nazi work in Palestine: the final solution to the problem of sharing anything with other humans.  The Jews, who learned all the wrong lessons from WWII, are working as hard as possible to start WWIII along with the grave assistance of the newly powerful Japanese fascists.  Rand Paul, last week, proposed a bill in Congress supporting Judenrein Israel which would be for Jews only and cutting all funds to any Palestinians or Muslims in general.  And suddenly he is getting the nod from AIPAC.


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Pew Poll Shows US Public Worried About Jobs And Illegal Immigration While Elites Hate US Jobs For Citizens And Want Illegal Labor

PEW poll shows US public wants jobs

The Great Convergence of American Foreign Policy Beliefs: young Mr. Drezner’s analysis of the above data published in Foreign Policy magazine is really silly and his conclusion is, the general public is forming a convergence not flying apart with the Bilderberg elites global power push.  I see the exact opposite and feel this is obvious, there is no convergence at all, the goals and desires of the public are nearly totally at odds with the rich except when it comes to two amazing things: democracy for other people on earth and improving other people’s living standards.


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Arafat Assassination Swept Under Carpet, NYT Headlines Story ‘Anti-semitism Surge!

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The keening and wailing about ‘anti-semitism’ has restarted its usual racket right on the heels of the damning revelations that Mossad, most likely using the Jewish Mafia, killed Arafat.  In addition, today theUS and Israel lost their UNESCO voting right in dispute because the US and the owner of our government, Netanyahu, are pissed off that the UN declared Palestine to be a real state with real citizens.  The dirty farce of ‘peace talks’ with captive Palestinians under the thumb of Zionists ruling the US and Middle East has collapsed entirely with Kerry not even bothering to pretend to be engaged in any ‘negotiations’ ever since Netanyahu ordered him to go work in destroying Syria using al Qaeda terrorists to do this dirty work.

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