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Many of the World’s Most Expensive Mansions Are Right On The Beach: No Fear Of Oceans Rising!

Obama went to roaring hot Alaska where the people need to be moved further north to avoid the astonishing heat there while the rest of us are moving the Kansas to avoid drowning due to the oceans rising.  The very rich who own much of the most expensive oceanfront real estate in America are fleeing their homes which have lost value…note how the houses below in Miami, for example, have plunged in price!  Now, at bargain prices of $67 MILLION.  Cheap!  Oh, how frightened our rulers are of rising oceans!

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NASA Claims No One Can Predict Hurricane Season…NOAA Fails At This Prediction Business Too

The President of the US has declared war on warming.  Anything hinting at warmer weather is attacked ferociously with everyone yelling about California…since few places are warmer, this greatly limits the howls of rage.  The eastern Pacific Ocean is warmer than normal with an el Nino event happening which coincides with the solar cycle peak as per usual and yet look at the Atlantic Ocean: cold.  Quite cold.  Antarctica’s ice has been growing for the last half a decade and increasing greatly so the President and his gang are all over the news howling about one tiny section that is melting in winter when temperatures are below zero there.  Naturally, this minor melting from warm water at just one spot is blamed on ‘human caused global warming’ which is insane.

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North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)Pentagon moves comm gear back to Cold War-era bunker because the Bilderberg gang thought they could take down Putin last year.  The G8 meeting where they all snubbed him was the opening shot in WWIII.  The US already endorsed Japanese territorial demands and when Russia was weak, had destroyed Yugoslavia and broke up several other Eastern European countries claiming that religious/ethnic lines require making separate nations.  This divide and conquer business is NOT allowed to anyone NATO rulers want to keep under their thumbs.  Scots or Andalusians, Wales or Northern Italians, all must stay inside their country borders no matter what and especially the Orthodox Russians in East Ukraine must be crushed.  This is leading directly to WWIII because the US is opposing a powerful nuclear military nation quite capable of wiping us out.


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US And EU Rich Leaders Still Want Paris Climate Agreement Designed To Make It Much Colder

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First, harsh reality: the vast majority of people who have a choice want to live where it is much warmer and specifically where there is oceans nearby that are supposed to drown everyone during the Global Warming Period that ended recently.  Even the Bilderberg ruler who owns the New York Times admits people are moving in greatest numbers to these very places the NYT claims will be destroyed by super hot weather and oceans rising:  The Giant Retirement Community That Explains Where Americans Are Moving – NYTimes.com



Add this all up, and what do the latest census population numbers tell us?

These longstanding, pre-crisis patterns for how Americans migrate exist for a reason: People want a combination of good weather, affordable housing and good job opportunities. And if a place combines those factors, people will come.


Nothing is more despicable to me than watching people whine about how hot and dry a desert is after they move there.  Duh.  California’s tiny drought has brought out Apocalyptic fears when this is one of the shortest, not longest droughts in the last 2,000 years since the Roman Warm Period.  Florida remains the happy home destination of huge numbers of retirees who want ‘GOOD weather’ which means hot weather.  And they go to Florida for the beaches and they know that Florida is barely above sea level and obviously this is no problem for them so why should I freeze to death and be forbidden the right to burn coal up here in the frigid north because of these guys???

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Liberals Can’t Figure Out Why Most Americans Don’t Worry About Global Warming

▶ Delta plane slides off runway at LaGuardia Airport New york Plane Crash 2015 – YouTube and it is easy to see why: the airport is covered with ice and snow and it was near 0ºF.  I remember the global warming march in Manhattan.  The leftists in that march demanded that we have this sort of weather and here it is!  Victory for the left.  People are dying thanks to this, all over the place and there are blizzards all over Asia, too, killing people.  But Europe is sort of warm!  Here is a left wing article that woefully doesn’t understand what is going on and thinks US citizens don’t have enough global warming propaganda so are not ‘aware that we are in danger of being too hot.’

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Previous Interglacial Was Warmer Than ‘Dire’ Predictions Today: Alaska Warming, Great Lakes Cooling,Is Ice Age Warning

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 1.50.04 PM


This shows the North Pole regions if the planet gets warmer.  Supposedly, this means we and all living things will perish.  Trees will grow closer to the North Pole, for example.  Oh, the horrors!  Only, it appears that the previous Interglacial was much warmer than the present one.  Trees grew much closer to the North Pole.  Life flourished during that Interglacial.  My mountain was -4ºF at dawn.  In Europe, UK weather: Colder, windier and with likelihood of risky icy road conditions and snow ‘blizzards’ which is why the Prince of Wales is demanding it be colder because warm climate is evil.

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Penguins Thrive During Global Warming Periods: Super Rich At Davos Really Don’t Care About Global Warming

NASA’s warm-mongering : NASA’S Warm Mongering : Search SunNews Video Gallery: cold Canada is no longer buying the global warming story.  At Davos, we can clearly see How concerned are CEOs about climate change? Not at all | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian which is a global warming hysteria paper in England:

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