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Imperialist Wars Are Good According To Stanford Professor And Bezos Washington Post Owner

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(Story from The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion)


As NATO and the pivot to Asia hurtles the US towards WWIII, every excuse for warmongering has every  major US media foaming at the mouth.  The biggest pusher for wars is the Huffington Post, vying with the Washington Post for ‘most foam at the mouth rabid warmongering.  Meanwhile, at his press conference, President Obama sighs: ‘Why Is It That Everybody Is So Eager To Use Military Force?’  Indeed, we just had a bunch of tornadoes tear up the deep south and Congress will give them aid money because our corrupt Congress is OK with that if it is a southern state but if the northern states get disasters like last winter, there is no money because we are going bankrupt.  Thanks mainly to our wild warmongering and free trade.

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Jimmy Carter Talks About Civil Rights While US Media Giants Don’t Listen

AIPAC owns all Presidents except for Jimmy Carter

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act.  I was really happy when it was signed.  I immediately asked to the ACLU to help me sue my school system due to girls being forced to take home economics and forbidden to take shop and auto classes.  By the time the case was won, I was well out of high school but millions of girls got to take these classes.  Jimmy Carter is in the news for once because he gave the keynote speech at the ceremony celebrating the Civil Rights Act.  Normally, our media owners ignore him deliberately because he stood up for Palestinian civil rights, too. Continue reading


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