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Moving Embassy To Jerusalem Triggers Muslim Rage (Everything Does This)

Religious wars are quite common for humans.  These erupt regularly.  Generally speaking, they tend to be extremely prone to annihilation attempts since this is a great way to take over all systems which is why all religions, getting permission from ‘gods’ love to kill and maim and rape: it is fun.  Ideological systems on the other hand, kill a billion humans trying to convince them that being mentally enslaved is good for themselves which is why communism is so deadly: it doesn’t give a damn how many people die when imposing economic rules that are utterly insane.  The key element in humans is, we are the crazy apes.  This is what has driven our rather violent and compared to other animals, swift genetic evolution.

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Gigantic Media Push For Open Borders For Muslim Immigration

Screen shot 2016-08-01 at 6.29.18 AM Screen shot 2016-08-01 at 6.30.46 AM

Both the NYT and Washington Post are featuring stories about how cruel Trump is, not loving Muslims more!


As the Muslim versus NATO wars heat up more and more and Muslim terrorists attack Europe and the USA more and more, we have this startling propaganda regime running in our major media about how Muslims are our best friends and we must be very nice to them and not all are terrorists except none of this propaganda mentions the key word ‘Israel’.  They don’t cover news about Jews crushing the Palestinians more and more as the land grabs there rise.  Not a peep about the Palestinians while we are all being shamed into accepting millions of Muslims who have already heavily invaded Europe and are demanding to come here, too.

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Gog Magog Religious Wars Rage, Europe And US Cannot Escape Backlash Attacks

Screen shot 2015-02-15 at 8.29.24 AM

Copenhagen police shoot dead ‘jihadi’ gunman and arrest one other over attacks on city that killed film director at free speech event and Jewish security guard at Bat Mitzvah: the raging wars in the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia come home to NATO nations.  This is no shock to me.  This isn’t about ‘anti-semitism’ since many Muslims in the Middle East are Semites.  This is a European colonial war against Muslims which was inherited by the US after WWII and NATO is being used to push these wars along and there is zero justice for the long suffering Palestinian people and this machine of war will rage onwards to infinity unless Europe and the US stop stirring the fires.

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Jews In Jerusalem Try Their Best To Start The Apocalypse: Muslims Massacre Jews In Synagogue After LIeberman Says Ethnic Cleansing Will Continue ‘Forever’

 Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 7.37.31 AM
Interview with Henry Kissinger ‘Do We Achieve World Order Through Chaos or Insight?’: Kissinger is a gigantic member of the Bilderberg conspiracy.  He has been to all these secret meetings for over 50 years.  Every once and a while he actually mentions ‘The New World Order’ and Bush Jr. gleefully talked about this after 9/11 before shutting up.  The US media and political parties all want to hide the ‘New World Order’ garbage and love to make believe anyone who mentions this conspiracy against the American People are conspiracy nuts.  This conspiracy against our sovereignty is also against European sovereignty, too.  And all of this is very, very connected to Jerusalem and the Apocalypse and black magic number games by these same elites who make fun of us and manipulate us via the media which they own.

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Russia, China Alliance Grows Stronger, US Allies Undermine US Power In Every Way Possible

«Sukhoi» and «Mikoyan» Extreme maneuverability – Истребители «Сухого» и «Микояна» – YouTube

Time to talk about WWIII with Russia and China and our ‘allies’ who are not exactly very good to have in the rear since they all expect us to do 90% of the fighting and dying for them all.  The above video I got from a Russian news site.  I am astonished. Their fighter jets are totally mobile, they can fly BACKWARDS and pause in place like a helicopter!  Among other things, this isn’t shown much in the US due to the need to pretend the US is #1.  China watched last year’s air show in Paris and started immediate talks with Russia about sharing jet technology and buying Russian military goods.

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The Very Rich Always Destroy Themselves: The Cave of Wealth And Death

CAVE OF WEALTH AND DEATH PART 1 | Culture of Life News


YouTube – Cave of Wealth and Death Part 1


From the very earliest civilizations, before the very first cities, humans connected dark caves with wealth.  They also connected wealth with death.  The Greek god, Pluto, is the god of wealth and death, just for example.  All mythological forces which humans used for thousands of years to understand the world of our species and the universe, are part of our brains.  We can’t escape this legacy.  We can only hope to understand it. Let’s look inside this mythological cave:

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US Stocks Dive As Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse Gallop Forwards Relentlessly

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 7.53.46 PM

Stocks plunge: Dow drops 273 points, S&P sinks 1.5%: stocks are being hit hard by the rising wars, the destruction of trade with a major world power, Russia, chaos in the Middle East, Africa dying, disease spreading, gloom and doom always come in the Fall due to the nature of weather: there is no global warming and instead, there is cooling which is far scarier, winter is a primeval force that humans fear.  We are still in the Ice Age cycle and the Four Horsemen pursue us.  Chaos, War, Famine and Disease, we saddled up these beasts and unleashed them on the world.  Peace and plenty has been lost by the world’s greatest empire, the US.  We have debt and death chasing each other’s tails as they spiral closer.

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