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CNN Cuomo Says ANTIFA Is Good Guys!

Yes, I once knew Mario Cuomo, Chris’ dad.  This son, on the other hand, has no brains like daddy.  He yaps at CNN and sticks his foot in his mouth so often, he has to be treated for hoof and mouth disease.  He has decided ANTIFA is a good gang and we should be happy a bunch of deranged Maoist terrorists are making America safe.  Good gods.  Also, the rampage of Google, Apple, Facebook and other Bilderberg gangsters online is taking down more sites rapidly, for example, a site that attacks Alex Jones has been banned for mentioning Alex Jones!  Insane and rather funny in a horrible way.

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Breaking Snowden News From Guardian: NSA And GCHQ Both Spied On Yahoo Users Webcams, Collected Porno

The Snowden revelations continue.  Not only did Israel, who has a direct feed from the NSA of all data, and the UK spy on European leaders and trade negotiations and private affairs of the great and powerful, they spied on literally EVERYONE.  And Yahoo is now denying they cooperated with the NSA spies as has Apple and Microsoft except this is pretty much unbelievable.  Was Apple security ‘flaw’ actually a NSA backdoor?  We would love to know!  Of course, all the people involved with these NSA spy scandals are also big shot Bilderberg gangsters so why is anyone shocked?  Except the US public is kept in the dark about the Bilderberg activities and is not allowed even basic information such as who is part of the Bilderberg meetings aside from Kissinger, of course.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Shatters Shatters Stock Value, Micro Mini-Me iPad Poor Sales

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Microsoft, still reeling from revelations that the corporation was the very first to enthusiastically assist the NSA spying, is also reeling from a bad reception from its Windows 8, the fall in standard computer sales which hits the Windows sales and finally, the blow of lack of interest in their copy cat iPads has lead to investors dumping the stocks which lost $34 billion in value in just one day.  This doesn’t surprise me at all. Continue reading


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